30+ Best Piano Apps For PC And Windows 2024

The Piano for PC application is nowhere to accompany your leisure activities, music lovers. Yes. with the following application, you can play the piano via the keyboard keys.

Before we mention what Piano apps for PC are, there are a few things to know. First about the operating system, not all of the following applications support all types of operating systems on PCs and laptops.

For example, the Piano application called Jarre can only be used on devices with Linux and Windows operating systems. Thus, Mac users cannot install the application.

Apart from Jarre, here we have summarized a list of the best PC Piano applications that you can use for free. Then we also include a download link for each application below.

List of Best Piano Software For PC

Today, you don’t have to have a real piano to learn how to play the piano. The virtual piano program is very easy to use, has great sound quality, and can be customized and connected in many different ways.

The virtual piano app can be used on a variety of web browsers, running systems, and devices, such as computers and mobile phones. If you’re looking for a way to get rid of your worries, we’ve put together a list of the top 20 piano apps for PC and Windows for learning piano.

You don’t have to take money out of your budget to buy them. With just a personal computer, you can start right away to improve your skills or learn about new things that interest you.

List of 20 best Piano for PC and Windows

This article gives you an expertly curated list of the top 20 piano apps for PC and Windows on the market so you can save time researching. Here is our subjective evaluation of software that can be found on the Internet. This will give people an idea of what good software is out there.

1. Virtual Piano

Virtual Piano

The Virtual Piano tool makes it easy for people to learn how to play the piano quickly. Users can improve their skills quickly and easily while having fun. The software makes it easy to turn your computer or mobile device’s keyboard into a piano keyboard. The letters on the piano keyboard are the same as the letters on a QWERTY keyboard.

It is possible to play a piece of music by hitting both the black and white keys at the same time. There is a scroll bar under the keys that lets people get to all the octaves of a grand piano.

2. Synthesia


Synthesia is an app of software that helps people learn to play the piano. The interface makes it easy for people to understand how the device works. You can connect your piano to your computer, which lets you play notes and chords together. MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) is the main way that the program works.

For more information about this tool, please read about Synthesia.

3. Online Pianist: Virtual Piano

Online Pianist Virtual Piano

The Online Pianist platform has a virtual piano keyboard that works like a real piano. It has 88 keys that cover 7 1/4 octaves, a metronome, a sustain pedal, and other features. Mobile devices can only go up to a maximum of five octaves.

The real keys mode lets you use computer keys that are the same as the middle octaves and piano keys on a real piano. With the letter notes feature, the ABC or DoReMi letter notes can be shown on the piano keyboard keys.

4. Virtual Piano MIDI

Virtual Piano MIDI

The Virtual Piano MIDI is a piano app for PC and Windows that makes it feel like you are playing a real piano on a computer. It lets people play and make music with a computer keyboard or mouse, and they can add a MIDI keyboard for a more realistic experience. The Virtual Piano is made to have an easy-to-use interface that makes it easy to move around and change the sound settings. It is a popular tool for musicians, music teachers, and music fans because it makes practicing and making music easy and handy.

Even though the piano is the main instrument this tool is used for, it can also mimic a wide range of other instruments on your computer, such as the guitar, violin, flute, bass, and drums, among others. The user can choose which parts to use and how they should be put together.

5. Free Piano

Free Piano

Free Piano is an app of software that makes it easier for your piano or keyboard to send MIDI data to your computer. With this software, you can hook up your instrument to your computer and send the info without any problems. It is possible to make the songs you want right from the connected piano.

The software has a lot of different features that help guide and support users while they play. Some of these features are showing where the notes are on the score, using pedals, controlling the speed, choosing an octave, and more.

This program is a good way to write music for the piano. We suggest that you check out its benefits right away. By using this program, you’ll learn how to understand sheet music.

6. Virtual Drumming

Virtual Drumming

Virtual Drumming has a tool called “Virtual Piano” that lets people learn chords and scales even if they don’t have a real piano. This online tool lets people quickly learn about music theory or try out new songs on the spot.

Please make sure that your song track is no longer than one minute. Set each key on the piano keyboard to automatically play back major and minor triads. Scales like Major, Natural Minor, Harmonic Minor, Melodic Minor, and others should be practiced. By letting go of the keys, users can make short sounds with the piano pedal simulator.

7. KB Piano

KB Piano

KB Piano’s main purpose is to help people write music using a piano interface, not to teach people how to play music.

The app turns your computer into a piano, with the keys on your keyboard taking the place of the keys on the piano. The app makes it as easy as possible to get started. If you follow the clear guidelines and thorough tutorial, you’ll be playing, recording, and playing back beautiful music in no time.  You can add sound effects to your work to make it better.

The program can be set up so that chords can be played by pressing keys. This is done instantly when a file is created. The software also comes with a wide range of tracks and effects that you can use to improve your music. This program has a lot of features, like the ability to handle up to 15 channels and mix them in real-time. DirectX 8 needs to be enabled so that the software can be used to its full potential. During our tests, we ran into some bugs and crashes, which is important to know.

8. Apronus Virtual Piano

Apronus Virtual Piano

The Apronus Virtual Piano allows for keyboard input to be translated into virtual piano notes, providing users with an online piano simulation experience. The piano keyboard keys ranging from C3 to C5 can be activated by pressing the corresponding keys on the computer keyboard.

The keyboard’s A, S, and D rows, as well as the Z, X, and C rows, have been programmed to produce white key chords, resulting in a harmonious and melodious sound.

This version of the virtual piano can be used offline. The feature of recording and playback is available.  One way to bookmark chords is by creating a link that encodes all the chords from your buttons.

9. Piano Booster

Piano Booster

Piano Booster is a piano app for PC and Windows that uses musical theory to help people learn how to play the piano. By learning to read the notes on the score, you will learn how to understand musical writing. If the program is based on reading music scores, it could be a good way to learn how to play the piano. Through MIDI, you can connect your piano or keyboard to your computer, just like you can with other tools in this group. The program will stay paused until the user plays the right musical notes, at which point it will move on to the next part of the song.

Overall, Piano Booster is a very useful piece of software for people who want to improve their ability to read music scores. The only problem is that the form and ergonomics of the interface may make it hard to understand and get used to at first.

10. Everyone Piano


Everyone Piano is a software application designed for Windows that enables users to simulate a genuine piano experience on their personal computers. This tool offers a visually immersive interface that closely resembles an actual piano, providing users with a highly realistic and authentic piano-playing experience.

The software facilitates piano practice and skill enhancement across different proficiency levels. It also caters to beginners who can learn while using the application.

The keyboard offers customization options, including the ability to set mid-tones and keys according to your preferences. Additionally, the program enables you to import sounds from external sources. Furthermore, the keyboard supports connectivity with a MIDI keyboard or electronic organ.

11. Piano Marvel

Piano Marvel

The Windows version of Piano Marvel is a fun and interesting program for learning how to play the piano. Learning can be done directly or in a way that is more like a game, where you get praise and rewards for hitting certain levels of success. The learning experience is made so that it can work for people of all ages, from kids to adults and everyone in between.

With Piano Marvel, you can start playing as soon as your first lesson is over. If you’ve tried to learn piano before but found it hard to remember the notes, where to put your fingers, and the theory, this software may be a good option for you.

12. PianoFX Studio

PianoFX Studio

PianoFX Studio is a powerful piano synthesizer program for personal computers. PianoFX Studio lets users play the piano on their computer using a keyboard or a mouse, just like they would on a real piano. There are different ways to save artwork. The layout of the program was made to look like that of a high-end synthesizer.

The software can make high-quality sound using 127 real musical and percussion instruments, a drum generator, and 4-note polyphonic sounds. It also has a lot of pre-recorded melodies and lets you make exact changes to how you record and save songs in the format you want. The software works with all versions of the Windows operating system, making it easy and flexible for people to use.

13. TinyPiano


TinyPiano is a creative piano app for PC and Windows that lets you play a virtual piano and interact with it. It is made to make it easier to learn how to play the piano and write music. TinyPiano is software that is easy to use. It has a simple design that makes it easy to play, practice, and record music. The interface is made to be easy to use and understand, so people of all skill levels can start using the program quickly and easily.

The layout is made to be easy to use and understand. With the help of an easy-to-understand user interface, everyone can learn to play the piano.

Multi-track recording lets you record multiple songs at the same time, which can then be mixed to make complicated compositions.

Enjoy the ease of a virtual keyboard that looks and feels like a real keyboard and has full-size keys.

14. Pianoteq


Pianoteq is an application of the software that makes a digital piano sound and feel like a real one. The piano simulator is a powerful and flexible piece of software that can make real piano sounds on a wide range of devices. The software works on both the macOS and Windows running systems, making it cross-platform. It works with many different types of MIDI devices and digital keyboards.

Pianoteq uses advanced simulation methods to accurately imitate the acoustic properties of a grand piano, such as how the strings, hammers, and soundboard interact with each other. The product’s technology is built on advanced physical modeling, which is known for being accurate and efficient. The result is a sound that is very close to that of a real acoustic piano and is almost impossible to tell apart from it.

15. PC-73 Virtual Piano

PC-73 Virtual Piano

The PC-73 Virtual Piano Keyboard is an application of the software that lets you play the piano on your computer. The virtual piano can make sounds like violins, trumpets, French horns, and music boxes, among other instruments. The user can change the level and change the pitch of the notes. The quality of the material is outstanding. The way your computer sounds makes it sound like it has a virtual piano built into it. This software is made for people who may not have the money to buy a real piano but still want to make beautiful music.

16. Piano Time for Windows 10

Piano Time for Windows 10

Piano Time for Windows 10 is a flexible tool that can be used by both beginners and experts who want to learn about and master this amazing musical instrument. There are a total of 36 fake keys and several octaves for the user to use. A built-in metronome is a useful extra tool. This feature makes it easier for people who are new to the field to learn the pace of a particular piece of music. This software package is also notable for how many different things it can do. The device works with a variety of ways to enter information, such as touchscreens, keyboards, mouse inputs, and MIDI instruments. Users don’t have to pay anything to get these perks.

17. Piano 10

Piano 10

The normal user will be able to use the power of music with Piano 10. The app will show a piano keyboard that you can play by touching the screen of your phone or tablet. Users can change the octave to get the sounds they want, whether they are higher or lower. This tool is great for beginning piano students who are just getting used to how complicated the instrument is.

18. Virtual Midi Piano Keyboard

Virtual Midi Piano Keyboard

Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard lets people use the computer keyboard and mouse to play the piano virtually.

The Virtual Midi Piano Keyboard isn’t just a virtual piano keyboard. It also has other features. It works as a full-featured MIDI event generator and receiver. It can show the sounds played on external instruments like synthesizers and play MIDI files.

19. ButtonBeats Piano

ButtonBeats Virtual Piano
ButtonBeats Virtual Piano
First, we have the ButtonBeatas Piano application. You can download this service via the link above for free. Not only that, but the ButtonBeats Piano application also offers many interesting features, from song choices to various sound effects.

20. Sweet Little Piano

Sweet Little Piano
Sweet Little Piano
Furthermore, there is the Sweet Litlle Piano application which is available for free on the Ronimusic.com site. This application also has a very easy way to use it. In addition, Sweet Little Piano can also be used whenever you want without a time limit (trial).

21. Electronic Piano

Electronic Piano
Electronic Piano

We also recommend Electric Piano as one of the best PC Piano applications that you can play. Apart from being free, this application also supports note setting features, and octaves, and can display Chords guides. Not only that, but you can also make your musical instruments using the 127 types of musical instruments available on the Electric Piano.

22. Simple Piano

As the name implies, this application presents a very simple appearance and method of use. In addition, the Simple Piano application does not charge users a subscription fee, aka Free. One of the advantages of this application is the presence of 127 midi instruments that you can use.

23. MidiPiano

Midi Piano
Midi Piano
The Midi Piano application will support the process of making musical instruments through a computer device. There are many choices of musical instruments such as guitar, drum, bass, and so on. There is also an editing feature to maximize the quality of the music you make.

24. Everyone Piano

The next best PC piano service is Everyone Piano. On the EOP site, you can get the application for free. In addition, the use of this service has no time limit. Everyone Piano is also equipped with a Music Library feature which contains many classical works that you can use as a reference.

25. Piano FX Studio

Piano FX Studio
Piano FX Studio
The application is called Piano FX Studio, which includes many features and instruments from various musical instruments. Not only that, but you can also record Piano playing through this application.

26. Piano One for PC

Piano One for PC is also on the list of the best free Piano PC apps. Through this application, you can learn to play the Piano on a PC screen. Besides that, you can also change the sound of acoustic and electric pianos.

27. HS Virtual Piano

HS Virtual Piano is one of the applications available for free on the Freewarefiles.com site. Through this service, you will be treated to a variety of sounds from 129 different musical instruments. Interestingly, the HS Virtual Piano can be used forever, aka it doesn’t have a time limit.

28. A73 Piano Station

A73 Piano Station
A73 Piano Station

On the Tucows.com site, you can also download a PC Piano service called A73 Piano Station. To be able to play this application smoothly, make sure the device you are using supports a 16 Hz processor with a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels.

29. One-Man Band

As the name implies, the One Man Band piano app allows you to create complete musical instruments without the need for many people. Not only that, but you can also fill in music from various genres, from pop, rock, and dangdut.

30. Piano Chords

Piano Chords are the right choice for beginners who are learning to play these musical instruments. In this application, you can follow the Piano Chords guide that is presented. Apart from that, you can also record a piano performance on the application.

31. Jarre

This PC Piano application can only be used on Linux and Windows operating systems. Besides that, the Jarre also has a very small size so it won’t interfere with PC performance. As for how to use it, it might be the same as you play the PS2 Guitar Hero GAME.

32. Piano Cheetah

Piano Cheetah
Piano Cheetah

Piano Cheetah is the last recommendation regarding the best GC version of the best Piano PC application. Besides being able to be used to learning Piano, this application also offers Drum instruments that you can play.


Can the above piano applications be used on laptops?

Yes, as long as the operating system used meets the criteria of the application.

Do All of the Above Applications Have a Time Limit (Trial)?

The Piano PC application that we present can be used forever.


In conclusion, the fact that there are virtual piano apps for PC and Windows has made it easier and handier than ever to learn how to play the piano. These software programs have a variety of features and functions that make them useful for both new and expert musicians. There’s an app on this list for everyone who wants to improve their piano skills, learn music theory, or just have fun playing and trying out different sounds.

There are apps like Everyone Piano, PianoFX Studio, and Pianoteq that make you feel like you’re playing a real piano, whether you’re a beginner just starting with music or an expert pianist looking for a virtual piano that feels like the real thing.

Overall, these top 20 piano apps for PC and Windows have a lot of different sounds, features, and ways to use them so that they can be used by people with different learning styles and musical tastes. They are a cheap and easy way to learn, practice, and enjoy playing the piano without having to buy a real piano. So, whether you’re a music fan, an amateur, or a serious learner, these piano apps are worth checking out to improve your piano skills and musical journey.

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