Destiny 2 Closing Ceremony Quest 2023: A Complete Guide

The Closing Ceremony quest is an important milestone in Destiny 2, marking the end of a season. With the recent conclusion of Season of the Seraph in early 2023, many players are wondering about the details of the Closing Ceremony quest and how to complete it. This guide will provide everything you need to know about wrapping up the season and finishing the Closing Ceremony.

Overview of the Destiny 2 Closing Ceremony Quest

The Closing Ceremony quest becomes available during the final weeks of a Destiny 2 season. It is meant to provide closure to the season’s narrative and offer special rewards.

For Season of the Seraph, the Closing Ceremony quest requires players to help Rasputin defend his Seraph network from enemy forces. This involves completing various activities, defeating bosses, and upgrading Rasputin’s defenses across the system.

Completing the Closing Ceremony is important for several reasons:

  • It concludes the season’s storyline and provides narrative closure.
  • It unlocks exclusive seasonal rewards such as new exotics.
  • It awards players with bright dust for the new season.
  • It offers high-stat armor pieces and other loot.

The quest steps are straightforward but can take a couple of hours to work through. It is recommended to complete the quest before the season ends.

How to Start the Destiny 2 Closing Ceremony Quest?

The Closing Ceremony quest will automatically appear on the map when the end-of-season countdown begins, around 2-3 weeks before the next season launch.

To start the quest, look for the introductory quest step titled “Closing Ceremony” in the H.E.L.M. This is picked up from the quest archive terminal near the back-left side of the H.E.L.M. map.

The first quest step, “Attack on All Fronts” requires defending Warsats and defeating combatants. This can be completed fairly quickly by doing public events on the Moon.

With the quest started you can now progress through the various steps to finish the Closing Ceremony.

Closing Ceremony Quest Steps

Here are the key quest steps you’ll need to complete:

Step 1: Attack on All Fronts

  • Description: Defend Warsats and defeat combatants throughout the system.
  • Instructions: Complete public events and defeat enemies at any destination.

Step 2: Overcharge

  • Description: Help Rasputin overcharge his defenses across the system by generating Orb of Power.
  • Instructions: Generate Orbs of Power by getting multi-kills with Masterworked weapons.

Step 3: Seraph Tower Activation

  • Description: Activate Rasputin’s Seraph Tower network while defending against enemy attacks.
  • Instructions: Complete public events on Io, EDZ, and the Moon while protecting the Seraph Towers.

Step 4: The Lie

  • Description: Defeat Ogre bosses and complete Rasputin’s bunker.
  • Instructions: Kill Ogre bosses on various destinations and complete the legendary Seraph Bunker lost sector.

Step 5: The Last Array

  • Description: Defeat Psions while standing in Warmind Cells and complete the legendary lost sector.
  • Instructions: Kill Psions near Warmind Cells, then clear the K1 Revelation lost sector on the Moon.

Step 6: Celebrate

  • Description: Speak to Ana Bray and Zavala in the H.E.L.M. to complete the Closing Ceremony.
  • Instructions: Simply talk to Ana and Zavala to finish the quest and get your rewards!

By completing all these steps in order, you will finalize the Closing Ceremony quest.

Closing Ceremony Quest Rewards

Finishing the Closing Ceremony quest unlocks some excellent loot:

  • High-stat seasonal armor
  • Bright dust for the next season
  • Umbral Engrams for focusing on seasonal weapons
  • The Fourth Mark legendary ship
  • The Mic Drop exotic emote

The seasonal exotic weapon (e.g. Cryosthesia 77k) is also unlocked by finishing the quest.

The bright dust and high-stat armor are invaluable for preparing your character build for next season. The exotic emote and ship offer prestige. And the new exotic weapon is a must-have to collect.

Completing the full Closing Ceremony questline offers major rewards that are worth the effort.

Tips for Finishing the Quest

Here are some tips to help you wrap up the Closing Ceremony quest quickly and smoothly:

  • Complete it as a fire team to speed up progress.
  • Use Masterworked weapons to generate Orbs rapidly.
  • Activate boons in the H.E.L.M. for extra loot.
  • Finish on your highest-level character first for the biggest gear boost.
  • LFG for help with the legendary lost sectors if they feel too difficult.
  • Knock it out before seasonal challenges expire for extra bright dust.
  • Use meta weapons like Gjallarhorn to burn through bosses.

Following these tips will help you power through the quest and capitalize on all the rewards.

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Why the Closing Ceremony Quest Matters

The Closing Ceremony is an important tradition in Destiny 2. Here’s why it’s worth completing each season:

  • Provides closure to the seasonal story arc.
  • Rewards players for engaging with the season.
  • Unlocks new exotics and high-stat gear.
  • Offers essential bright dust and materials for next season.
  • Creates momentum leading into the next season.
  • Gives veterans a reason to keep playing between seasons.
  • Lets players show off new exotic emotes and cosmetics.

Bungie continues supporting this quest to give players an awesome finale each season. It’s a milestone worth celebrating!


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about the Closing Ceremony quest:

Q: When does the Closing Ceremony quest become available?

A: It becomes available around 2-3 weeks before the end of the season, during the end-of-season community event.

Q: Do I have to finish it before the season ends?

A: No, there is some leeway. However, it’s best to finish it as soon as possible for the biggest gear boost.

Q: Do my characters share progress on the quest?

A: No, the Closing Ceremony quest must be completed separately on each character. Progress does not carry over.

Q: Can the quest be completed solo?

A: Yes! All required activities like public events and lost sectors can be completed solo if sufficiently leveled.

Q: If I’m not high enough level, can I still participate?

A: You can participate but progression may be difficult. Try completing it on a higher-level character first.

Q: Is the seasonal exotic guaranteed to finish the quest?

A: Yes, completing the Closing Ceremony questline will guarantee that season’s exotic weapon or armor piece.


The Closing Ceremony quest in Destiny 2 provides an exciting finale to each season. With narrative closure, special rewards, and a chance to celebrate your accomplishments, it’s an event no Guardian wants to miss.

Following this guide’s steps and tips will help you smoothly finish the quest and reap all the loot. Completing the Closing Ceremony sets you up for success going into the next season, making your character more powerful along the way.

So rally your fire team, stock up on bounties, and defend the Warmind one last time. The Closing Ceremony represents the culmination of your seasonal journey – be sure to see it through for all the rewards it offers!

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