Top 10 Games Like 2048 but Bigger and Better in 2024

The simple yet addictive game 2048 took the mobile gaming world by storm when it was released back in 2014. With its straightforward design and strategy-based gameplay, many players have become hooked on trying to build the eponymous 2048 tile. If you’re a fan of 2048 Land looking for other games to satisfy your tile-sliding itch, read on for our top picks! We’ll count down 10 of the best games like 2048 that offer bigger and better challenges.

How Does 2048 Work?

Before jumping into the alternatives, let’s briefly review the rules of 2048. The game is played on a 4×4 grid, with numbered tiles that slide smoothly when you swipe up, down, left, or right. Each turn a new tile will randomly appear with a value of either 2 or 4. Tiles slide as far as possible in the chosen direction until they are stopped by either another tile or the grid’s edge. If two tiles of the same number collide while moving, they will merge into a tile with the combined value!

The goal of 2048 is to slide numbered tiles around the grid strategically so that they combine to reach the 2048 tile. Once you hit that magic number, you win! It’s an incredibly simple idea that can get tricky as fast as the grid fills up. Careful decision-making is required if you hope to come out on top.

What Makes a Good 2048 Alternative?

There are plenty of mobile puzzle games involving sliding numbered tiles. But what makes a game like 2048 stand out from the pack? Here are some key qualities we looked for when compiling this list:

  • Strategic, thoughtful gameplay – clever tile manipulation is key.
  • Similarity to core 2048 mechanics – merge tiles, fill a board, and reach a target score.
  • Fun, quick rounds you can’t stop playing.
  • Extra depth to provide a fresh challenge.

The following 10 mobile games all meet the above criteria in spades! They also add their special spins like new tiles, game boards, modes, and intuitive controls that improve on 2048’s formula. Be warned – with their high just-one-more-try factor, these tiles might slide you out of a productive day and into a strategic puzzle haze!

1. 1024

Released just shortly before 2048, 1024 kickstarted the numeric tile sliding craze on mobile. Your goal is to combine tiles until reaching (you guessed it) the 1024 tile. Simple swipes control the action across 5×5 to 7×7 grids.

What makes 1024 stand out is the “undo” button to retract your last move if you get in a bind. Strategize as far in advance as possible before sliding tiles irrevocably into place. Undo buys you insurance when desperate tile combinations don’t go as planned. Use it carefully though, as each undo reduces your score multiplier.

With its vibrant colors, energetic vibe and one-of-a-kind undo feature, 1024 is still hugely popular today despite launching in 2013. Combining logic with luck, it deserves credit for paving the way for 2048’s runaway success the following year.

2. 4096

Aptly named as the next exponential number in sequence after 2048, 4096 will feel comfortingly familiar. Slide tiles and fuse them through doubling on a 4×4 board. The graphics, sound, and core mechanics mimic 2048 closely. With a few key twists.

Namely, 4096 introduces new merge bonuses that keep gameplay exciting across thousands of rounds. Special tiles do things like clear surrounding spaces, blow up clusters of tiles, and unlock an extra undo option. These explode randomly with each successful tile merge, making the board shift wildly turn by turn.

4096 also adds daily challenges and tournaments to keep you engaged. Can you climb the leaderboards to be the best? With tense, tactical tile manipulation and explosive bonuses galore, 4096 takes 2048 and turbocharges it for a true slide-sliding treat.

3. Threes!

Threes! stands out from other 2048 counterparts with its adorable cast of numerals with faces and personalities. Charming characters like “one”, “two”, “three” and more slide cheerily around the board each turn. Match same-number tiles to combine them into their next exposed iteration, working your way up incrementally toward the ultimate 384 titles

It’s a small twist on 2048’s doubling formula, but it completely changes the strategic flow. Building each subsequent tile step-by-step makes your brain sweat as you calculate longer merge chains spanning many turns. Where 2048 delivers quick exponential growth, Threes! moves along steadily with warm, fuzzy characters to guide you through mounting numerical mountains.

Threes! preceded 2048 by over a month but sadly didn’t grab public attention in the same meteoric way. We recommend giving this indie darling a download both for its smile-inducing personality and brain-burning mathematical manipulations!

4. Sage Solitaire

Sage Solitaire combines the strategic allure of 2048 with the conventional fun of Solitaire card games. Your goal is to remove every last card from the board through sequencing and addition. Cards shift smoothly as you would expect. Match any that share the same face value to clear them from the board and gain points.

Choose your starting layout from different solitaire variations like Klondike and Spider to suit your preferred flavor of card shuffling gameplay. As you selectively shift and eliminate suited cards, empty spaces fill with new ones just like 2in 048. You’ll need to constantly weigh board control against points from removals as the complexity ramps up fast.

Between the chill background soundtrack and familiar card faces passing by, Sage Solitaire conjures a zen yet engaging experience. 2048 fans will enjoy similar spatial reasoning challenges meshed seamlessly with classic solitaire mechanics.

5. Fives

From the creators of 2048 itself comes this official successor, Fives. It will give you an instant dose of familiarity with tiles sliding in sequence up to the 5120 goal. The launch board starts empty though, ramping up the initial planning process as you carefully build toward bigger tiles.

What sets Fives apart is the white wildcard tile that mixes things up substantially. It can merge with any adjacent numbered tile, absorbing it to take on that tile’s value. Plot some ingenious chains by sliding these everywhere to gobble up tokens rapidly. Leave no tile unmerged!

Fives add further spice by tracking your highest numbers reached on each board size. With empty initial boards up to 9×9 now and wildcard hijinks at your command, it delivers tense new puzzles to keep your tile chops razor-sharp

6. 1024 Time Travel

This eccentric entry bends (or breaks?) the standard mechanics established by 2048 and its peers. 1024 Time Travel expands the playing field to a massive 12×12 grid-packed chock full of starting tiles. Value tiles shift and combine in the usual numerical fashion toward the standard 1024 target.

Here’s the catch – you must clear at least 70% of tiles within 30 moves to complete a level. Choose between swiping tiles smoothly turn-by-turn, or enabling the time travel function to jump ahead multiple moves at once. You zip forward as many spaces as the tile you tap on, strategically leaping ahead to set up key merges.

Plan often dozens of turns in advance locating future combine opportunities across the vast board. Calculate long numerical chains over multiple time hops to clear that demanding 70% completion target. It’s rrapid-fireand seriously challenging despite simple learning rules. Give your brain a workout with this temporal twist on postmodern sliding puzzles!

7. Dream 2048

Rainbow watercolor backgrounds and ambient chill music set a creative mood in Dream 2048 before tiles even begin shifting skillfully about. Numbered tiles look hand-painted in bright washes rather than starkly digital, immediately distinguishing this artsy take on the 2048 genre.

Core mechanics stay comfortingly recognizable as numbers smoothly slide and combine toward the standard 2048 goal. Gentle game elements fall together in a friendly, encouraging flow thanks to an elegantly intuitive design. Hints help you spy future combinable tiles, while a “relax” mode removes the fail state, letting you manipulate colorful mosaics casually at your own creative pace.

Dream 2048’s soothing creative approach delivers all the familiar 2048 addictiveness in a beautifully arty package. Install it when seeking inspiration from sliding puzzle Zen.

8. 2048 Masters

This aptly named entry caters directly to diehard 2048 experts seeking fresh challenges beyond beginner boards. 2048 Masters skips straight past entry tables up to massive game grids spanning 7×7, 8×8, and 9×9 spaces with nary a 2 or 4 tile in sight.

Intimidating? For sure! But cracking a win on these sprawling tile seas builds an unmatched sense of strategic mastery. With no lulls and zero margin for error 2048 Masters constantly pushes your brain to extract order from teeming randomness. An invigorating mental marathon for slide puzzle veterans!

Beyond huge expert boards, 2048 Masters tracks lifetime stats like highest tile, fastest completion, and current win streak. Compare yourself against friends directly in-app to feed that competitive desire. Claim 2048 bragging rights across increasingly tricky tile manipulations.

9. 4096 Color

4096 Color is similar to vanilla 4096 but pops with its ultra-vibrant candy-colored graphics. Neon-numbered tiles positively glow against deep contrast backdrops of purple, green, and dark blue. It’s a visual treat simply sliding the gorgeously glowing tiles around one-handed.

This energized 4096 remix packs all the usual features you’d expect. Sync progress across mobile devices, compare global leaderboard scores, unlock achievements, and more. With its black background, rainbow tiles resemble sweets in a dark room. Fittingly playful for a friendly pick-up and play sliding puzzle crackable over short game sessions.

4096 Color will burn your retinas almost as much as its high score chase burns your brain! Don’t let the sugary visuals fool you – wicked tile logic hides behind the flashy exterior. Put on shades and get sliding.

10. 7×7

Last and incredibly not least comes 7×7, blowing out 2048’s tiny 4×4 dimensions for maximum slide space. As you might guess tiles cascade across a massive 7 by 7 game board layered with complexity. Operating on an exponentially bigger scale changes the dynamics behind cunning tile manipulation completely.

Whilst learning the ropes you’ll be forgiven for helplessly watching the screen fill to annihilating capacity over and over. But incremental success reveals that same endorphin rush of a strategic win players knows from smaller 2048 formats. Pull off enough clever merges across the vast board and that elusive 8192 tile comes slowly into view.

7×7 will push fans of other original 2048 to their absolute limit. The epic sense of achievement upon ultimately toppling this tile colossus makes it a must-play for slide puzzle devotees. Just be sure your phone has enough storage for all the screengrabs you’ll take showing off your extreme accomplishments!

Keep On Sliding!

And there you have it – 10 brilliant games providing fresh 2048 thrills that will make you forget all about your old go-to. Craving more swipey numerical challenges? The Apple App and Google Play stores overflow with sliding puzzle options to put your strategic thinking to the test. Whichever you choose, safe sliding out there, and be sure to take breaks to rest your eyes from all the exponential explosions!


What is 2048?

2048 is a viral mobile puzzle game released in 2014 that challenges players to slide numbered tiles strategically around a 4×4 grid to combine them up to the 2048 tile. Matches happen when two tiles containing the same number collide while sliding.

How do you win in 2048?

To win 2048, players must shift and combine several tiles on the 116-spacegame board until reaching the target 2048 tile. This is achieved through careful planning, calculating future combinations across turns, and overall tactical tile manipulation. Winning takes patience and strategic thinking.

Is 2048 a free game?

Yes, 2048 is completely free to download and play on iOS and Android mobile devices. The game contains optional ads that produce revenue for the original developers. Disabling ads via in-app purchases allows uninterrupted play.

How do I get better at 2048?

Practice makes perfect when it comes to increasing 2048 mastery. Think multiple moves ahead to spy future tile combinations, don’t overcommit merges irrevocably, learn from past turn mistakes, and stay calm when the board fills dangerously close to losing. Getting better is a game of pattern recognition and turn-by-turn discipline.


In the years since 2048 launched, many great alternative tile sliders have kept their core formula alive with special spins. Tactical tile manipulation never gets old when developers integrate creative themes, graphics, and mechanics into the classic framework. Our top 10 list showcases the crème de la crème offering hours of brain-tickling entertainment. Install a few (or all!) today for daily slide puzzle challenges that use strategic smarts and quick thinking to stimulate your mind. Here’s to many more swipe-powered games where skill, logic, and luck merge perfectly on increasingly epic game boards!

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