20+ Best Offline Games For Girls in 2024

Best games for girls offline available on Google Play Store– Various activities such as Dressing Up, Cooking, Gardening, Singing, and Makeup to shopping are among the routines usually carried out by women. As the game world develops, you can play some of these games on smartphones. Especially friends who are women, of course, will enjoy playing the game.

Playing games is not only for men, we have met a lot of female gamers who play no less than male gamers. Even gamers also have skills that start from the bottom. Many female gamers also play viral games like PUBG Mobile and the Offline Android Moba Game which is getting more and more crowded in 2022.

But this time Gizmo Concept (GC) will not discuss the two viral games, but some games commonly played by girls. Games that are simple but still challenging don’t have to be viral, right? Even some games for girls don’t all have a large size so they like storage space on smartphones. Besides that, it can be played on a beginner-class smartphone device.

20 Best Girl Games In The World Offline/ Offline games for girls

There are lots of games that are suitable for girls to play, from cooking, shopping, gardening, makeup, singing, and other women’s routines. So this time GC has summarized the 20 best offline games for girls which are fun to play. Even some of the games that we convey below are still comfortable to play for friends who have a cellphone with 1GB RAM, here is the complete list:

1. Cooking Games – Sweet Cookies

Cooking Games
Cooking Games – Sweet Cookies

This game is called Baking Sweet Cookies and is an interesting game for girls. For those of you who like to insert or like to see your parents cooking, this game is the right choice. Even though it’s only a game this cooking game uses the same ingredients as the actual recipe. Curious? just download it at the link below.

2. Magical Hair Salon 2

Magical Hair Salon 2
Magical Hair Salon 2

Do you like games with genre salon? Of course, this salon game is perfect for those of you who like to do makeup. Both cutting hair and scrubbing with cream to make customers feel at home are exciting things. Cutting the hair as you like and dyeing her hair to look beautiful is one of the missions that must be completed in this game.

3. Star Girl

Star Girl
Star Girl

The next best girl’s android game is Star Girl this is the best game for girls offline. This one game is exciting because besides having a slick plot it is also an interesting game because to play it you don’t need to use an Internet data connection. As the name implies, this one game will make you feel like a famous artist.

4. Makeup Me

Make Up Me
Makeup Me

From the name alone, it is clear that this one is a game that has a make-up play game. So for those of you who like to make your face prettier or learn to know some interesting tools from makeup, this game is guaranteed to be a neat game for you. Apart from being free to play it also doesn’t require an internet data connection.

5. Fashion Model

Fashion Model
Fashion Model

Walking on a fashion show carpet is fun because it can be seen by many people and makes us proud. Now this game with the title A Fashion Model is a game that has a genre like that. Later my friend will be a model waddling on a carpet wearing a beautiful dress and attractive makeup. There are many missions of matching clothes and more.

6. Frozen Free Fall

Disney Frozen Free Fall - Play Frozen Puzzle Games
Disney Frozen Free Fall – Play Frozen Puzzle Games

The next Best Girls Android Game is a game called Frozen Free Fall where this one game is exciting. For those of you who like characters in frozen Disney movies, this game is interesting. Moreover, the Frozen Free ball game is a game that is widely played by girls around the world.

Inside Out Emotion Bubble
Inside Out Emotion Bubble

Popping bubbles using a few of the existing bubbles may sound quite mundane. However, it will be quite exciting if there is an exciting color combination of fund characters. It is very suitable to be played when you are BETE. In this game, there are many cute characters guaranteed that girls will love this one game.

8. Cuties


Completing several missions using cute animal characters is one of the fun things that you can try to play. This light game provides that and will make your day even more exciting. This game also features some funny and interesting characters. Curious? just download the link below.

9. Arabian Princess Dress Up

Arabian Princess Dress Up
Arabian Princess Dress-Up

Being a princess of a Middle Eastern kingdom wallowing in wealth will certainly allow us to do many things. One of them is using a lot of accessories to make the princess look the most beautiful in the kingdom.

10. Ironing Clothes Girls Games

Another game other than the others is the game ironing clothes. For those of you who like to see Mom and help her iron clothes, or wash clothes in the washing machine, you can use this cool game.

11. Mother Birth Newborn

Mother Birth Newborn
Mother Birth Newborn

Sometimes being a doctor might feel good. For those of you who like to see doctors operating on patients, you can do doctor games using this funny game. Don’t worry, this game is not scary at all, guarantee those of you who like doctor jobs will be very challenged to complete several levels in this game.

12. Star Singer

Star Singer
Star Singer

Becoming a world-class singer by wearing beautiful clothes is the dream of all girls. This game made by star singers can be a game that you play when you don’t have an internet quota. Games that can also be played on Android RAM 1GB are games with a small size. Even so, this one game is fun.

13. Uphill Rush Water Park Racing

Are you a surfer who has crazy skills? Can you perform flips and slide through everything in your path? Master your surfing talent and bounce through the roller coaster-style corkscrews, loops, and more. Do you want to try insane racing tracks?

Get ready for extreme water slide action in this craziest water park racing simulator! This game has more fun than you could have ever expected. So test yourself today with this running game for girls.

14. Supermarket Mania

Supermarket Mania Journey
Supermarket Mania Journey

Managing a grocery chain is so much fun. Don’t believe it, you will once you start playing this game. In this particular game, there are many products to sell. You should help Nikki, who is the main character in the game to manage the customers and their particular provisions. You have to act like an adviser.

This is a time management game journey that always makes you stay on your toes. Head to Tinsel Town with Nikki and try strengthening the economic strength of the city. Pull up your socks and make Nikki work efficiently. Manage the stores with challenging levels, serve moody customers, and keep your inventory intact.

Deal with the quests to earn achievements and rewards and grow the enterprise into success.

15. Princess Puzzle Games

Princess Puzzle Game - Girl Games
Princess Puzzle Game – Girl Games

Do you like puzzle games for girls? Such games train the brain and allow you to have a lot of fun with plenty of colorful princess pictures. All the images of the princess are very beautiful and lived by the players.

16. Girls High School Tailor

Girls High School Tailor - Little Uniform Boutique
Girls High School Tailor – Little Uniform Boutique

Are you a fashionista who loves designing new dresses? Yes. Become a crazy dressmaker when playing this dress game for girls.

This good puzzle game is for you. This is a dress designer and decoration game for girls. The tailor game for girls makes you perfect at stitching dresses, shirts, skirts, and shoes for their high school.

You become part of a fashion designer challenge and you will be asked to gain or improve the uniform if it is not up to the mark.

17. Wedding Cake Game

Wedding Cake Game
Wedding Cake Game

Hey, it’s mealtime. Do you love making delicious food and cookies? And what about cakes? This wonderful cooking game for girls allows you to create your dream wedding cake that looks scrumptious on the table when your guests are there.

Let your wedding cake stand out by having vibrant colors and designs. The cake bake girl game has a variety of colors, decorations, flowers, and other features. This is the best game for those who want to adorn their wedding fantasies.

18. Fit Girls

Fit Girl - Workout & Dress Up
Fit Girl – Workout & Dress Up

Almost all girls are fitness freaks, are you one of them? If so, are you ready for a workout session and get in the best shape that you want? These exercises are not only important to get a healthy body but also the body spa treatment can help. After the spa, do your makeup and clean your face.

In this fitness game, there are nine different mini-games. Choose whatever you like doing.



20. Lara Croft GO

Lara Croft GO
Lara Croft GO

One of the most popular female heroes of our time, Lara Croft has to put all her skills to the test in this amazing adventure game. You will find that surviving in the wilderness isn’t easy with the kind of threats that are posed against Lara Croft as she goes about her journey. The visuals are amazing here and designed with great detail, making for a pleasurable gaming experience.

Those are the best Android games for girls that you can download and play. These games can be played without using an internet data connection. So it is very suitable to accompany your day when there is no work and task of helping parents at home. This fun game is also a free game that you can download on the Playstore and App Store.

And the games relax people, if you indulge in the game, you will lose the meaning of the game itself. If we like the pleasure brought by games, we can also play our favorite games in another way. For example, we can go to Cutomsticker.com to customize our favorite die-cut game stickers to decorate our room or items, which will not only move the game to your real life but also add infinite fun to your life.

If it is a little girl, you can also customize a whole set of game stickers that she likes, such as Fashion Model, which not only diverts her attention from playing the game, but she will be very interested in completing the unfinished tasks in the game. Through these recommendations, you can use Game Elements to customize a whole set of game stickers to DIY or decorate your space and items to rest your eyes. You’re out of the game, but you are living in the game because of the surroundings so you will have more time to accompany your family.

Playing games is fun, but don’t forget about other tasks such as studying and also helping parents. Apps for girls don’t play games too often. Even though playing games is one of the things that is fun, it’s also too often. That is the information that GC can provide about the best game in the world for girls, hopefully, it can be useful information.

21. Solitaire

Anyone for a game of cards? For girls who want a game to turn to even when no one else is available to play, consider solitaire. Along with the classic version of the game, this site offers interesting variations, including Klondike, Spider Solitaire, and FreeCell. Whether you’re looking to play against the computer or in multiplayer mode against others around the world, Solitaire is a great mobile-friendly site to play on Android devices.

22. Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles come in all different themes, and when you’re playing online you have so many options to choose from. For girls who love animals, pick a cat or dog jigsaw puzzle. Likewise, if you love different artwork, there are puzzles with creative art designs. On top of solving the premade puzzles, you can also create your own and customize the pieces.

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