5 Indian Disposable Phone Numbers- Best Indian Number OTP Bypass 2022

Indian Disposable Phone Numbers- OTP Bypass Indian Number

You guys might have known about how to bypass OTP verification for other countries because it is not that much hard to get other countries’ disposable phone numbers but this is not the same in India’s case. But if you don’t know how to bypass OTP verification with other countries’ numbers too. You should check out our previous article 10 sites for free disposable numbers.  

Let’s get back to India’s case India has very strict rules regarding disposable numbers. That’s why we are here with our article to show you some websites which will work. 

There are lots of websites over the internet that claim they provide Indian disposable numbers but they just make fool their users and eventually they make money by showing the ads on their websites. 

First, you should know what are the benefits of using Indian disposable.

Benefits of Using Indian Disposable Number- Indian Number For OTP Bypass

  • You can use multiple numbers without any registration or verification.
  • Bypass any OTP verification instantly.
  • Randomly generated unlimited phone numbers every day. 
  • Receive instant free SMS.
  • Your real number can be unexposed.
  • You can earn money from referring apps.
  • Some apps provide free recharge for a sign-up.

Firstly, we are going to provide you with some websites which provide Indian disposable numbers but note one thing that at the time of writing this article these websites are working properly In the future, these websites or the numbers which are available on these sites can get blocked by Indian cybercrime division. If this thing happened, we are mentioning some tricks which you use to bypass OTP verification. 

Websites That Provide Indian Disposable Number

1. Sms-man.com

Sms-man.com is a site that offers you various virtual phone numbers from different countries that you can use to bypass OTP on popular websites and applications, like WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, Uber, Facebook, Snapchat, and others. Mind that the numbers listed on the site are private and available only to you. Any SMS that comes to these numbers is private and can be read-only by you. So, you can use US virtual number as you want, you can also take numbers for SMS verification from India, Indonesia, the UK, Germany, China, and more than 300 other countries represented on the SMS-man website.


2. Receive SMS Online

If you search on google for Indian disposable numbers, this website will rank in the top 3 and google is not wrong. They provide Indian disposable numbers for free, they have more than 30 numbers and they update those numbers on regular basis. You can verify on any website that asks for Indian numbers only. 

The best part is Receive SMS Online doesn’t require any sign-up or verification. They also have other countries number as well like the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Canada, Russia, and more. 

Receive SMS Online

3. Receive-Sms-Free. cc

This website also has a good reputation on Google. Though this website doesn’t have so many Indian disposable numbers it will get the job done. It has just four Indian disposable numbers right now but the quantity increase and decreases from time to time and they also update those numbers on regular basis. 

Receive-Sms-Free. cc

4. SMS24.me

This site has a good amount of Indian disposable numbers and it works also great. Sometimes it might take a while to receive the SMS but it surely works. They also provide disposable numbers of other countries that other websites cannot provide such as Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Israel, Italy, Jordan, and many more. You should check out the website by yourself. 


5. Indiannumber.com r

This is also another site that provides legitimate Indian disposable numbers and the advantage of the site is you can buy a private number as well. If you want to buy a private number that can be used only by you. They also provide a seven-day free trial and if you like the service you can pay for it to further use it. 


As we told you if these sites which we have mentioned above don’t work in some cases you can use the tricks which we have mentioned below.

The trick to Bypass OTP Verification 

If you have come across a site which is asking for an Indian number then this trick might work for you. The trick is to fool the site by using a VPN so that we can verify ourselves with other countries’ disposable numbers. 

Step-1: Download and set up VPN

There are many free VPNs available in the market you can use any of them. For your convenience, we are mentioning some best VPNs that work perfectly.

After installing the VPN application into your device and have to select any US server. 

Step-2: Open the US disposable Phone Number  

Since the US disposable number is very common and easy to get. You can sign-up for almost all websites with a US number. You can easily get a number.

Step-3: Sign up and Get verified!

  • Just run the app or website that you want to sign up with, along with the VPN running in the background.
  • Now type in the phone number that you get from the free US disposable phone number site.
  • The SMS or OTP will be sent to that number instantly.
  • Check the message inbox on the free virtual US number website for the OTP code.
  • Type in the code on your app or the website and enjoy signing in, without registering.

So this was the method you can try in case the website doesn’t work for you.

Wrapping up 

We suggest you use your number if you are registering on any legit website because using any other information is quite unethical but if you are registering on a site that is doesn’t have any security then it fine to use an Indian disposable number to bypass OTP verification.

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