Get the Most Out of Duolingo with Promo Codes 2024

Duolingo is one of the most popular language learning apps, with over 300 million users worldwide. The app offers free language courses in over 30 languages, making it easy and accessible for anyone to pick up a new language.

While the core Duolingo app is free, there are some premium features and services that require payment. This is where Duolingo promo codes come in handy – they allow you to access paid features at a discounted price or even for free.

In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about Duolingo promo codes in 2023:

What are Duolingo promo codes?

Duolingo promo codes are special discount codes that you can use to get a percentage off or free access to Duolingo Plus, Super Duolingo, or other paid offerings.

These promo codes are offered by Duolingo directly, usually for special occasions, holidays, or as part of targeted marketing campaigns. When entered at checkout, the promo code applies a discount to your purchase.

Some examples of Duolingo promo offers include:

  • 50% off a 3-month Duolingo Plus subscription
  • 1 month free Super Duolingo trial
  • $20 off a 1-year Duolingo Plus plan
  • Free week of Duolingo Plus

So if you find a valid promo code, you can save money on the premium Duolingo products and services.

Where to find Duolingo promo codes in 2023

Here are some of the best places to find the latest Duolingo promo codes for 2023:

Duolingo website and app

The first place to check is directly on the Duolingo website or in the Duolingo app. Duolingo occasionally offers sitewide promo codes that any user can take advantage of.

Check the website footer or notifications in the app to see if any current promo codes are being offered. This is the most direct way to find and use active Duolingo coupons.

Duolingo social media

Follow the Duolingo social media pages, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Duolingo will sometimes post promo codes on their social channels for fans and followers to use.

So it pays to keep an eye on their social feeds and look out for any special discount codes they share publicly there.

Deal websites and coupon pages

Various coupon and promo code websites compile and share discount codes for popular products and services like Duolingo. Sites to look at include:

  • com
  • com
  • Groupon Coupons
  • com

These sites often have sections dedicated specifically to Duolingo deals. Check them regularly for updated promo codes.

Review sites

Product and service review websites like TrustPilot sometimes share discount codes and promos in their Duolingo reviews. Users will occasionally post promo codes they’ve found in the comments too.

Email subscriptions

You may be able to get Duolingo promo codes directly to your inbox by signing up for Duolingo email newsletters or alerts from deal websites. Staying on their mailing list gives you insider access to promotions.

Forums and communities

Check language learning forums, Duolingo user groups on Facebook, Reddit threads, and other online communities. Users will often share discount codes they find to help out fellow learners.

How to use a Duolingo promo code

Using a Duolingo promo code is easy and only takes a few simple steps:

  1. Activate the promo code– If you find a Duolingo promo code online, click or tap to activate and apply the code, which will open the Duolingo site/app. You can also manually copy and enter the promo code later at checkout.
  2. Open Duolingo and access paid content– Go into the Duolingo app or website and access the paid content, items, or subscription you want to purchase. For example, click the upgrade button to get Duolingo Plus.
  3. Proceed to checkout– Go through the purchase flow. When you get to payment, you should see a spot to enter promo codes. On a mobile device, this is usually at the very bottom of the screen.
  4. Enter the code– Paste or type in your Duolingo promo code and hit apply/submit. The discount should then be applied to your purchase price automatically.
  5. Complete purchase– Finish completing your discounted purchase with the promo savings!

Make sure to pay close attention to the terms around any promo code, as some codes have expiration dates or only apply to specific products. But when used correctly, Duolingo promo codes can help you save big!

Best practices for using Duolingo promo codes

Here are some top tips for making the most of Duolingo promo code savings:

  • Search for codes before making any purchase – never pay full price if you can avoid it!
  • Read the fine print for exclusions, expiration dates, etc. to ensure the code will work on your desired purchase.
  • Try codes from multiple sources as you never know which will work.
  • Set a reminder to reuse any single-use codes after they expire – some codes can be used again after a set period.
  • Combine promo codes with other discounts like Duolingo Plus annual plans for maximum savings.
  • Don’t sit on codes too long as they can expire quickly – take advantage of offers early.
  • Contact Duolingo support if you have trouble getting a promo code to apply properly.
  • Refer friends to take advantage of any Duolingo referral offers and both earn rewards!
  • Share any codes you won’t use with fellow Duolingo learners on forums and social media.

Following these best practices will ensure you never miss a chance to save on Duolingo using promo codes and other discounts.

Frequently Asked Questions about Duolingo Promo Codes

Where can I get a Duolingo free trial?

Duolingo offers a 7-day free trial of Duolingo Plus when you first create an account. This trial gives you full access to Duolingo Plus features like unlimited offline lessons, no ads, streak repair, and progress quizzes. To start the free trial, sign up for a new Duolingo account on the website or in the Duolingo app.

Does Duolingo have a student discount?

Yes, Duolingo offers discounted Duolingo Plus and Super Duolingo plans for students. Verified students can get Duolingo Plus for $6.99/month (regularly $12.99/month) and Super Duolingo for $8.99/month (regularly $15.99/month). Sign in with your school email or verify your student status to access the discounts.

Where can I get a promo code for a free month of Duolingo?

Duolingo periodically offers promo codes for a free 1-month trial of Duolingo Plus or Super Duolingo. Check the Duolingo website, social media, email list, and deal sites regularly for chances to get a free month with a promo code. These codes often expire quickly so take advantage fast!

Does Duolingo offer any military discounts?

Unfortunately, Duolingo does not currently offer any specific military discounts or promo codes. However, they do offer occasional sitewide discounts and promo codes that can provide savings for anyone, including active military members and veterans.

Are Duolingo gift cards eligible for promo codes?

No, Duolingo promo codes and discounts only apply to purchases made directly on the Duolingo website or in-app. They cannot be combined with or applied to gift card redemption. However, you can purchase discounted Duolingo gift cards from retail stores during sales events.


Duolingo promo codes provide an excellent opportunity to access premium language learning features and resources on Duolingo at reduced prices. Taking advantage of these deals helps you maximize the value of your Duolingo subscription.

Be sure to check back frequently on the Duolingo website, app, email lists, social channels, and deal websites for new promo codes. Duolingo offers limited-time codes for holidays, events, and special campaigns.

With the right promo code, you can take your language learning up a level with Duolingo Plus or Super Duolingo while saving money. Learn about language education discounts, combine them with referral bonuses, and share unused codes with others in the Duolingo community.

Keep these tips and best practices in mind to ensure you never miss a great Duolingo deal or free trial thanks to promo codes. The knowledge you gain from utilizing Duolingo promos will last a lifetime.

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