Download Rick And Morty A Way Back Home APK Free 2023

Do you get tired of playing Rick and Morty a way back home’s first six-hour gameplay loop over and over again because you can’t unlock more game features without making in-game purchases? Are the ads that keep popping up while you play online making you feel uncomfortable or sick? Now is a good time to think about updating the Rick and Morty a way back home hack apk to the latest version. You may easily get the download right now from our website, so don’t worry.

People today are becoming more and more interested in video games, and there is an ongoing trend to look for their favorite role-playing games as a way to turn their dreams into real-life experiences. The goal of this article is to introduce how to download Rick and Morty a way back home apk 2023, a very famous role-playing adventure game. In this game, players need to be able to think strategically and make good decisions to find their way back home. “Rick and Morty a way back home ” is a point-and-click adventure game that puts players in the crazy world of the popular cartoon TV show “Rick and Morty a way back home.”

What is Rick and Morty a Way Back Home APK?

A fan-made video game called “Rick and Morty a way back home apk” is based on the well-known animated television series “Rick and Morty.” It does not appear in the official plot. In the animation Ronnie and Morty, as you play the game, you can form relationships in normal reality, but the plot of Ronnie and Morty as you play the game takes place in a parallel realm where the people are a little bit naughtier.

It centers on the exploits of Rick Sanchez and his grandson Morty Smith as they attempt to return home from a foreign planet. The video game isn’t a recognized part of the “Rick and Morty” narrative. It was created by show lovers of technology. In 2020, this game was released, and millions of people all over the world loved it. You won’t discover it on Google because it was created by a third party as a fan game. However, the website mentioned below offers the most recent version of the Rick and Morty a way back home apk without charge.


Rick & Morty a Way Back Home
SizeAndroid 1.27GB
Last Update

May 13, 2023

How to download Rick n Morty a way back home?

  1. Before you start the Rick and Morty way-back home download process, you must make sure that you have a steady, unbroken Internet link. Also, you need to make sure that your mobile device is compatible with the game you want to play. Also, it’s best to turn on the option for unknown sources in the device’s settings to avoid problems that might come up during the step-by-step download process:
  2. Please click the “download” button to start the process of getting the file. The whole thing should take a few minutes, so be patient during that time.
  3. After the APK file has been downloaded successfully, go to your phone’s settings. Find the Security Option in the Settings menu and click on it. When you get there, enable the Unknown Sources option.
  4. Go to the file system and navigate to the assigned download directory. Find the downloaded APK file and start the installation process. A few extra minutes may be needed to finish the job, but you can speed things up by reading and accepting the terms and conditions.
  5. To get started, go ahead and open the game app and start playing.

Download Android 1.27GB 

Minimum requirements of Rick and Morty a way back home download  

The best feature of this game is that it can be played on any Android smartphone with basic specifications. Its minimal system requirements are 1 GB of free space and 1 GB of RAM.

To play the game properly and without lag, your Windows or Mac device must have at least 4 GB of free storage space and 2 GB of RAM.

  • Storage for Android: 2 GB
  • Ram: 2GB
  • Mali, Adreno, and PowerVR
  • Processor, 6.0+

How do play Rick and Morty a way to get back home?

The most notable thing about this game is how easy and simple it is to play. It only takes a few minutes to learn how everything works, or you can watch a video lesson before you start playing. But here you will find a complete guide to playing.

How to control Rick and Morty on the way back home on a PC

  • Move—W, A, S, and D
  • Tab – Interact – E Inventory
  • Skip conversation – Spacebar
  • Pause – Esc

How to control Rick and Morty on the way back home on a mobile

  • Move with a virtual joystick or swipe controls
  • Tap on things or people to interact.
  • Inventory: Use a menu button or icon to get to it
  • Text will move forward when you tap or swipe.
  • Pause: Use the menu button or icon to get to it

What updates in Rick and Morty a way back home hack apk?

The most recent version of Rick and Morty and way back home has a lot of great features and functions that stand out. On top of that, it adds new game material and levels so fans can play for even longer. Here is a full list of all the improvements that are available in the latest APK version of the game.

  1. Graphics and user interface have been improved.
  2. No ads or in-game purchases.
  3. New levels and missions.
  4. Bugs fixed with no sign-up or registration

Features of Rick and Morty a way back home hentai

Here is a list of what you can do in the adult game “Rick and Morty a way back home hentai.”

  1. The game does a good job of re-creating the real story of the famous series, which is something that its loyal fans are sure to love.
  2. This game gives players the chance to connect with some of the most famous characters from the popular animated show back home apk.
  3. The game works on a wide range of devices, such as Android phones, iPhones, and Windows-based devices, so users can play on the platform they prefer.
  4. The game has high-definition pictures that are interesting to look at. It also has great sound effects and a well-made background.
  5. When players use Rick n Morty a way back home version of the game, they don’t have to pay to use the game’s premium features. This makes the game free to play.
  6. The most current apk version of Rick and Morty gets rid of the ads that were in the game, making it a better experience to play.


Are Rick and Morty a way back home able to be played with cheat codes?

Rick and Morty a way back home for Android does not have cheat codes. Also, it doesn’t have a specific feature or function that would make it easier to do these things. On a computer, the best way to do this is to use a text editor to change the number of the saved game file.

Why should I get Rick and Morty on the way back home?

As we’ve already said, the original game has restricted gameplay, shopping features, and ads. The only way to improve the game, skip the ads, and get free access to the premium features is to download the Rick and Morty a way back home apk version of the game.

Is it possible to play games without being connected to the internet?

One of the best things about this visual novel RPG is that you can play it without an internet connection. The game works by being installed on the device’s storage and getting all game info from the device itself, instead of from servers outside the device. This is what makes it possible to play games offline without any problems.

Are Rick and Morty a way back home download safe?

Choosing the website and platform from which you get the installation file can have a big effect on how safe your device and the data on it are. If the URL on this page is used, there is nothing to worry about because we have carefully looked at the file and can confirm that it works perfectly. When you download Rick and Morty’s way back home files from our website, you don’t have to worry about anything.


Rick and Morty a way back home apk Android is a video game that brings players back to the world of the classic cartoon series Rick and Morty. This is both fun and nostalgic. The game gives players a unique and fun experience as it takes them on an exciting journey through the strange and chaotic world of a “Rick and Morty porn game.”

It shows how good the writing, fun, and new ideas are in the series, which has become well-known for these things. We suggest getting the Rick and Morty a way back home apk Android version of the game by downloading it from our official website. This will give you the best gaming experience. The installation file should be able to be downloaded properly from this site. Also, you should add our website to your bookmarks if you want to know when new blog posts come out.

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