What Is Receiptify? A Comprehensive Guide 2023

In today’s digital world, managing receipts and expenses can be a real headache. With Receiptify, you can easily scan, store, and manage all your receipts in one place. But what exactly is Receiptify and how does it work? This guide will explain everything you need to know about this receipt management app.

What is Receiptify?

Receiptify is a mobile app and web platform that allows users to easily scan, store, and manage receipts and expenses. The app uses optical character recognition (OCR) technology to extract key information from receipts, including merchant name, total amount, date, and more.

This information is stored in the cloud and can be accessed anytime, anywhere from the Receiptify mobile app or web dashboard. Receiptify organizes receipts and expenses into categories, making it easy to track spending over time. Users can also export data for simplified expense reporting and reimbursement.

The app is free to download and use with basic functionality. Paid subscriptions add advanced features like unlimited storage, receipt forwarding, and more robust analytics. Receiptify integrates with accounting software like QuickBooks for seamless expense tracking.

Key Features of Receiptify

Here are some of the key features that make Receiptify a useful receipt management tool:

  • Receipt Scanning– Use your smartphone camera to scan and digitize paper receipts. OCR extracts key data for an organization.
  • Cloud Storage– All receipts are securely stored in the cloud for easy access from anywhere.
  • Expense Tracking– Automatically tracks spending by merchant, category, date, and other fields.
  • Reporting & Analytics– Generate reports and visualize spending patterns over time. Export data to Excel, PDF, etc.
  • Receipt Forwarding– Forward receipts via email or text right from the app. Useful for sharing expenses with others.
  • Automated Data Extraction– OCR automatically extracts key receipt details like total, date, merchant name, etc.
  • QuickBooks Integration– Sync Receiptify data with QuickBooks for streamlined accounting.
  • Smart Receipt Matching– Automatically matches receipts with bank or credit card transactions.
  • Flexible Tagging– Customize receipts with tags for easy searching and reporting.
  • Budgeting– Set spending budgets by category and get alerts when approaching limits.

How Does Receiptify Work?

Receiptify makes receipt management simple through its intuitive mobile app and web dashboard. Here is an overview of how Receiptify works:

  1. Download the app– Get the Receiptify app for iOS or Android and create an account. A free plan is available.
  2. Scan receipts– Use your phone’s camera to scan each paper receipt. The app automatically detects and captures the receipt.
  3. Confirm data– Receiptify extracts key details from the receipt using OCR. Review and confirm the information is correct.
  4. Organize & tag– Add tags to categorize each receipt for easy searching. Receipts are automatically sorted by date and merchant.
  5. View & export– Instantly access your receipts from the mobile app or web dashboard. Export data to Excel, PDFs, and more.
  6. Integrate with accounting software– Sync Receiptify with platforms like QuickBooks for simplified accounting and taxes.
  7. Get insights– Review dynamic reports on spending patterns, budget status, top merchants, and other analytics.

It only takes seconds to scan each receipt, making it an easy habit to build. Over time, you build a searchable receipt database that provides valuable insights into spending.

Benefits of Using Receiptify

From individual users to accountants and small businesses, Receiptify offers a wide range of benefits:

  • Saves time– No more organizing piles of paper receipts. Receiptify reduces time spent managing receipts by up to 80%.
  • Convenient access– Receipts are accessible 24/7 from any device. Never lose a receipt again.
  • Travel-friendly– Easily capture receipts on the go for simplified expense reporting.
  • Environmentally friendly– Reduces paper waste by digitizing receipts.
  • Data security– Encrypted cloud storage keeps receipts safe and secure.
  • Expense tracking– Detailed reporting provides insights into spending patterns and budgets.
  • Reimbursement– Streamlines the receipt collection process for employee expense reimbursement.
  • Taxes– Simplifies the receipt organization process for tax time.
  • Accounting integration– Seamlessly integrate with QuickBooks and other accounting platforms.

Who is Receiptify For?

Receiptify is useful for a wide range of personal and professional needs:

  • Individuals– Ideal for tracking personal finances, taxes, travel expenses, reimbursements, and more.
  • Small businesses– Owners can track business expenses, employee spending, accounting, and simplified reporting.
  • Accountants– Manage receipts and expenses for multiple clients all in one place.
  • Employees– Easily track receipts for work trips, meals, and other expenses for fast reimbursement.
  • Contractors & Freelancers– Maintain receipts from clients for 1099 tax reporting needs.
  • Travelers– Never lose another receipt from a business trip or vacation.

In summary, anyone who deals with paper receipts can benefit from scanning and digitizing with Receiptify. It saves time, enhances organization, aids reporting, and provides valuable analytics.

How Much Does Receiptify Cost?

Receiptify offers freemium and paid plans to meet diverse needs:

  • Free Plan– Includes app download, unlimited receipts, basic OCR capabilities, and 3 months of data retention. Ideal for trying basic features.
  • Plus Plan– $4.99 per month. Adds unlimited cloud storage, receipt forwarding, double-entry accounting, and priority support.
  • Premium Plan– $9.99 per month. Includes everything in Plus along with receipt matching, custom fields and tags, animated charts, and graphs. Best for power users.
  • Business Plan– $19.99 per month. For unlimited users, 10 integrations, advanced analytics, and API access. Made for businesses and accountants.

Receiptify offers competitive pricing with affordable monthly plans scaling up based on features. Bulk discounts are available on annual subscriptions.

How to Get Started with Receiptify

Ready to simplify your receipt management? Getting started with Receiptify only takes a few minutes:

  1. Download the iOS or Android app or visit web.receiptify.com.
  2. Create a free account with your email and password.
  3. Allow camera access when prompted so Receiptify can scan receipts.
  4. Snap photos of any existing paper receipts you have.
  5. Confirm or edit the extracted data from each receipt.
  6. Start adding tags to categorize receipts for easy searching.
  7. Sync integrations like QuickBooks if desired.
  8. Review reporting data and analytics.
  9. Consider upgrading to paid plans for additional storage, users, and features.
  • Make scanning receipts an ongoing habit.

Within just a few scans, you’ll have a powerful digital receipt filing system ready for taxes, reimbursement, accounting, and more. Receiptify brings convenience and organization to your financial documents.

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Receiptify Tips & Tricks

Take advantage of these tips for getting the most out of Receiptify:

  • Use tags consistently for easy reporting by category, client, project, etc.
  • Forward receipts instantly to team members or clients right from the app.
  • Take photos of receipts right after purchasing – don’t let them pile up.
  • Double-check data accuracy – your reports rely on it!
  • Back up original paper receipts until tax time for extra assurance.
  • Use smartwatches to quickly snap and sync receipts on the go.
  • Integrate bank feeds for automated matching with scanned receipts.
  • Enable auto-capture to simplify the scanning process.
  • Stash paper receipts in a dedicated pocket or bag to train the habit.
  • Schedule recurring reminders if you forget to scan receipts frequently.

Following these best practices will help streamline your experience and maximize the benefits of Receiptify.

Receiptify Alternatives

While Receiptify is a top choice, here are some alternative receipt apps to consider:

  • Expensify– Popular for expense reporting with smart scanning. More focused on businesses.
  • Neat– Specializes in document management including receipts and billing.
  • Evernote– Flexible note-taking app with receipt capture options.
  • Microsoft OneReceipt– Receipt management built into Microsoft apps.
  • Shoeboxed– Combines scanning with human review for high accuracy.

Each app has unique strengths and differences in pricing models. Evaluate your specific needs – individual use, business, travel, etc. – to choose the best receipt management platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about Receiptify:

How accurate is the data extraction?

Thanks to advanced OCR, Receiptify can accurately extract key details like merchant name, total, and date with 85-95% accuracy. Always double-check the imported data just to be sure.

What file types can Receiptify scan?

The app can scan and digitize regular printed paper receipts. It does not currently support scanning handwritten receipts.

Is my data secure?

Yes, Receiptify uses bank-level AES 256 encryption and is compliant with GDPR regulations for data protection and privacy.

What integrations are available?

Besides QuickBooks, Receiptify offers integrations with accounting software like Xero, FreshBooks, Sage, and ZipBooks. Webhooks and Zapier add many other possibilities too.

Can I import old receipts?

Absolutely. Take photos of existing paper receipts and the app will scan and digitize them like any other. Bulk import options are also available.

Does Receiptify offer offline access?

The mobile apps allow offline receipt capture. The data syncs with the cloud when an internet connection is restored.

Can I organize receipts by project or client?

Yes, flexible tagging makes it easy to categorize receipts across any attribute like client, job, department, vendor, etc.

How long are receipts stored?

The free plan stores the last 3 months of data. Paid plans offer unlimited secure cloud storage for life. Backup options are also available.


In conclusion, Receiptify is an invaluable tool for simplifying receipt management. With its smart scanning technology, detailed reporting, and integrations, Receiptify makes it easy to organize, track, and manage receipts and expenses.

The app saves both individuals and businesses countless hours while also providing valuable insights through advanced analytics. If paper receipts are a headache, Receiptify offers the ideal digital solution anyone can use. Sign up for free and see how receipt tracking should be.

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