15+ Piano Apps For PC And Windows- Best In 2022

Best Piano Apps For PC And Windows

The Piano for PC application is nowhere to accompany your leisure activities, music lovers. Yes. with the following application, you can play the piano via the keyboard keys.

Before we mention what Piano apps for PC are, there are a few things to know. First about the operating system, not all of the following applications support all types of operating systems on PCs and laptops.

For example, the Piano application called Jarre can only be used on devices with Linux and Windows operating systems. Thus, Mac users cannot install the application.

Apart from Jarre, here we have summarized a list of the best PC Piano applications that you can use for free. Then we also include a download link for each application below.

Recommended Best Piano App For PC Without Time Limits

Now to learn piano we can do it through the PC screen. Here is some best piano software for pc that you can get for free.

1. ButtonBeats Piano

ButtonBeats Virtual Piano
ButtonBeats Virtual Piano
First, we have the ButtonBeatas Piano application. You can download this service via the link above for free. Not only that, but the ButtonBeats Piano application also offers many interesting features, from song choices to various sound effects.

2. Sweet Little Piano

Sweet Little Piano
Sweet Little Piano
Furthermore, there is the Sweet Litlle Piano application which is available for free on the Ronimusic.com site. This application also has a very easy way to use it. In addition, Sweet Little Piano can also be used whenever you want without a time limit (trial).

3. Electronic Piano

Electronic Piano
Electronic Piano

We also recommend Electric Piano as one of the best PC Piano applications that you can play. Apart from being free, this application also supports note setting features, octaves, and can display Chords guides. Not only that, but you can also make your musical instruments using the 127 types of musical instruments available on the Electric Piano.

4. Simple Piano

As the name implies, this application presents a very simple appearance and method of use. In addition, the Simple Piano application does not charge users a subscription fee, aka Free. One of the advantages of this application is the presence of 127 midi instruments that you can use.

5. MidiPiano

Midi Piano
Midi Piano
The Midi Piano application will support the process of making musical instruments through a computer device. There are many choices of musical instruments such as guitar, drum, bass, and so on. There is also an editing feature to maximize the quality of the music you make.

6. Everyone Piano

The next best PC piano service is Everyone Piano. On the EOP site, you can get the application for free. In addition, the use of this service has no time limit. Everyone Piano is also equipped with a Music Library feature which contains many classical works that you can use as a reference.

7. Piano FX Studio

Piano FX Studio
Piano FX Studio
The application is called Piano FX Studio, which includes many features and instruments from various musical instruments. Not only that, but you can also record Piano playing through this application.

8. Piano One for PC

Piano One for PC is also on the list of the best free Piano PC apps. Through this application, you can learn to play the Piano on a PC screen. Besides that, you can also change the sound of acoustic and electric pianos.

9. HS Virtual Piano

HS Virtual Piano is one of the applications available for free on the Freewarefiles.com site. Through this service, you will be treated to a variety of sounds from 129 different musical instruments. Interestingly, the HS Virtual Piano can be used forever, aka it doesn’t have a time limit.

10. A73 Piano Station

A73 Piano Station
A73 Piano Station

On the Tucows.com site, you can also download a PC Piano service called A73 Piano Station. To be able to play this application smoothly, make sure the device you are using supports a 16 Hz processor with a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels.

11. Synthesia

The Synthesia application supports all types of PC operating systems, from Windows, Linux, and Mac. Besides that, you can learn to play the Piano through this application without paying a penny. How to use Synthesia is also quite easy.

12. Piano Booster

Piano Booster
Piano Booster
The next Piano PC application is Piano Booster which you can download for free. The app also offers a keyboard view for creating MIDI musical instruments. Or for those of you who prefer an Acoustic piano, please adjust it through the available menu.

13. KB Piano

The KB Piano app is also among the best PC Piano apps according to GC. When playing this application, you will be spoiled with a sound that resembles an expensive piano in the KN200 class. In addition, you can also record and save the recording as a kbp file.

14. One Man Band

As the name implies, the One Man Band piano app allows you to create complete musical instruments without the need for many people. Not only that, but you can also fill in music from various genres, from pop, rock, and dangdut.

15. Piano Chords

Piano Chords is the right choice for beginners who are learning to play these musical instruments. In this application, you can follow the Piano Chords guide that is presented. Apart from that, you can also record a piano performance on the application.

16. Jarre

This PC Piano application can only be used on Linux and Windows operating systems. Besides that, the Jarre also has a very small size so it won’t interfere with PC performance. As for how to use it, it might be the same as you play the PS2 Guitar Hero GAME.

17. Piano Cheetah

Piano Cheetah
Piano Cheetah

Piano Cheetah is the last recommendation regarding the best GC version of the best Piano PC application. Besides being able to be used to learning Piano, this application also offers Drum instruments that you can play.


Can the above piano applications be used on laptops?

Yes, as long as the operating system used meets the criteria of the application.

Do All of the Above Applications Have a Time Limit (Trial)?

The Piano PC application that we present can be used forever.


With the Piano application on your computer, you can learn the piano without having to buy the instrument. In addition, GC also explains a little about the advantages and features of each application, some of which offer a choice of instruments from other musical instruments. Thus, you can create your music through the available features

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