Sons of the Forest Stun Gun Ammo – A Comprehensive Guide 2023

Sons of the Forest is the highly anticipated sequel to the popular survival horror game The Forest. In Sons of the Forest, players are stranded on a mysterious island inhabited by cannibalistic mutants and must survive using their wits, tools, and weapons. One of the new weapons introduced in Sons of the Forest is the stun gun, which gives players a non-lethal option for defending themselves and exploring the island. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about stun gun ammo in Sons of the Forest.

How the Stun Gun Works

The stun gun in Sons of the Forest fires electrified projectiles that shock and incapacitate humanoid enemies and mutants. When fired, the stun gun ejects a specialized stun round that contains electrodes. Upon impact, these electrodes deliver an incapacitating electric shock to the target. This renders them motionless for a short period, allowing the player to escape or deliver a knockout blow. The stun gun has a maximum range of 10-15 meters and its rounds travel relatively slowly, requiring deliberate aim against distant or moving targets.

Types of Stun Gun Ammo

3 main types of ammo can be used in the stun gun in Sons of the Forest:

  • Standard Stun Rounds – These basic stun rounds are found throughout the world and can be crafted at workbenches using common resources. They deliver a moderate electric shock that will incapacitate most basic mutant types.
  • Armor-Piercing Stun Rounds – These advanced rounds pierce armor and thick hides before delivering the shock. Use them against militant tribe members and larger, armored mutants.
  • EMP Stun Rounds – The EMP stun round emits an electromagnetic pulse that overloads electronic circuits. Excellent for disabling turrets, traps, and other automated defenses.

Understanding the different ammo types and deploying the right one for each situation will maximize your stun gun’s effectiveness.

Crafting Stun Gun Ammo

Crafting ammo is essential to keeping your stun gun loaded in the field. Here are the basic crafting recipes for each ammo type:

Standard Stun Rounds:

  • 1x Battery
  • 1x Circuit Board
  • 1x Cloth Scrap

Armor-Piercing Stun Rounds:

  • 1x Standard Stun Round
  • 1x Feather
  • 1x Glass Shard

EMP Stun Rounds:

  • 1x Standard Stun Round
  • 1x Circuit Board
  • 1x Gold Coin

Batteries, circuit boards, cloth scraps, and other parts can be scavenged throughout plane crash sites, camps, and other locations. Crafting stun ammo takes time, so stock up on resources when you can to ensure you have enough electric firepower at all times.

Where to Find Stun Gun Ammo

If you run low on crafting resources, stun rounds can also be found pre-made in certain locations throughout the Sons of the Forest world:

  • Supply Crates – Check abandoned camps and cave systems for sturdy wooden crates, some contain stun ammo stockpiles.
  • Tribal Shrines – The island’s militarized tribesmen often leave offerings at shrines and altars which may include stun rounds.
  • Airdrops – Supply plane airdrops contain all kinds of equipment including rare stun ammo types. Mark their landing zone and get there before mutants do.
  • Traders – Friendly lone survivor NPCs are potential trading partners. They may exchange stun rounds for food, artifacts, resources, etc.
  • Multiplayer – When playing co-op, teammates can share spare stun ammo. Coordinate to keep your group well-supplied.

Exploring off the beaten path may reveal hidden stun ammo stashes. It doesn’t hurt to investigate anything suspicious.

Using the Stun Gun Effectively

Mastering the stun gun takes skill and strategy. Here are some tips on using it effectively against the island’s many threats:

  • Go for headshots whenever possible to maximize shock damage.
  • Fire from cover – don’t let enemies surround or charge you.
  • Save armor-piercing rounds for heavily armored militant tribesmen.
  • Use EMP rounds to disable turrets before advancing.
  • Carry a close-quarters backup weapon like a hatchet to finish stunned targets.
  • Retrieve spent cartridges to recycle resources.
  • Keep lighter, noise-making tools on hand to distract groups of mutants.
  • Pair stun gun with tactical traps like snares for added crowd control.

With practice, the stun gun can be an indispensable tool for stealth, defense, and non-lethal takedowns. Develop your skills with it and it may just save your life.

Stun Gun vs. Other Weapons

The stun gun has pros and cons compared to other ranged and melee weapons found in Sons of the Forest:


  • Non-lethal alternative to bows, guns, etc.
  • Disables mutants from a safe distance.
  • Allows capture of human opponents.
  • EMP ammo disables electronics.
  • Nearly silent operation.

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  • Limited range compared to bows and firearms.
  • Slow reload time.
  • Ineffective against some large mutants.
  • Stunned targets recover quickly.
  • Rare ammo types can be scarce.

The stun gun fills an important niche, but it shouldn’t replace bows, explosives, and other tools that are lethal but possess longer range or stopping power. View it as a supplement to your arsenal, not the primary weapon.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about stun ammo in Sons of the Forest:

Q: How many shots does the stun gun hold?

A: The stun gun has a capacity of 6 rounds. It must be manually reloaded after firing all loaded ammo.

Q: Do stunned enemies wake back up eventually?

A: Yes, stunned targets will recover and wake up after about 30 seconds to a minute. Act quickly.

Q: Can you retrieve spent stun round cartridges?

A: Yes, cartridges can be collected and recycled for crafting materials. Don’t waste resources.

Q: Is the stun gun found or crafted?

A: The stun gun is a pre-built tool discovered at certain locations. The ammo must be crafted or found separately.

Q: Can any weapon or ammo stun enemies?

A: No, only the stun gun and its specialized ammo types can non-lethally incapacitate targets. Other weapons will kill.

Q: Do armor-piercing rounds work on all armored enemies?

A: No, larger armored mutants may be resistant. Use explosive ammo or aim for weak points instead.

Q: Does distance/wind affect stun rounds?

A: Yes, targets far away or during wind gusts are harder to hit. Get closer or wait for better conditions.


The unique stun gun and its assorted ammo types provide tactical non-lethal options for players in the dangerous world of Sons of the Forest. To use it effectively, focus on scoring headshots from the cover, vary your ammo based on targets, recycle spent cartridges, and pair stun guns with other tools and strategies. Master this weapon’s strengths while understanding its limitations compared to lethal alternatives. With skillful aim and proper preparation, the stun gun can be an invaluable addition to any survivor’s arsenal in Sons of the Forest. Stay alert out there and watch your back!

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