The 15 Best Software For Virtual Call Centers In 2022

Best Software For Virtual Call Centers

A virtual call center involves a group working from home but is distributed globally. It requires virtual call center software, which can make or break the entire call center experience for the agents and customers.

Some common complaints that virtual call centers receive are noise and disruption during the call, delayed responses, and incorrect ticket assigning. This is why the agents must have access to high-end and bulletproof call center software for an optimal experience.

So, in this article, we will discuss different types of call centers and what assistance they offer for a particular industry. We will also discuss a list of the top software for each industry so you can make an informed decision.

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Best Virtual Call Center Software for BPO Call Centers

Has your business grown exponentially in the last couple of months, or are you still wishing it does? In any case, it would be a good idea to outsource your call center, which is where a BPO call center comes in.

For this to work efficiently, business owners need efficient virtual call center software that agents can utilize for better performance. There are different BPO virtual call center software available that you can check out and see which one works optimally.

What is a BPO Call Center?

Business Process Outsourcing, a BPO call center, allows the business owner to outsource business operations to third-party vendors. This means a BPO call center is a group of agents that virtually handle business operations and queries for other businesses.

Some BPO call centers handle telemarketing, market research, and sales, while others handle customer service representation and inbound calls.

What Areas Does a BPO Call Center Cover?

BPO is a common practice among business owners to get help from third-party vendors in areas outside their expertise. It takes a load off their shoulders so the internal team can distribute resources more efficiently.

A BPO call center can function as both; an inbound call center and an outbound call center. In both cases, it assists in the following areas.

  • Customer support on various channels
  • Outbound and inbound calls
  • Telemarketing
  • Market research
  • Technical support
  • Help desk services
  • Lead generation and sales

Recommended Software for BPO Call Centers

A few software that is highly recommended for a BPO call center includes,

  • CloudTalk
  • Nextiva
  • TalkDesk
  • HubSpot
  • Five9

Best Software for Healthcare Call Centers

Medical centers and hospitals invest millions to purchase equipment, modern facilities, supplies, and educated staff yearly.

As healthcare systems around the globe take necessary measures to improve the experience and patient satisfaction, diving into the trend of healthcare call centers can prove to be an excellent step for the betterment of patients.

What is a Healthcare Call Center?

A healthcare call center is an outpatient support team that manages patient appointments, scheduling and rescheduling procedures, appointment follow-ups, patient queries, and much more to boost the patient experience.

Unlike other call centers, a healthcare call center’s agents must be more empathetic and know healthcare systems. Therefore, the team must respond to an inbound or outbound call more comprehensively to boost their satisfaction.

A healthcare call center agent can also prioritize patient queries, such as someone asking for prescription details for someone with a health emergency. Ultimately, the virtual health call center’s goal is to boost medical centers’ productivity, all while reducing patients’ grievances.

How Does a Healthcare Call Center Help?

Outsourcing to healthcare call centers allows the medical center to rely on its agents to manage outbound and inbound patient communications. This communication is imperative for managing smooth operations at the medical centers.

A healthcare center helps you in the following domains,

  • Better patient engagement and boosted satisfaction
  • Reduced overhead costs
  • Enhance project management
  • Convenient insurance verification
  • Reduced the number of patient no-shows
  • Enhanced brand awareness
  • Better ROI

Recommended Software for Healthcare Call Centers

Some of the best software for healthcare call centers are mentioned below,

  • Zoho Desk
  • RingCentral
  • CloudTalk
  • Exotel
  • Servetel

Best Software for Insurance Call Centers

Lastly, an insurance call center is the point of contact between customers and the insurance company. People rely heavily on an insurance company for the safety of their families, assets, homes, automobiles, and various other things.

In the last few years, many insurance companies have been moving towards outsourcing their call center services, and here is everything you should know.

What is an Insurance Call Center?

An insurance call center is imperative for business owners to improve their inbound and outbound customer service. The ultimate goal of an insurance call center is to provide customers with top-notch services to win them over.

Insurance call centers exist because they have to manage several departments, provide information on legal issues and tariffs, and take care of user information and a whole load of other work.

The insurance industry is challenging for an ordinary person to understand, so it is imperative to hire individuals with the best industry knowledge and who can guide the customers well.

What Areas Does an Insurance Call Center Cover?

Insurance call centers cover various domains. They are also responsible for handing out information and decreasing the load on your internal team. But they offer assistance in the following areas,

  • Client retention
  • Reduce customer acquisition cost
  • First, call resolution
  • Case management
  • Customer care

Recommended Software for Insurance Call Centers

Here are some of the best software for insurance call centers,

  • Zendesk Talk
  • RingCentral Contact Center
  • LiveAgent
  • FreshDesk
  • Twilio Flex

Some Common FAQs About Virtual Call Center Software

Answers to some of the common FAQs about virtual call center software,

What should I look for in virtual call center software?

You must look for various things in virtual call center software, including a cloud-based approach and interactive voice response.

How can you make your virtual call center more efficient?

You can make your virtual call center more efficient by having a problem-solving approach and taking proper feedback from the customers.

Final Verdict

So, this is everything we could gather about virtual call center software and our top choices for software for different industries.

You should remember that every industry, whether it is healthcare or business, has its requirement for a virtual call center. For example, the healthcare sector would want its call centers to be more proactive, whereas the business industry would need telemarketing as the ultimate goal.

You have to select software that meets these requirements. There are tons of software options available, so choose one after thorough research.

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