20 Best Anime Trap Characters of All Time 2023

People with a certain amount of experience in the anime community are usually the only ones who talk about anime traps. For people who are new to anime and don’t know how it usually works, it’s important to remember that this is the genre where unusual ideas and themes were first presented. Caution: Viewers should use their judgment.

This article will talk about the 20 best anime trap characters in 2023 who get caught. When used in this way, the word “best” can also mean “worst.” I believe that there should be no traps in any form, including cartoons.

There are two different kinds of thoughts that people have about traps. Some people like and accept their appearance, while another person dislikes them. I am like the person in some ways. When you look at the list, it will become clear why I think traps should be banned for good.

What is a Trap?

Even though the traps don’t think of themselves as female, their clothes, sounds, and movements show that they are. In these situations, it can be hard to tell what gender someone is. It has been shown that figuring out what something looks like is hard.

Different things happen when you look and when you see. Just like there are traps, there are also Reverse Traps. Most of the time, the word “reverse trap” is used to describe a female character who acts and acts like a man.

They are like Traps’ female counterparts. “Reverse traps” is the name for this kind of thing. People often call anime characters who look like one gender but are other “traps.” People don’t usually notice these images because they look so real.

List of 20 Best Anime Trap Characters 2023

  1. Ritsu Sohma

Ritsu Sohma

In the anime, Ritsu was shown wearing a kimono, which is a traditional Japanese dress. There may be a link between the person’s cross-dressing and emotional stress. The person thought that cross-dressing could help them feel less stressed and more relaxed. He has an edge because he is fair-skinned and has a normal body.

At first glance, it’s not clear that the person in question is a man. The hair has been straightened and is long enough to reach below the shoulders. He has a small tuft of hair in the front of his head. The person ties their hair back into a ponytail with a green ribbon.

  1. Kurapika (Hunter x Hunter)

Kurapika (Hunter x Hunter)

People think that Kurapika is the manliest of the people on the list. People who have seen the show before know that Kurapika has a lot of amazing skills. Based on the style, it’s easy to see why some people might think the subject is a woman.

Some new fans may think he is a woman because of his long hair and soft voice. In one episode, the main character worked undercover as a woman, but the other side thought he was a woman and recognized him. Kurapika doesn’t like this, unlike some other characters who do.

  1. Titus Alexius from Magi

Titus Alexius

Scheherazade chose Titus Alexius to take her place as the storyteller of the 1001 Arabian Nights and the Magi of the Reim Empire. Titus Alexius is both shy and proud when you first meet him. This is probably because he has been wealthy his whole life without working for it.

After the fight, he has a quick change of mind that shows how the people who helped him have changed him into an arrogant version of his old self. After spending the night at the hospital with Aladdin, Titus went back to being kind and happy like he always was.

  1. Chihiro Fugisaki

Chihiro Fugisaki

Because people expect boys to be strong and independent, Chihiro had to deal with teasing. To stop being treated badly, he started dressing and acting more like a woman. But this just made the teasing worse and made him feel even worse about himself.

Chihiro is strong and determined in his work, but he tends to be shy in other parts of his life. The person apologizes a lot and has frequent emotional breakdowns, which gives the impression that they are weak and not good enough.

  1. Frieza


Frieza is a character in the story who can change into a lot of different things. Each thing is different from the others in clear ways. Vegeta and Frieza have agreed that Frieza’s most interesting construction is the only one of its kind.

The other three entities are buildings that stop and watch over his great power. Frieza’s first outfit is mostly made up of battle armor, with a purple helmet. This helps him stay alive.

  1. Hitoshi Sugoroku

Hitoshi Sugoroku

Hitoshi Sugoroku is a character in the anime and manga series Nanbaka who helps the main characters. The person’s personality is made up of things like calmness, kindness, and loving nature.

His blonde hair goes down to the middle of his waist. The person is known for how often they paint their nails. Hitoshi is a cross-dressing man who stands out from the other figures because he is easy to spot as a man.

  1. Aura Bella Fiora From Overload

Aura Bella Fiora From Overload

Aura acts like a man, which is the first time a woman on our team has done that. The person in question is outspoken and sometimes takes charge when her older brother or sister is around.

She is aware of all the strange things Ainz does as Overlord, which is different from most people. The person likes to collect different kinds of animals from different parts of the area of Nazarick. Shalltear is making Aura act in a certain way.

  1. Pico From Boku no Pico

Pico From Boku no Pico

The main character in the cartoon, Tomatsu, gives Pico clothes that make him look like a girl. The person in question has blonde hair and other clear female traits that make her look like a young woman. The anime is made for a specific group, mostly men who like the Shotacon genre.

  1. Aoi Futaba From You’re Under Arrest

Aoi Futaba From You’re Under Arrest

“You’re Under Arrest” is a type of anime called a “police comedy.” The show tells the story of a man police officer named Aoi. The person in question looks a lot like a beautiful female police officer, the kind of person you might want to be caught by. But it’s important to keep in mind that this is just a trick to get people into a position that could be bad for them.

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The person is usually seen wearing clothes like those of a police officer. The person in question has big green eyes, thin eyelashes, and a body shape that looks a lot like a woman’s.

  1. Mare Bella Fiora

Mare Bella Fiora

Mare is the sister of Aura Bella Fiora. She has traits like introversion and shyness that are typical of “trap” characters in anime. Mare’s behavior, on the other hand, is different from the norm because they have more feminine traits. The person in question has a submissive attitude toward everyone they meet.

A mare is a person who likes to sleep and check out books from the Nazarick Library. He is especially interested in the different kinds of plants that grow around Nazarick. In comparison, his older sister has an infection that is common in the plains of Nazarick and affects animals.

  1. Hideyoshi Kinoshita

Hideyoshi Kinoshita

Hideyoshi Kinoshita has a brother or sister who looks a lot like him. Both people go to the same school and work together to study. Kinoshita looks to her for ideas on how to look more feminine.

The person in question has long hair and uses clips to hold it back. He was put on a list of candidates for a race. “Guys who look good in girls’ clothes” was the name of the group. People thought that the person in question would be very competitive and have a good chance of winning. But he was fired because he didn’t follow the rules.

  1. Ayumi Saitou

Ayumi Saitou

Shogi is a game that Ayumi Saitou, who is in her teens, plays. The way he shows what it means to be a man is subtle.

As a Trap, the person is skilled at dressing and presenting themselves in a way that hides their gender identity. By giving up his education to take care of his mother, the person in question shows that he is very dedicated to his family duties.

The person pretends to be a woman for a specific reason. Male players are not allowed to play the game Shogi because they are too young. He has to do the action because he needs the money right away.

  1. Ryoji Fujioka

Ryoji Fujioka

Ryoji is a great guy who is kind and loving toward his daughter. He has a warm personality and is a good father. At first glance, it’s clear that he has been through a lot of trouble and stress, which has affected how he acts now.

  1. Jakotsu


Jakotsu is a character who fits the stereotype of a flamboyant gay villain, which was a famous trope in 1the 980s and 1990s Hollywood. But this type of figure had not yet been talked about a lot in Japanese media. Jakotsu introduced the idea and philosophy of how the average gay man should be portrayed in media for people of all ages.

  1. Tarou Sado From MM


Tarou Sado From MM

The main character of the anime show “MM!” is Taro, who goes to school. The show has parts of both the ecchi and comedy genres. The person who goes by the name Taro has short, bluish-black hair and purple eyes. The person in question is cruel and likes it when women step on him. As a trap, the person wears a white schoolgirl outfit while cosplaying. They have long purple hair that is straight and purple eyes that are big and cute. The person wears a pink ribbon in their hair and a short skirt with red and blue stripes, which makes it look like they are cross-dressing.

  1. Fisheye From Sailor Moon SuperS

Fisheye From Sailor Moon SuperS

The next thing on the list is the character Fisheye from the cartoon series Sailor Moon, which has a lot of fans. The person known as “Fisheye” is a man, but his face may look more feminine than that of some women if you look at it closely. The person in question is a man with a small body and a cute face. He has blue eyes and bright blue hair. Because he has some feminine traits, it can be hard to tell what he is like.

  1. Armin Arlert

Armin Arlert

Armin Arlert is a fighter in the Scout Regiment. He is a member of the Scout Regiment. The person in question has less physical strength than their peers, but they have a higher level of intellectual ability.

The person has long hair, but it has been cut to meet military standards. The eyes of the subject are blue and show a range of feelings.

The nose appendage is slightly curved upward and has a reddish color. The person’s dark eyebrows and blonde hair stand out against each other on their face.

  1. Ruka Urushibara

Ruka Urushibara

Ruka Urushibara is a man who is forced by a friend to wear clothes that are usually associated with the opposite gender. Mayuri Shiina is the name of the woman who is in question.

The person in question has long hair, wears a traditional Japanese dress called a Kimono, and has other traits that are usually connected with women. Ruka or Luka has feelings that are more common in women than in men.

The person in question has a lot of emotional sensitivity and is very sensitive. Because he doesn’t stand up for himself, other boys can pick on him. The person tends to cry easily and sometimes shakes.

  1. Naoto Shirogane

Naoto Shirogane

She is known for being quiet, cool, and collected, and she doesn’t let her friends in on who she is. She comes from a long line of skilled detectives, so she always dresses like a detective and stays focused on her tasks.

To follow her dream of becoming a detective, she hides the fact that she is a woman. At first, this makes everyone in the group confused. But as time goes on, she says that she wants to be seen as an adult and treated as such, no matter what her gender or age is.

  1. Charlotte Dunois

Charlotte Dunois

A unique political and military task has changed Charlotte’s way of life. Charlotte comes from a famous French family that is in charge of making and putting IS together in France.

But because Charlotte was born from a different mother than the CEO’s wife, she is seen as an undesirable child.

At first, Charlotte confuses a lot of fans, who think she might be a trick. But it turns out that she was set up as a trap and is just a tool for political influence.


In the final part of the article, we talked about the 20 best anime trap characters in 2023 from different shows. It’s interesting that the word “trap” is used to describe people who act like one gender but see themselves as another. People in the anime community have had different responses to how these characters are portrayed, with some expressing approval and acceptance and others expressing disapproval.

The goal of the article was to show off the best anime trap characters, but it’s important to remember that “best” is a relative term that means different things to different people. It is important to remember that people have the right to their own opinions and tastes when it comes to anime and other types of media.

In the end, users should use their judgment and decide for themselves which material fits their values and tastes. The only way to make anime fans a place where everyone feels welcome is to make it easy for people to talk to each other.

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