13 Best LOL Champions For Beginners In 2023

Best Beginner Champions LOL

Want to play League of Legends and don’t know which champion is right for you? Find out which Champion is best for learning to play  LoL for beginners and find a hero who will make you love this game.

For starters, it is best to familiarize yourself with the core concepts of the game. Play through basic League of Legends training and familiarize yourself with broader concepts such as waves of minions, towers, skills, and items.

Armed with this knowledge, you are ready to start experimenting and find the best LoL champions for beginners.

What is the Champion League of Legends?

A champion is a character you choose at the start of the game to play your game. Each champion has 4 skills: Q, W, E, and R. Skill R (ultimate) is usually a champion’s strongest skill and is only released after he reaches level 6 in a match.

The champions are divided into several categories and each of them has a role in the game. If you are a beginner and want to learn more about this category, we will briefly explain each game position and its function:

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Best League of Legends Champions For Beginners (LOL beginner champions)

1. Garen


Garen is naturally tanky, it’s W which is the best LoL champion for beginners which gives him bonus defense stats. His passive, Persistence, allows him to regenerate health much faster than other champions, meaning you can stay on track for longer. But it can also do a lot of damage, especially if you can pool your offensive skills.

  • Q – Decisive Strike:  Decisive  Strike is a big strike with Garen’s very large sword. So much so, that it silenced the enemy champions, preventing them from casting spells for a moment, giving them the advantage in duels. The decisive attack also removes all of Garen’s slowness and speeds it up for a few seconds, so it’s pretty handy to get out of a difficult situation.
  • W – Courage: Passively gains armor and magic resistance every time you kill a unit, making Garen’s W worth around 600 gold in bonus stats. When activated, it reduces incoming damage and allows Garen to escape the stuns and traps faster than normal.
  • E – Judgment: Garen spins very fast, damaging everyone nearby up to ten times. Useful for duels when the enemy finds it difficult to escape, and also for killing a large group of minions quickly.
  • A – Demacidian Justice: Garen drops the sword on his opponent, causing extra damage to all the health he lacks – some characters use this ‘Execute’ technique, but none are as powerful as Garen. This is great for teaching you to wait until the right time to use your ultimate, as it won’t do much damage if you use it too early.

Garen’s innate skills make him the best LOL champion for beginners helping him learn to navigate the often isolated top tracks. He fights against various champions, but if you manage your skills well he can defend against most melee champions.

Not many characters in League of Legends can withstand repeated use of Critical Strike and Judgment, and it doesn’t take long for you to reduce your opponent to the point where you can finish them off with the last one.

When it comes to items, there are two that are suitable for Garen. Cape Sunfire deals magic damage to enemies around you every second, and The Black Cleaver reduces your opponent’s armor by 24%. These two work perfectly with Garen’s E and are essential items for almost any compilation.

2. Nasus

Nasus - LoL champion for beginners

Nasus can be played in several ways. Like Garen, he is naturally quite tanky, but can also build Ability Power (AP) or Attack Damage (AD). His passive, Life Eater, gives him free safety, also allowing him to stay on the track longer.

  • P – Siphoning Strike: Every time you kill a unit with this ability, it is permanently stronger. This means that it is great to study as the last for sure, because like gold they now give you immediate strength.
  • W – Wither: Wither is a very large slow, allowing Nasus to have a big impact on team fights if he can get close enough to his target to use it. This synergizes well with all of Nasus’s other skills and also allows him to work well with his teammates.
  • E – Spirit Fire: Large Area of ​​Effect Spell that you can use for a variety of purposes – zoning enemies, killing minions, or using them for consistent damage in combat.
  • R – Fury of the Sands: Nasus grows in size and health, making the latter useful in both offensive and defensive situations. This also allows him to throw his Q more frequently, making him a strong threat in team fights.

There are two popular ways to play Nasus. One of them is to focus on your magic damage and use E, Fire Spirit, to cut your enemy’s health before proceeding to the slaughter. The second is to develop your Q, an end-game tactic that makes you stronger over time.

This made items like the Iceborn Gauntlet and Trinity Force extremely important to Nasus. Both of them gave Nasus a reduced cooldown (CDR), which allowed him to use his spells more often, but also mana, which allowed him to use more of them as well.

3. Shyvana

This is the best single LoL champion for beginners. Shyvana has some of the clearest jungle in the game, and her passive, Dragonborn’s Fury, allows her to do more damage to dragons while receiving bonus stats for each dragon she kills.

His ganks were better after he reached level six, but he remained a threat even before that, thanks to the speed boost to his W. It can also be built depending on what your team needs – tanky if you want, but also capable of inflicting a lot of damage.

  • Q – Twin Bite: Shyvana completes two basic attacks at once, dealing double damage and applying two stacks of effect upon hit. Twin Bite is also an easy way to learn how to reset auto attacks to deal as much damage as possible.
  • W – Burnout: Shyvana is surrounded by flames, which deal damage over time as well as speed up. This keeps his forest clear very quickly and also means he can stay much healthier than other junglers in the early stages of the game. This means you are unlikely to die in the camp, waste time, and focus more on farming and helping your allies.
  • E – Flame Breath: This simple skill shot allows Shyvana’s basic attack to do more damage, so it’s a good idea to teach you how to use multiple skills together when used alongside Twin Bite.
  • A – Dragon’s Descent: Shyvana completely transforms into a dragon, gaining health and taking down enemies. This spell has several uses, allowing you to ambush lone enemies, protect allies, or initiate team battles. It also empowers other skills in an easy-to-understand way, helping you learn to use other champion forms in ways that aren’t as complex as Elise or Nidalee.

Shyvana’s passivity made him even stronger the more dragons he killed. This meant that he was good at teaching a very important skill – objective control. Early in the game, dragons give their team a powerful bonus that accumulates over time, and keeping track of when they spawn and taking advantage of opportunities to take them is essential to give Shyvana, but also your entire team, an advantage.

In the forest, few champions could clear as fast as Shyvana. This gives you an early-game advantage after he takes over all areas of your forest, and allows you to increase the pressure on enemy laners. It’s worth noting that the lack of Crowd Control (CC) before level six means you’ll need to liaise with your teammates to ensure a massacre.

Shyvana is easy to play locally. If your team is lagging or doesn’t have many tanks, it’s a good idea to build a Stalker Blade with the Cinderhulk spell. This gives Shyvana damage for killing forest monsters and a bit of bonus CC, but also health and damage over time to last a little longer. However, if you do well, it may be worth building up a Warrior or Bloodrazor enchantment, which gives you more damage or attack speed.

4. Volibear

Volibear is not as fast as Shyvana, but he is good at surviving in the forest. His passive, Chosen of the Storm, allows him to gain health over time if he falls below a certain threshold, and can also be used in team fights. His ganks are quite strong, and he can be built up offensively or defensively, depending on what your team needs.

  • Q – Rolling Thunder: Volibear falls to all fours, gains speed, and launches the first enemy he grabs behind. It’s a useful skill for engaging in team fights, but you have to wait for the right moment and make sure you pick the right target.
  • W – Frenzy: Volibear gains attack speed, stacking each time he attacks, up to three times. In three stacks, he can bite enemies, using a less damaged version of the aforementioned execution mechanic. This is useful in jungle fights, but also with other champions, as long as you can survive long enough to use it more effectively.
  • E – Majestic Roar: This slows down enemies around Volibear, and scares off minions and forest monsters. This makes Roar Majestic very useful in the forest, as the monsters will stop attacking Volibear, but also useful when used alongside Rolling Thunder.
  • A – Thunder Claws: Volibear deals chain lightning damage, jumping from enemy to enemy with each basic attack, striking up to eight people. This means Volibear can damage an entire enemy team with just a basic attack, something only a few other characters are capable of, making him a threat even if he is caught in the middle of a team fight.

Volibear’s Q is the most useful part of your device. This can get you out of trouble, but it can also highlight enemies very effectively in team fights or skirmishes. Covering easy targets and throwing them back at your other team is very useful for catching important enemy players and giving your team a numerical advantage.

It is important to remember that this is the best LOL champion for beginners although the Frenzy has a passive element, its assets can only be used when the volibear has completed the three basic attacks.

It doesn’t take long but don’t expect to use it right away. It also takes a long time to recharge, so be sure to use your running mechanic at the wrong time.

Due W and his ultimate, attack speed is an important part of the Volibear kit. The faster you attack, the faster you can activate your W and the more damage you’ll deal with your ultimate. This makes Wit’s End, which increases your attack speed while reducing your enemy’s magic resistance, an important purchase. Spirit Visage is also useful, which increases Volibear’s passive effectiveness.

5. Wukong

The Monkey King Vastaya is one of the most exciting champions you’ll find in  League of Legends. Don’t be fooled by his dashing appearance: Wukong is a formidable warrior with unexpected talent.

Wukong is mentored by Champion Master Yi and uses the arts of Wuju’s fighting in his matches. His passive is Stone Skin, an ability that increases this soldier’s Armor and Magic Resistance.

One of his best skills is Decoy, which keeps Wukong invisible for a short time. This ability can help you escape from enemies or initiate surprise attacks (especially when combined with the Cloud Flare ability, Physical Damage attacks up to 2 nearby enemies).

6. Annie


This is not a girl like the others. Annie is also known as the Child of Darkness and has several abilities that make her a very difficult enemy to face in battle.

Annie is a terrifying wizard who is the best LoL hero champion for beginners, able to make it difficult for opponents to play with Pyromania (her amazing passive) or shoot down all the enemies in the area. The magic damage was on this girl, but it was her amazing abilities that made her so popular.

And how can you forget your fatal ability called Summon: Tibbers? Tibbers is the teddy bear and Annie manages to bring her best friend back to life. With this ability, Tibbers attacked and burned everyone around him.

7. Morgana

Morgana is a master of black arts and will do anything to stop enemy movements. A great choice for those who like to play as support and exercise group control.

Morgana specializes in dealing with magic damage, either by cursing areas with a Tormented Land ability or by firing a black magic ball that damages and paralyzes enemies (Dark Linkability).

Your Black Shield ability is useful for protecting your team members by placing barriers that absorb magic damage and prevent disarmament. Morgana possesses the Vampire Magic and his passivity reflects that: the champion heals when he does damage with his abilities.

Fallen Angels demonstrate their sensational ability to stop enemies with their Soul Shackles ability, trapping energetic currents on targets, dealing damage, slowing their Movement Speed, and rendering them unconscious.

8. Amumu


Who wants to be friends with damned Amumu? Cursed to spend eternity alone, this best Champion Lol for beginners is a tormented soul who has a lot to offer new players. Amumu is a great choice for anyone looking to play as a jungler, but he’s also strong enough to transform into a powerful tank.

His attacks and abilities vary, he can reduce a target’s magic resistance by passively, inflicting various types of damage, immobility, and stunning with his bandages or causing a loss of Maximum Life percentage.

One of his best skills is Chilique – which uses Amumu’s fury to inflict damage and permanently reduce the physical damage he can take.

9. Sivir

The fastest bounty hunter you will find, Sivir is one of the best LoL champions for anyone who wants to play as an ADC  (“loads” the game with its Attack Damage).

Without resting for a moment, this mercenary is passive to increase his Movement Speed ​​when attacking a target. The weapon of your choice is a blade that acts like a boomerang, causing damage to your passes and also using the Ricochet ability to attack secondary targets.

To prevent the enemy’s abilities, Sivir creates a protective shield to defend itself. But nothing is better than On the Hunt, your best ability that increases your allies’ Movement Speed ​​and grants you additional Sivir Attack Speed.

10. Veigar


Veigar is an evil wizard who wants to become a ferocious dictator who causes fear to everyone around him. His passive ability is impressive: every time he hits an enemy champion with skills, Veigar receives a permanent increase in Ability Power.

These are champions who are magic damage masters, using energy from darkness or summoning masses of dark matter to target their enemies. Veigar is one of the best LoL champions for beginners with the greatest ability to stun targets in  League of Legends.

With the Event Horizon skill, the Champion creates an area that distorts the space limit for 3 seconds. The enemies passing through this space are stopped and knocked unconscious by Veigar’s evil forces.

11. Sona

The power of music is the champion’s weapon and healing tool. It’s one of the best LoL champions for beginners for anyone looking to get started playing League of Legends and why not do it in harmony?

He specializes in allied healing, with extraordinary abilities such as Aria of Perseverance. Touching this Aria, Sona heals herself and the injured allies nearby and gains an aura that provides a temporary shield to the allies in that aura.

Supporting the team, Sona can also play the Song of Celerity to increase the Movement Speed ​​of her allies. But don’t think that she can’t take her enemies seriously if she wants: Sona is capable of summoning bursts of sound that produce magic damage and passively exerts an additional effect on her damage.

But not like his great skill called Crescendo which is downright ruthless. With Crescendo, Sona plays a destructive melody that forces enemies to dance, deals magic damage, and stunning their targets.

12. Mr.Yi

Mr. YiOne of the best jungle LoL heroes. For the easiest beginner you can find in this League of Legends game, Master Yi is a fast and effective swordsman with a lot to offer players. Her skills are simple, being a fierce opponent against magicians or ADCs.

Your Alpha Attack moves you across the battlefield dealing Physical Damage to multiple units while remaining protected from attacks. He can heal himself through Meditation, which is invaluable when he makes several attacks and manages to return to safety.

His great skill is the Highlander, which turns him into a powerful offensive machine, increasing his Attack Speed ​​and Movement. Each assassination or aid extended the duration of this ability, giving these virtuous warriors more freedom.

13. Ashe

An expert archer from the icy lands of the Freljord, Ashe is a heroine who believes in the peaceful unification of the tribes and fights for the good of the greater Freljord. With the divine ice bow – presented by the goddess Avarosa – Ashe is the fierce champion of battle.

An easy-to-learn ADC with whom players have fun playing, Ashe is a great choice for beginners. Their passive ability is Freeze Shot, where their attacks slow down the enemy, leaving them vulnerable to further damage.

Other abilities, such as Concentration or Blast, temporarily increase Attack Speed ​​and Physical Damage. He has a unique ADC-like ability called Falhar’s Look which is very useful in group control: Ashe fires an arrow that shows an undisclosed terrain on the map, something that is useful for the whole team’s strategy.

His greatest skill is the Enchanted Crystal Arrow, where Ashe shoots a giant ice arrow. If the projectile collides with an enemy, it suffers magic damage and stun, while other nearby enemy champions receive half the damage and slowness.

I hope this list of the best League of Legends champion heroes for beginners will help you play LOL.

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