How To Solve Corel X7 Cannot Save And Print Export- Best Ways In 2022

Solve Corel X7 Cannot Save

CorelDraw save not working: Corel X7 Cannot Save is a big problem when you use it to create images or designs.

Corel Draw X7 is a photo-editing application that is currently being widely used and complained about. This is because several functions cannot be used, such as save, print, copy, paste, and export.

Corel draw is an application that is widely used today by designers, whether official or not or free.

Some of the problems above also appeared in the previous Corel Draw series such as x4, x5, x6, and x8. Some of these functions or buttons turn grey or cannot be used.

Those of you, users of this application, of course, are very confused and annoyed when you cannot use one or all of them. When doing the editing process, these functions are very important as well.

Therefore, this must be resolved immediately so that you can still complete the drawing process in Corel Draw.

The malfunction of these features can be due to an expired license, error, or using something illegal or free.

If you find that the Corel X7 used has expired, you can extend the license. Meanwhile, if there is an error, it is likely due to the illegal use of Corel Draw.

If you do use an illegal or free application, you can solve it by buying the official Corel Draw application, but the price is quite expensive.

That is also the reason many users of illegal or free applications. However, there are ways to solve the problem of these important functions.

By doing several things quite easily and cheaply, these functions can be used again.

There are several steps or ways you can do to restore important functions in the editing process. No need to spend a lot of money or take a long time.

Using the Help File

Here’s how to solve Corel Draw X7’s unable to save print export using the help file below:

  1. Download the crack file first.
  2. Through the browser application, you can download the PSI Key 2.dll file.
  3. When the download is complete, the internet connection must be turned off first.
  4. Then do extract the .zip file that was downloaded earlier.
  5. Copy and copy the PSI_Key_2.dll file to the C: \ Program Files \ Common Files \ Protexis \ License Service \ folder
  6. After following the steps above, press the Windows logo key + R at the same time, then type service.msc and enter.
  7. That way your Corel Draw license is active as before.

Restore save, print, export, and other functions.

  • In the browser application, find the program with the name Protexis licensing.
  • Make sure the program is in the state or the status is running or started.
  • Functions in Corel Draw such as save, print, export, and others will return to normal functioning.

Rewind the Date on the PC

  • Click the date calendar at the bottom right of your desktop.
  • Go to Settings> Settings> Change data.
  • In this section, please change the date and month backward or backward, for example, if it’s March, please change it to January then save.
  • Please restart your PC, and now try running your Corel Draw.

Tips For Your Corel X7 To Always Function Well

After the important functions in the editing process in Corel Draw are back in normal conditions, you must still pay attention to several things. This is to prevent your Corel x7 function from having problems again, including:

As much as possible use the official Corel Draw application

That way all functions are normal and complete and ready to use. Indeed, the price is arguably quite expensive, but it doesn’t matter as long as you need it and you are working to find the benefits of the application, right?

Don’t use Corel Draw while connected to the internet

If you find that you are using the free version, then never use the application while connected to the internet.

Corel Draw is one of the most widely used drawing applications on computers or laptops today. Apart from being an application that is classified as easy to use and complete in the various functions required. Corel Draw is now growing and improving itself.

Starting from the beginning, Corel Draw was present until now the newest series, namely x8, has always appeared problems when using it. These problems are due to the use of illegal or expired licenses. This is a result of the many free Corel Draw uploads that can be used without having to buy an official one.

You will easily find ways to upload Corel Draw for free on many internet sites, including Corel x7. However, when you wanted to use several functions, such as save, print, etc., you couldn’t. You decide that you will be confused and upset because it can make the image that was created useless.

Fortunately, there is now an easy way to restore these functions without you having to buy the original license. Only with browser applications such as Mozilla Firefox, Opera, or Google Chrome.

In addition, you must be connected to an internet network, in just a few steps all functions will be back to use.

Before using this application to create an image or design, make sure important functions are under normal conditions. So you can complete the design as planned.

By doing the steps above, the design process carried out in the Corel Draw application is no longer delayed. When the save, print, export and other functions don’t work for some reason, you don’t need to panic.

By knowing how to improve or restore save, print, export, and other functions, designing becomes fun. With the Corel x7 application even though it’s not the official one, you can still work. Happy trying it.

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