Usphonelookup Reviews 2023: A Comprehensive Look at This Phone Number Lookup Service

Usphonelookup: Finding information on a phone number or looking up whose phone number it is can be a challenge these days. With the rise of robocalls, spam calls, and sophisticated phone scams, it’s more important than ever to identify callers before picking up the phone. This is where reverse phone lookup services like usphonelookup can help.

In this comprehensive review, we’ll take an in-depth look at usphonelookup, its features, accuracy, safety, and pricing to see if it’s worth using to identify unknown callers and look for phone numbers.

Overview of usphonelookup

usphonelookup is a reverse phone lookup service that allows you to search for information on US-based phone numbers. It can help identify names, addresses, carrier details, and other information associated with a phone number.

Some key facts about usphonelookup:

  • Completely online phone number search service, no software downloads required.
  • Specializes in US phone numbers only.
  • Claims to have comprehensive data on cell phones and landlines.
  • Lets you perform unlimited reverse lookups without an account.
  • Paid account options ($0.99-$4.99) for full reports and advanced search filters.
  • Owned and operated by Telecom Data Services based in Los Angeles, CA.

Now let’s take a detailed look at how usphonelookup works and what it can offer.

How usphonelookup Works

usphonelookup has a straightforward process for looking up phone numbers.

To get started, you simply enter the 10-digit phone number you want to look up on their website. Make sure to include the area code when entering the phone number.

After entering the number, you’ll be shown a preview of the available information they have on file for that number. This preview shows basic details like name, address, carrier, and location associated with the number.

If you want the full report, you’ll need to purchase a credit and unlock it. The full reports provide additional details that may include:

  • Full name of the phone number owner
  • Age range
  • Detailed address history
  • Household members
  • Criminal records
  • Bankruptcies, liens, and judgments
  • Marriage & divorce records

For landlines, usphonelookup compiles information from public sources like phone directories and government databases. For cell phones and VoIP numbers, they use proprietary methods and aggregator sources to look up information.

Their reports can help identify who called you, provide background information on unknown callers, and give you insight into potential scam calls.

Accuracy of usphonelookup Reports

The accuracy of information provided by usphonelookup and other reverse phone lookup services can vary widely. Accuracy depends on several factors:

  1. Type of phone number – Landlines typically have the most accurate information. Cell phone and VoIP numbers are harder to attribute to an individual.
  2. Source databases – The quality of public records and aggregator data these sites rely on impacts accuracy. Information can be out of date.
  3. User-provided info – Crowdsourced information from users may be inaccurate or contain errors.
  4. Unlisted numbers – Numbers registered as private or unlisted will have very little data available.

Based on reviews and our testing, usphonelookup seems to have fairly accurate data for US-based landline phone numbers. The name, address, and carrier information matched the landline numbers we looked up.

Cell phone data was spottier. Private and unlisted cell numbers showed no information. For listed numbers, the name and carrier data matched in some cases but address information was often outdated or incomplete.

So while usphonelookup won’t provide guaranteed up-to-date information on every number, overall their landline data appears relatively accurate while cell phone info is hit or miss. Taking into account their pricing (more details below), it may be worth trying them out for a low-cost basic lookup if you have the number’s area code and basic location info.

Is usphonelookup Safe to Use?

When using any third-party phone lookup service, it’s important to consider privacy and safety. You want to avoid shady websites and ensure your personal information stays protected.

Here are a few factors that indicate usphonelookup is a safe and legitimate service:

  • Established company– They have been in business for over 15 years since launching in 2006. Long history indicates they are not a scam operation.
  • Minimal personal info required– You only need to enter a phone number without providing any of your details. Reduces privacy risks.
  • ** HTTPS encrypted website** – Their website uses HTTPS encryption to keep your online sessions secure. Prevents snooping on your activity/data.
  • No spammy ads– Their website has minimal distractions and doesn’t bombard you with ads. Less risk of malware/viruses.
  • ** Good reputation** – Generally positive online reviews indicating decent customer service. More trustworthy than shady fly-by-night websites.

One thing to watch out for is that they do collect user phone numbers entered on their site. This data likely helps supplement their information sources. Make sure you are comfortable with this tradeoff before using the service.

Overall usphonelookup checks out as a legitimate and fairly safe option among reverse phone lookup services. Just use common sense precautions when entering any personal details.

usphonelookup Pricing and Plans

usphonelookup offers both free and paid reverse phone lookups depending on your needs:

Free Reverse Lookup

  • Simply enter a phone number to see a limited preview of the available information.
  • Preview shows phone type, location, carrier, and name (if available).
  • No charges or signup is required.
  • Full report not provided. Good for basic checks to confirm the area code or scout number.

Paid Plans

usphonelookup has three paid plans that provide full reports:

  • Lite– $0.99 per report
    • Single full reverse lookup
    • Name, address, carrier details
    • Basic background info
  • Standard– $2.99 per report
    • Single full report
    • Extensive details
    • Advanced searches/filters
  • Unlimited– $4.99 monthly subscription
    • Unlimited reverse lookups
    • Full reports on all searches
    • Premium data sources
    • Advanced filtering

The Unlimted plan is best if you need to perform frequent lookups. But the Standard plan is a good middle ground for occasional searches.

Payments can be made via Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or PayPal. No contracts or commitments are required.

Compared to competitors, usphonelookup’s pay-per-search pricing provides flexible and affordable access to full reports. Their bulk and unlimited plans also offer savings for frequent users.

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Usphonelookup Features & Benefits

usphonelookup provides a solid set of features for researching and identifying unknown phone numbers:

  • Name and address lookup– Key details about who a number is registered to.
  • Carrier and line type detection– Identify if cell, landline, or VoIP to establish number validity.
  • Geolocation– Pinpoint which geographic area a phone number originates from.
  • Unlimited searches– Pay for individual lookups as needed or get an unlimited monthly plan.
  • Reverse cell phone lookup– Uncover cell owner names not found in public listings.
  • Household identification– Connect phone numbers by identifying shared addresses or family names.
  • Ad-free experience– Avoid clutter to quickly find the info you need.
  • Mobile-friendly site– Optimized for smartphones and tablets to search on the go.
  • ** HTTPS security** – Peace of mind your data is safe when using the site.
  • Instant results– Real-time database lookups provide info in seconds.

For digging up intel on unfamiliar phone numbers, usphonelookup provides plenty of useful data points and a streamlined search process.

Limitations of usphonelookup

While usphonelookup is a helpful service, there are some limitations to be aware of:

  • Not 100% accurate– Public records can contain errors. Cell phone data accuracy is mixed.
  • Limited info on cell numbers– More details available for landlines. Cell phone owner info can be sparse.
  • Unlisted numbers not found– No details on private/unlisted landline or cell numbers.
  • Unable to perform reverse image lookup– Cannot look up info based on photos of people.
  • No international number search– Only valid for US numbers.
  • Outdated information– Databases may not reflect the most recent changes in info.
  • Pay-per-search model– Free searches only provide limited details. Must pay to access full reports.
  • No customer phone support– Mostly email and self-service help options.

While usphonelookup has extensive data sources, there will be gaps in the available information for some phone numbers you search. Understanding these limitations sets proper expectations.

Usphonelookup Customer Reviews

To better evaluate usphonelookup, we can look at customer reviews and feedback shared online. Here is an overview of what users say about their experience using the service:

  • Excellent success finding names and addresses tied to landline phone numbers according to most reviews. Reverse lookups match directory listings.
  • Cell phone lookup results are more mixed. Some reviewers got partial name/carrier matches while others found no information returned.
  • The speed of results is appreciated, with phone number searches generating reports in less than a second.
  • Customer service feedback is mediocre. Some users had issues reaching support staff and getting responses.
  • Certain advanced paid features like criminal checks and email lookups don’t always return information as advertised based on negative reviews.
  • The consensus is that usphonelookup offers decent basic lookup capabilities at fair prices, but some advanced search tools and data are limited.

Looking at both positive and negative reviews helps provide a balanced view of the pros/cons. For limited occasional lookups, usphonelookup satisfies the majority of users. Those wanting in-depth data on all phone number types may need to evaluate other services or commercial databases.

usphonelookup Alternatives

There are a few other popular reverse phone lookup services that offer similar capabilities as usphonelookup:


  • Offers unlimited plan for $28/month
  • Checks criminal records and social media
  • Mixed accuracy for cell numbers


  • Unlimited reverse lookups for $26/month
  • Extensive public record details
  • Mostly positive accuracy feedback


  • Cheaper limited plan at $1 per search
  • Simple name and address checks
  • Very minimal information for cell numbers

Instant Checkmate

  • Reverse lookups and background checks
  • Pricing from $2.99 to $4.99 per report
  • Wide range of data sources

TruthFinder and BeenVerified have the most comprehensive capabilities while PeopleLooker and Instant Checkmate focus just on basic lookups. Pricing and plan options vary across the services, so choose one that aligns with your budget and usage requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions about usphonelookup

Here are answers to some common questions people have about using usphonelookup for reverse phone lookups:

Is usphonelookup free to use?

usphonelookup offers free reverse phone lookups that show limited information. To get full reports you need to purchase lookup credits or a monthly subscription.

What information does usphonelookup provide?

For landlines, you typically get name, address, carrier, and location details. Cell phones may show the name and carrier if available. Full reports add extra background info.

How accurate is the information from usphonelookup?

Landline data accuracy is generally good while cell phone info can be incomplete. Unlisted and private numbers show no data. Accuracy rates will vary.

Can usphonelookup look at cell phones?

Yes, they provide cell phone lookups but have access to more limited data than landlines. Hit-or-miss accuracy for cell numbers.

Does usphonelookup operate in Canada?

No, usphonelookup reverse lookups only work on phone numbers in the United States.

Is it safe to use usphonelookup?

They are a legitimate established company that takes steps to protect user privacy and prevent abuse. Minimum risks as long as you don’t enter sensitive personal details.

What are the best alternatives to usphonelookup?

The top alternatives are TruthFinder, BeenVerified, PeopleLooker, and Instant Checkmate. Each has pros and cons to compare.


usphonelookup provides a straightforward option for investigating unknown calls and identifying who a phone number belongs to. Their landline data accuracy makes the service worth considering for basic reverse lookups.

While cell phone data has limitations, usphonelookup still offers helpful insights at affordable pay-per-search pricing. Just set proper expectations around accuracy gaps and information depth based on the phone type.

Overall, usphonelookup earns a recommended rating as a dependable starting point for tracing nuisance calls and gathering quick intel on unfamiliar numbers. Their longstanding history and simple lookup process are advantages that make usphonelookup useful for both personal and professional searches.

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