Nikke Tier Lists 2023: Ranking the Goddess of Victory and Her Fellow Characters

Nikke, also known as the Goddess of Victory, is a popular character from the mobile game Cookie Run: Kingdom developed by Devsisters. As one of the legendary cookies, Nikke is a powerful ally who boosts the attack power of your entire team.

But how does Nikke compare to other characters in the game when it comes to overall strength and usefulness? Tier lists aim to answer that question by ranking cookies into different tiers based on agreed-upon criteria.

This article will provide tier lists for Nikke herself as well as other major characters and review why certain cookies are ranked higher or lower. We’ll also answer some frequently asked questions about Nikke tier lists.

Nikke Tier List

As a legendary cookie, Nikke occupies the highest tiers in most Cookie Run: Kingdom tier lists. Here is an example Nikke-focused tier list:

S Tier: Nikke

Nikke’s ability to significantly boost the attack power of the entire team makes her an invaluable ally. Her high HP and defense also make her very difficult to defeat. Nikke deserves her S-tier ranking as one of the best cookies in the game.

A Tier: None

No other cookies match Nikke’s capabilities, so no one else makes it into the S or A tier for this list.

B Tier: Sea Fairy, Hollyberry, Pure Vanilla

While not as strong as Nikke, these epic cookies still have powerful abilities and good stats. Sea Fairy and Hollyberry can deal with heavy area damage and tank hits, while Pure Vanilla provides excellent healing.

C Tier: Most other epic and rare cookies

The majority of epic and rare cookies are solid but not exceptional. Cookies like Raspberry, Vampire, and Mint Choco fall into this middle C tier.

D Tier: Common/normal cookies

Basic cookies like Gingerbrave and Strawberry don’t have any special powers or outstanding stats, so they end up in the D tier.

F Tier: None

No cookies are weak enough to warrant the bottom F tier in this list focused just on comparing Nikke herself to others.

So in a Nikke-centered tier list, she firmly occupies the top S tier ranking with no other cookies coming close to her power level. The rest fall into lower tiers based on their abilities compared to the overpowered Goddess of Victory.

Overall Cookie Tier List

For a more comprehensive look at all of the characters, here is an example of an overall Cookie Run: Kingdom tier list:

S Tier: Sea Fairy, Pure Vanilla, Hollyberry

Joining Nikke at the top are other legendary and ancient cookies that boost team power, heal, and tank.

A Tier: Frost Queen, Cream Puff, Cotton

While a small step down from the top tier, these epic cookies still have very strong unique abilities.

B Tier: Most other epic and rare cookies

This includes crowd-control cookies like Latte and damage dealers like Black Raisin, as well as solid rares like Vampire.

C Tier: Common/normal cookies

Basic starter cookies without special powers.

D Tier: None

No cookies are considered weak enough for the bottom tier.

F Tier: None

Again, no cookies qualify for the lowest ranking.

This kind of list provides more granular tier rankings for all cookies in the game while still recognizing legendary cookies like Nikke as the cream of the crop. Pure Vanilla, Sea Fairy, and Hollyberry have joined the Goddess of Victory at the very top.

Goddess of Victory Nikke Tier Lists

Since Nikke is known as the Goddess of Victory, some tier lists focus exclusively on evaluating different versions of Nikke herself. Here is an example:

S Tier: Goddess of Victory Nikke

This is Nikke’s most powerful version, capable of boosting attack power by a massive 124% at max level. Her top ranking is undisputed.

A Tier: Biscuit Nikke

While not as strong as Goddess Nikke, Biscuit Nikke can still provide an 80% attack power buff at max level. She’s Nikke’s second-best version.

B Tier: Nikke

The original epic version of Nikke is still decent, offering a 60% attack boost, but outclassed by the higher rarity options.

C Tier: None

No other Nikke versions currently exist to fill out the lower tiers. But this gives a sense of how a Goddess of Victory-focused tier list separates the different Nikke variants.

So for devoted Nikke fans and collectors, this kind of list highlights the must-have Goddess of Victory version and shows how she compares to lesser Nikke copies.

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Factors for Cookie Tier Lists

Cookie Run tier lists can vary somewhat depending on who is making them and what criteria they consider most important. But some major factors include:

  • Overall Power Level: How much damage, healing, or other benefit does the cookie provide? More powerful effects lead to higher tiers.
  • Ability Synergy: Does the cookie work well with others? Unique but synergistic skills raise tier rankings.
  • Role: Is the cookie good at tanking hits, dealing damage, healing, etc.? The importance of cookie roles affects rankings.
  • PVP Strength: Performance against human opponents can differ from PVE. PVP viability changes rankings.
  • Ease of Use: Simple cookies shoot up tiers while tricky ones drop.

So an ideal S-tier cookie will have a powerful ability that works well with others, fills an important role, dominates PVP, and is easy to utilize effectively. Nikke checks all of those boxes, cementing her tier list supremacy.

Nikke Tier List FAQ

Why is Nikke always top-tier?

With her ability to massively boost the attack power of the entire team, Nikke provides an unparalleled damage buff that makes your whole party hit harder. This unique team-wide power makes Nikke too valuable to rank anywhere but the top.

Do Rare/Epic/Legendary tiers affect rankings?

Yes, a cookie’s base rarity plays a role in tier lists. Higher Epic, Ancient, and Legendary tiers confer better base stats and abilities. So equivalent cookies of different tiers would be ranked accordingly.

Who makes the official Cookie Run tier list?

There is no official tier list for Cookie Run: Kingdom. Multiple fans, gamers, and guide creators make lists, leading to some variations. But top cookies like Nikke remain at the top.

Is Nikke good for beginners?

Nikke is an excellent cookie for beginners thanks to her straightforward ability to bolster your team’s attack power. As a legend, she will carry new players through challenging levels.

Why do some lists rank Pure Vanilla and Sea Fairy above Nikke?

Some lists highlight Pure Vanilla and Sea Fairy’s healing and crowd control abilities over Nikke’s damage buff since healing and CC provide more utility. It’s a matter of opinion and playstyle preference.

Will Nikke ever fall from the top tier?

As one of the most powerful legends in the game, it’s unlikely newer cookies will surpass Nikke completely. But creep can happen, and treasures or landmarks reducing attack effects could weaken her top-tier standing eventually.


In the kingdom of Cookie Run, Nikke reigns supreme in the top tiers of nearly every list. Her game-changing attack buff makes both Nikke-focused and overall rankings place her firmly at the peak of S-tier alongside fellow legends like Sea Fairy. While other ancient and epic cookies may sometimes steal a sliver of the spotlight, expect the Goddess of Victory to maintain her hard-earned position in the cookie pantheon thanks to her team carrying power. For anyone lucky enough to add her to their run, Nikke will surely lead them to victory.

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