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Movies Ki Duniya: Are you looking for the MovieKiDuniya Website? If yes then you should read this blog to the end!

With the digitization of almost everything on earth, the way of entertainment has also changed. In the past times, people used to go to different cinemas and shows to entertain themselves. But now things have changed a bit.

Because now people prefer watching movies at home on their smart TV, laptop, and mobile phone. Which is a more convenient way of watching. Even if you are a busy person you can still watch a movie anywhere on your phone.

There are many websites online that provide movies to download and watch online. In this blog, we have discussed a similar website that is used to download movies and TV shows online. It is a free website called MovieKiDuniya.

So if you are interested you can keep reading this blog. We are going to share the website link, how to download movies from the website, and the type of content that they upload on the website.

What Happened to the MovieKiDuniya Website?

So most of you came here to know about the MovieKiDuniya website after it disappeared from the internet. But don’t worry because it is available on the internet but with a different domain name. The owner of the website has to change the domain name from time to time.

This happens because the movies and shows that the owner uploads on the website are considered illegal as it is not allowed to upload films and shows without the permission of the original creators. So the previous domain of MovieKiDuniya got blocked due to this issue.

Current Domain of MovieKiDuniya Website

When the previous domain name of the MovieKiDuniya website got blocked, the creators changed it to, it is the most recent domain name of the website and you can visit this domain to get all types of movies and content that you want.

The creators might also change this domain name later if they again get in trouble but for now, this is the only domain name that is working for the MovieKiDuniya website.

Type of Content on MovieKiDuniya Website

These are the type of content that MovieKiDuniya provides:

Bollywood Movies

The main area around which the website movie ki is based is Bollywood. You can get almost any movie that you can think of. From old to the latest movies you can get all the Bollywood stuff that you were looking for. You can download movies of your preferred quality and watch them whenever you want.

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Hollywood Movies

Other than Bollywood, you can also expect some of the best Hollywood movies on MovieKiDuniya. You might not get all the latest movies on the website but you will surely get the popular ones. Including all the big hits and superhero movies. Series like Lords of the Rings and House of Dragon are also available on this website.

Anime Content

For all the anime and Bollywood fans out there, MovieKiDuniya has your anime series. You might not get all of them but some of the popular ones are available. You can enjoy them and download them as you wish.

Other Content

Other than the above-given content there is also a variety of content on MovieKiDuniya. Other than Hollywood and Bollywood, they have a section called Asian Movies where you can et all the latest Chinese, and Japanese type movies. So if you are a fan of them you should check them out.

They also have categorized genres. The available genres are Fantasy, Horror, History, Comedy, Crime, Animation, Adventure, War, Sport, thrillers, Sci-fi, Romance, and a bunch of other genres. This makes it easier for the users to decide.

You can also get content from popular platforms including Netflix, Hulu, The CW, Voot, and Amazon Prime.

The alternative to the MovieKiDuniya Website

As mentioned before the MovieKiDuniya website is considered illegal so the domain gets blocked once in a while and you can not access it. If the MovieKiDuniya website has changed the domain and you cannot access it, don’t worry and use this alternative. This is one of the best replacements for the MovieKiDuniya website.


The Movies Flix is an amazing website and a great alternative to MovieKiDuniya. They essentially provide the same services and both of them are very good at their work.

You can get all types of content on TheMoviesFlix that you can get on MovieKiDuniya. You can get Bollywood, Hollywood, and all kinds of popular content on this website.


MovieKiDuniya website is one of the most popular movie-downloading websites on the internet. They provide their services for free.

However, they often get blocked because they don’t have permission to upload the content. So they change the domain name. We have shared the latest domain name of MovieKiDuniya. We have also shared an alternative for the website.

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