15 Best Anime Torrent Websites To Download And Watch Anime 2024

There are millions of fans around the world in all forms of animated media often referred to as anime.

Anime is probably the most well-developed and true-to-life animated content available either as an episode-based series or as a film.

By the way, if you want to watch anime online using torrents, then you are reading the right article. So these are some of the best anime torrent sites that are worth checking out below.

Note: These anime torrent websites are completely blocked in many major countries and regions such as Saudi Arabia, India, Portugal, Denmark, the United Kingdom, and Morocco. Ok, you can use VPN services to access torrent sites of anime in these areas. You can see our list of the best VPNs for torrenting.

Top 15 Best Anime Torrent Sites

Disclaimer: We never support downloading any illegal or copyright protected content from torrent, the article is for information purpose only.

1. Animetosho

The first best anime site on the list is Animetosho. Using Animatosho you can easily download some of the most popular anime series.

Most torrents on Animatocho are verified. Animatosho has a simple and easy-to-navigate UI and this anime torrent site also displays the latest anime content on its homepage.

On the downside, it is a bit difficult to find an English dubbed anime show on the platform. Overall, Animatosho is a reliable anime torrent website.

2. 1337X

1337X is another popular anime torrent website that has gained a lot of popularity in recent years.

This popular anime torrent website has a clean and easy-to-navigate UI that makes search and content a breeze. The 1337X has a dedicated section for anime. Apart from the anime, you can also download other content from 1337X.

1337X is popular today, popular this week, trending today, trending this week, and top 100 anime series this month. Overall, it has a true anime torrent website that will impress every anime fan.

3. Anime Layer

Anime Layer is one of the best anime torrenting sites. The major attraction of the anime layer is its visually impressive and clean UI.

The anime layer displays the country, type, genre, release date, description, resolution, size, and virtually everything you need to know before downloading the anime.

Apart from the above features, the anime layer also has a very well-developed platform where users can interact with like-minded anime fans.

4. Torlock

The next one of the best anime torrent sites on the list is Torlock. Similar to the 1337X, Torlock also has a dedicated section for anime shows. Torlock is one of the very few websites that lists only verified torrents.

Torlock displays the size and upload time of every anime on the platform.

On the downside, Torlock’s advertisements may annoy some users.

5. Anime Ultime

Anime Ultime is a simple anime torrent site with an extensive collection of exclusive anime series. It displays the date, series name, episode name, type, and uploader name added to the trusted anime torrent website.

For downsides, the font on the anime reverse is too small and you may have to zoom the webpage to read it properly.

6. The Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay oldest and most reliable torrent website for downloading anime. This torrent site has a clutter-free UI, and you can find a search bar with some primary filters on the homepage.

Searching, searching, and downloading anime torrents from Pirate Bay is fairly simple.

It is worth noting that, in many countries and regions, the Pirate Bay is blocked. As a result, you can check out the best Pirate Bay options.

7. AniRena

Anina is one of the best anime torrenting sites. Conversely, there is no need for other websites to create an account to download anime series and movies from Arena.

Most anime series on AniRena are available in the English language. This said, there is still a dedicated section for non-English anime.

Like other websites, Anirena displays the size and number of downloads for each anime torrent on the platform.

8. Seedpeer

The next right website on the anime torrenting list is SidePier. Well, Seedpeer also has a dedicated section for animes.

Seedpear’s UI makes it easy to navigate and search for anime series and movies on a clean and easy-to-navigate platform. The sidebar displays the size and age of each edge on the platform.

Seedpear is an altered version of the popular decade-old torrent website.

9. Horriblesubs

Horriblesubs is the next best website to download anime torrents. Conversely, other websites Horriblesubs allow users to select video quality such as SD, HD, and FHD.

Horriblesubs offers detailed descriptions of every anime on stage. This popular and one of the best torrent anime sites also has a release schedule for new episodes and series.

This Dhar site hosts several Jiveve based on nearby festivals, so keep an eye on it. Overall, the Horriblesubs site is easy to navigate and it will surely impress every anime fan.

10. Katcr. Co

  • The last reliable anime torrent site on the list is Kickass Torrent. Katcr Torrents is a new website, developed by a group of staff members of the original KickassTorrent.
  • Cuttack also has a dedicated section for anime. The website displays the size and age of each edge on the platform.
  • Katcr is a simple and easy-to-navigate UI. Also, enabled filter tools such as categories, sub-categories, and intervals make searching and content on katcr. co a breeze.

11. AnimeTorrents

Let’s start with AnimeTorrents, which is – as the name suggests – an anime-oriented torrent site. This website is rich in anime movie torrents, anime music torrents, and lots of everything you can ever want from an anime.

As you create your account, the site will show a list of the most popular anime shows and movies. Some of its users also claim that it is the place to go to get high-quality new anime, which appears on animators before arriving at any other location. This is a major benefit of using this site, as you can watch new shows and movies almost as soon as they come out.

The site is also very easy to navigate, and you can sort the content in many ways, depending on what you are interested in. You can get Embedded Torrents based on your preference.

With the site focused exclusively on anime, it has countless users around the world, meaning that the number of seeders is also quite high most of the time. This means that your downloading speed should be very fast, provided that you have good internet speed yourself.

12. 9Anime

9 Anime, which is not exactly a torrent site, but a streaming service. This option is here for those who like to watch mobile phones on their smartphones because downloading torrents on smartphones is not the easiest and most practical thing to do.

With 9 Anime, you’ll always have a great, capable service to watch Annie, so it’s worth knowing that it’s out there. Also, the website is very easy to use, with a well-designed user interface, and countless anime shows and movies are just waiting to be watched.

13. Project GXS/ Alternative (Updated)

Project GXS is a torrenting site that can be considered a repository of any anime content you can find on the Internet. This is one of the best places to find torrents for mobile phones online, and you are more likely to find what you are looking for here than trying to find it yourself.

Each title listed on this site contains several files that can be downloaded via torrent or direct download. Just click on which of the two options you like best and the file you need.

If you’re interested in finding a new anime – one you don’t know much about – this website is great for that, as well as it provides a huge index with alphabetically sorted titles. Choosing any title will present you with links to different video quality, and you will also be able to see how many seasons and episodes are in the show. This is one of the most detailed anime torrent sites, and if you are looking to watch a show or movie, you should check it out.

14. Shana Project

Shana Project is an interesting anime torrent website, which does not work like other sites like this. On most other sites, if you want to download a file, you will have to contribute by seeding the community for some time. Most see this as an acceptable request, where they can help the community, while the community helps them.

The Shana Project does not do this. This allows you to download as you wish and does not limit you in any way. It offers a huge library of shows and movies, all of which can be sorted alphabetically if you are looking for a specific show/movie, or you can store them by season if you only have specific lengths Want to watch anime?

Best of all, you do not even need to register for an account on this website, although this is an option. Doing so has its benefits, such as allowing you to track your favorite torrents, or even automating downloads. The Shana Project offers a lot and demands little in return, so we recommend checking if it is interesting to you.

15. BakaBT

BakaBT is yet another anime torrent website that stands out as the most different, although this time, the difference lies in its involvement in the secret community. BAKBT does not allow anyone to register for an account, which means that not everyone can use it. To create an account, you need to invite.

This may seem dire and awkward at first, but the website’s team has created things in such a way as to ensure that the community is made up of only anime fans. So, how did you get the invitation?

Of course, the interview is not as scary as it may seem at first, and it’s not that difficult. Then, once they invite you and join you, you can download and share anything on the website. And, since the website consists of anime fans creating a massive anime library, you can be sure that there is a lot on there.

Final Words.

Note: Gizmo Concept does not condense using torrents to obtain content illegally. The following torrent websites are used for illegal purposes solely at your own risk. Gizmo Concept takes no responsibility for any legal problems you may face.

Apart from the above-mentioned sites, you can also use Nyaa torrents clone, mirror, and proxy to download torrents

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