40+ Best Icon Pack For Android 2024

Best Icon Pack Android

Icon Packs are like the colors your house wears from the outside. If they aren’t splendid, you can do nothing no matter how lavish the insides are. Similarly, you can invest as much money ($) as you want in your smartphone, if it has those old 90s icons with ugly shapes, you’re not beating the bones out of it.

To your rescue, Icon Packs give you countless options to choose from—each option is highly customizable and fun to play with.

Here we have mentioned some of the most amazing icon packs that you should try in 2020.

What are Icon Packs or Android icon kits?

An icon pack is an application that replaces the existing icons with new icons and has attractive designs. One thing to be kept in mind is that most of the icon packs are compatible with specific launchers.

Best Icon Pack For Android

There are tons of icon packs available on the Play Store to choose from. But to extract the best icon pack from tons of options, you need to invest some time and do some research. So to save you time we have compiled a list of categorized icon packs which mainly comprises 3 styles of icon packs.

  • Minimal Icon Packs
  • Round Icon Packs
  • Square Icon Packs

Note: This list is not based on any preferences, this list is a compilation of some of the best and most popular Android Icon Packs that you can try right now and we also update this list at an interval every 3 months.

1. One UI Icon Pack For Android

One UI - icon pack
One UI – icon pack

This is a premium icon pack, If you want a Material design-themed icon pack for your Andriod device then One UI is one of the best icon packs that suits your Andriod device. This pack brings around 6,100 varieties of icons and has a special feature icon masking feature which even themes the icons of apps that are not supported. This icon pack makes your Android phone look like a Google Pixel.

2. CandyCons Icon Pack For Android

CandyCons Icon pack is Material-themed but with a flair. Most of these icons are inspired by Google’s material design and have more than a thousand icons but Candycons have their color elements which make the icon stand out. Like Pix UI this app also themes the icons of apps that are not supported.

3. Lines Icon pack for Android

This icon pack is best for people who want icons in the Minimalism theme. Showing the outline shapes of the famous apps made the Lines so popular. Lines has 200 wallpapers and all these wallpapers are hand-picked and look great with its collection of more than 2500 icons.

4. Moonshine icon Pack for Android

Moonshine icon Pack
Moonshine Icon Pack

Moonshine is the best free flat love icon pack and makes you love flat-style icons and makes your Andriod device look good. Moonshine makes beautiful designs and colors for flat icons. There are more than 900 flat icons and all of them are vector-designed icons that can easily scale in size depending on your device’s size. The app also provides 28 unique wallpapers that look beautiful.

5. Belle UI Icon Pack for Android

If you want Fun icon packs then Belle UI is one for you and this pack brings all the icons in a squircle shape that looks great. The app has more than 1400 app icons and looks good on my phone.

6. Rondo icon pack For Android

Rondo Icon pack makes you like flat-style icon packs. Rondo has high-quality icons that look gorgeous and have more than 3500 icons. Rondo keeps this app fresh by regularly updating and adding new icons monthly basis.

7. Appstract icon pack For Android

Appstract Icon Pack
Appstract Icon Pack

The name of this icon pick sounds similar to the words Abstract, and that is the main focus of this icon pack. Each of the icon packs of Appstarct is a unique abstract clone of your already present icon.

The best part about this icon pack is that it keeps updating its slot of abstract icons every three months. You also get minimalist and catchy backgrounds in this icon pack which makes it more appealing. The icon pack is compatible with almost all the launchers.

8. Glif Icon Pack For Android

Glif offers you colorful icon packs with bold outlines and a white stripe for every icon. Glif has used pastel-colored icon themes in its icon packs. This icon pack offers 2000+ icons that are compatible with all kinds of displays including QHD screens.

9. Linebit Icon Pack for Android

Linebit Icon Pack is developed by Edzon DM which provides you with simplistic designs that can match up with the needs of your device.

The Linebit series is the best icon pack if you are planning to fuse it with solid color wallpapers while the Linebit series is quite colorful with the Light and SE versions being white and purple. This is one of the best icon packs that I would highly recommend you try.

10. Whicons icon pack for Android

Whicons and Zwart are two contrasting aspects of the same coin because Whicons features all-white icons whereas Zwart features all-black icons.

If you want an ultra-minimal setup this icon pack can be your one-stop solution.

11. Paper icon pack for Android

Paper icon pack
Paper icon pack

Paper is an icon pack packed with colorful and elegant icons that will beautify your device. The icon offers 5000+ icons alongside multiple HD wallpapers from which you can choose.

12. Lines Free icon pack for Android

Being a fan of minimalism, this icon pack had to be our favorite. It gives a consistent look throughout your phone by turning its icons similar to their pencil sketch with sharp edges.

It removes all the purples and greys that you hate from the icons and places them on a perfect background.

13. Zwart: Black icon pack for Android

Zwart is specially designed for lovers of dark themes. This icon pack supports around 5 thousand icon styles with cloud wallpaper and highly flexible calendar and multi-launcher support.

It is compatible with over 2 thousand Android applications.  Just make sure you’re using a custom launcher with this icon pack.

14. LineX icon pack for Android

LineX Icon Pack
LineX Icon Pack

LineX Icon pack comes loaded with more than 5000 icon packs that have a perfect masking system and cool wall collection. You also get lots of alternative icons that can be applied on the home screen of your device. The icons are designed in a minimalistic design that has an eye-catching background.

Besides the icon pack offers you features like a material dashboard, custom folder icons, custom app drawer icons, and category-based icons. It is recommended to use this icon pack with the Nova launcher.

15. Materialistik icon pack for Android


Materialistik is an icon pack that is inspired by material design. Icons are a combination of dark and light colors that are used effectively to give out a whole 3D look to your device.

It has a collection of more than 4200 designs and icons in the pack which also comprise 130 cloud-based wallpapers to complement these minimal icons.

16. Polycon icon pack for Android

It is by far one of the best icon packs available on the Play Store and guess what, it’s free and has a scintillating design that helps you to enhance your device and give it a complete makeover.

Also, some of the icon packs of Polycon are better than the existing icons of your device, and the customization of icons through this icon pack gives your device a subtle but noticeable look.

17. Blackdrop icon pack for Android

Blackdrop is a pixel-style best Android icon pack that is minimalistic and charming in design. It has a rare teardrop shape if all the icon packs it provides, give you a new experience.

18. Moonrise icon pack android

Moonrise Icon Pack
Moonrise Icon Pack

In contrast to the first two icon packs, Moonrise comes with loud colors and funky icons. It is designed with sleek vector graphics with a highly interactive dashboard.

Akin to Zwart, it also supports cloud wallpaper and has over 1 thousand premium icons. Sources predicted that it is soon going to be compatible with Google calendars.

19. Nate Wren Design icon pack for android

Nate Wren Design is one of the icon packs that seem to come without the box idea. Its patterns don’t seem to follow a particular type of design. It has Pip Tec features small, matrix green style icons while glass has a semi-transparent style to it.

It consists of a flight which is a good pack for minimalists as its lines. Rad pack comes with a decent design which you will either love or hate. This is a pretty good icon pack which can be a good choice if you love experiments.

20. Glim icon pack for Android

Glim - Free Flat Icon Pack
Glim – Free Flat Icon Pack

Glim is one of the oldest and most popular icon packs. There are multiple reasons why Glim has maintained its position as the best Android Icon pack. Glim has simple and minimal icons which are for usual users.

For the users who are used to dark themes, there is a Glim dark theme, especially for you. The glim icon pack has a flat-styled icon which produces a shadow of the icons, one of the reasons it is appealing to the masses.

21. TwoPixel light icon pack for Android

TwoPixel - Icon Pack
TwoPixel – Icon Pack

The Two-pixel light icon pack consists of 2500+ icons and 30+ high-quality wallpapers which have simple pinkish outlines which make it neat and clean in appearance.

This icon pack has a transparent look coupled with an eloquent app drawer.

22. Glass pack icon pack for Android

The glass pack has a transparent icon pack that is shiny and is compatible with all Android devices.

This icon pack will make sure that all the icons wholly complement the background wallpaper of your device. It provides you with the option of around 200 wallpapers.

23. Adapticons icon pack for Android

Adapticons Icon Pack
Adapticons Icon Pack

It is quite different than the rest of the icon packs mentioned above and two things make it so. First, it keeps the original color and design of icons.

Secondly, it lets you design them according to how you want to be based on color, shape, and size. As the name suggests, the icons are highly adaptable to the theme you’re using on your smartphone.

24. Golden Icons

Golden Icons is compatible with more than 2 thousand Android applications and covers over 5 thousand icons. Despite that, the developers of Golden Icons continue to work on improvising it and releasing updates frequently. This is why it provides multi-launcher support and is similar to other icon packs, cloud wallpapers, and not-static calendars.

Round Icon Packs

  • Ikon Icon pack
  • Minma
  • Revolution Icon pack
  • Viral
  • Fluxo

25. Ikon icon pack for Android

Ikon - Free Icon Pack (Circle Icons)
Ikon – Free Icon Pack (Circle Icons)

Ikon is the next icon app that consists of more than 5600 icons and 5800 themed apps. icons are designed in a circular shape, which makes them compact and easy to fit on the home screen. The icons of this icon pack come in high-quality resolution. Apart from this, you get 40 UHD wallpapers to choose from, additional app drawer icons, and Dynamic calendar support.

The thing to keep in mind before using this icon pack is that you need 3rd party launchers to make it operative. The icon pack is compatible with all the leading launchers like Nova, Action, and Apex launcher.

26. Minma icon pack for Android

Minma Icon Pack
Minma Icon Pack

Minima may not sound familiar to you as it is one of the latest players in the Android icon pack market. Minima offers you around 700 icon packs that have round icons and are backed by a grey background and black surface.

The color combination of these icons will perfectly suit your device’s background color textures. Apart from this Minima is constantly working on the development of more icons. This best Android Icon pack also provides you with the perk of requesting 10 icons on every update of Minima.

27. Revolution Icon Pack for Android

Revolution Icon Pack
Revolution Icon Pack

Next on our list of Best Android Icon Pack is the Revolution Icon pack. This icon pack holds a 1500+ HD quality icon pack collection from which you can pick.

The icons come with a circular design so that you can properly utilize the space of your display and place the maximum number of icons on a single display page of the screen.

28. Viral icon pack for Android

The viral icon pack is for theme lovers. This best Android Icon pack is designed to suit dark theme devices which offer 4000+ icons to choose from.

Viral also provides 200+ HD wallpapers from where you can choose the best-suited wallpaper for your home screen. This icon pack also allows you to customize wallpapers according to your taste and suitability.

29. Fluxo icon pack for Android

Fluxo Icon Pack
Fluxo Icon Pack

Fluxo is the next on our best Android Icon pack. Fluxo is for those who love animation. The icon pack comes with 2200+ icons alongside 20 HD wallpapers. This icon pack has round-shaped cartoonish icons and grey color shades.

30. Square Icon Pack for Android

  • Pineapple
  • Voxel Icon pack
  • Goktug ULAS
  • Elta
  • CandyCons
  • Delta
  • O3 Icon Pack
  • H2O
  • Icon Pack Studio

31. PineApple icon pack for Android

Pineapple - Icon Pack
Pineapple – Icon Pack

Pineapple is a versatile icon pack that can offer you all the kinds of stuff that you need. It offers you 256 x 256 high-resolution icons that can be used with all the leading launchers. This icon pack has a collection of more than 1144 HD icons that you can apply to your devices. The icons are subtly designed in a minimalistic design that enhances the look of your home screen.

The icon pack also provides Icon request support, Cloud-based wallpaper support, and dynamic calendar support. You need to have a custom launcher before applying this icon pack.

32. Voxel icon pack for Android

The voxel icon pack is the next on our list. This icon pack is all about squares, simple colors, and long shadows. Every icon has a colorful square with a white icon casting a beautiful long shadow that matches with every home screen wallpaper and gives it a minimalist look.

Voxel has around 3000 icons and the list keeps on increasing every day as the developer is always busy introducing new icon designs.

33. Rugos icon pack for Android

Rugos - Freemium Icon Pack
Rugos – Freemium Icon Pack

Göktuğ ULAŞ is another developer with a bunch of icon packs. Most of Göktuğ’s work sticks to the established norm (flat style, round icons) with various bits of flair or additions to achieve a different sort of look.

That includes the Graby, Mellow Dark, Rugos (our favorite), Olmo, and Yomira. The most interesting-looking one of the bunches is Flax. It features rectangular shapes that you don’t see very often. All of the packs feature thousands of icons, Muzei support, and more. They’re also fairly cheap.

34. Elta Icon Pack for Android

Elta icon packs are developed by voxel icon pack and similar to voxel icon pack it takes the original icon color as its background and then overlays it with the white outline icon.

The differentiating factor or Voxel and Elta is that Voxel has square-shaped icons while elta has circle-shaped icons.

35. O3 Icon Pack android

The O3 icon pack is my favorite reason being that this icon pack is compatible with multiple launchers. It has handmade stylish icons that give a vibrant look to your device.

The icons of this icon pack seemed to be hardly worked upon and innovations can be recognized easily through the design of the icons. Icons are creative and innovative with the best designs and overall they give a fresh and new look to your device when applied.

36. Delta icon pack for Android

Delta - Icon Pack
Delta – Icon Pack

Delta is one of the most famous icon packs amongst the Nova Launcher theme out there. Delta offers you a wide choice to choose from. It offers you a 2000+ icon that is compatible with multiple kinds of launchers.

Its popularity speaks, as Delta has over 1 million+ downloads, courtesy, of its compatibility with different kinds of launchers, and is one of the main reasons it has managed to make it to our best Android icon pack.

The icons are perfectly poised which suits every kind of color contrast especially display with the bright color combination.

37. CandyCons icon pack for Android

CandyCons - Icon Pack
CandyCons – Icon Pack

CandyCons is an animated icon pack designed based on Google’s material design language. It supports over 1 thousand icons which is an extravagant number. Like Zwart, it is recommended to install a custom launcher with CandyCons.

It also has a dynamic Google calendar and a blueprint dashboard. Lastly, you will get multiple color variants of a single icon.

38. H20 icon pack for Android

H2O Free Icon Pack
H2O Free Icon Pack

H20 is an icon pack familiar to those who have been using Oxygen OS. This icon pack is somewhat identical to Oxygen. This icon pack offers 4000+ icon options for you to choose from. The icons are minimalistic and simple in design with elegant color combinations.

The icons are circular which perfectly fits on your screen. Don’t forget that this best Android Icon Pack also includes HD wallpapers to make your device attractive and classy.

39 Icon Pack Studio

Icon Pack Studio
Icon Pack Studio

It is more of an icon editor than an icon pack. The developers of Icon Pack Studio think that the best icons on your smartphone are the ones you design yourself.

It has left no stone unturned to empower users by giving advanced editors with bezels, shadows, filters, and different resizing options. Due to it being an icon editor, its developers claim that Icon Pack Studio supports almost all phones.

40. Benas Dzimidas Icon pack for android

Benas Dzimidas features a sort of good icon pack. a number of the more popular ones include Rondo, Voxel, Lai, Elta, and Lux. There are many others to settle on also. Benas Dzimidas icon packs typically feature very clean and colorful designs with flat graphics and various icon shapes.

Lux works outstanding with dark themes (great for OLED devices) while ones like Rondo work well to exchange the stock Material Design style icons on some sort of Pixel phone. Most of the icon packs are either free or require a little charge. We didn’t see anything that costs quite $1.99.

General FAQ

Are icon packs safe?

Definitely yes, because first, it doesn’t need any wired permissions due to which it won’t be able to access sensitive information from your smartphone. Second icon packs are only used to change the theme of your device, which generally doesn’t pose any threat.

What are the best minimal icon packs?

• Linebit
• Viral
• Glif
• Materialistik
• Polycon

What are icon packs?

An icon pack is an application that replaces the existing icons with new icons and has attractive designs. To improve the overall experience of your Android home Screen.


The 40+ icon packs we have selected here largely take care of all your needs—including affordability as they all are free to download from the Play Store. If you wish to explore, you can also purchase premium features of these icon packs and get unlimited features with extensive support. Happy icon-ing.

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