200+ Best Free Proxy Servers List In 2024

Free Proxy Server List: If you are looking for some free proxy servers, we’ve got you covered. We have compiled a list of proxy servers that describes all about the open HTTP/ SOCKS/ HTTPS proxy servers, their port, and the uptime of servers managed on a single website.

A proxy server list is a list of proxy servers that can be used to anonymize internet traffic and bypass restrictions or censorship. Proxy servers act as intermediaries between a user’s device and the internet, receiving requests from the user and forwarding them to the destination website while masking the user’s IP address.

Proxy server lists allow people to find open proxies that they can use to hide their identity and location. These lists are often compiled and shared on forums or websites to provide free proxy servers to those who want to surf the web anonymously or access blocked content. The lists contain the IP addresses and ports of public proxy servers from around the world. However, proxy server lists have downsides – proxies may log user activity or become overloaded with traffic. Users should be cautious when using public proxies from any list.

Proxy servers allow us to access the internet via indirect network connections. The list of proxy servers is made up of computer IP addresses and some of them host free proxy servers. These servers can be accessed by anyone who is connected through a network.

In this article, we have mentioned some proxy servers that can be used with software applications that support the use of proxies such as web browsers. The main reason behind using the proxy servers is that hiding the geolocation of the user and masking the IP address of the system, allows the user to access the blocked content or website.

Most of the proxy servers we have mentioned below can be accessed without making any changes in browser settings. 

If you are planning to use a proxy server, you should know about the following factors first that will help you to select the right proxy server.

Some Important Factors to Know About the Free Proxy Server:

  • Port: Port is a mandatory part while setting up a proxy server, it is a two or four-digit number that allows the user to connect with the proxy server. 
  • Uptime: Uptime refers to how long a connection is running or how reliable it is, it is expressed as the percentage of time a machine, typically a computer has been working and available. So in short, we can the amount of time, the servers are available for use.
  • Proxy Speed: Proxy speed is more like your internet speed, it affects the pace of the round trip (involves too many components in addition to the proxy) for an Internet data request. Paid proxy servers upgrade the processing speed of their proxy servers. The speed of servers can be measured in seconds or milliseconds.
  • Anonymity: There are three types of anonymity:
    1. Transparent: If your proxy server connection is transparent, it means the target server knows everything about you such as the IP address of the system, geolocation, and also that you are using a proxy server. 
    2. Anonymous: If you are anonymous, it means the target server doesn’t know the IP address of the system that you are using and knows that the user is connected via a proxy server.
    3. Elite: If your anonymity is elite, it means the target server doesn’t know the IP address of your computer and knows that the request is relayed via a proxy server.

List of Proxy Servers

Proxy IP: PortLatencyServer SpeedAnonymityCountry/City ProxyFrance (Paris) ProxyFrance ProxyFrance ProxyIndonesia ProxyIndonesia ProxyMacau Federation ProxyThailand Kong ProxyArgentina ProxyBolivia ProxyFrance (Paris) ProxyFrance (Paris) (Roubaix) ProxyFrance (Paris) (Paris) (Paris) ProxyMalta ProxyNetherlands ProxyPoland ProxySingapore ProxyThailand

We have listed some other HTTP IP Addresses

Proxy IPPortSpeedUptimeAnonymityCountry/City ms6% (81)AnonymousBrazil (So Paulo) ms8% (142)AnonymousIndonesia (Depok) ms7% (98)AnonymousIndonesia (Depok) ms9% (54)AnonymousBrazil (So Paulo) ms9% (54)High-anonymousThailand ms6% (134)AnonymousThailand ms11% (18)AnonymousJapan ms25% (20)AnonymousIran ms11% (130)AnonymousIndonesia (Depok) ms6% (134)AnonymousChina (Beijing)

List of Free Proxy Servers

Proxy IPPortProxy typeLatencyUptimeAnonymityCountry (46)Non-AnonymousThailand (2)Non-AnonymousThailand (223)High-AnonymousUnited States (16)High-AnonymousThailand (36)High-AnonymousGermany (144)High-AnonymousThailand (61)Non-AnonymousGermany (156)High-AnonymousGermany (17)Non-AnonymousJapan (298)High-AnonymousUkraine (80)Non-AnonymousAustria (113)High-AnonymousFrance (23)Non-AnonymousUkraine (75)Non-AnonymousUnited States (72)Non-AnonymousThailand (126)Non-AnonymousUnited States (21)Non-AnonymousBrazil (64)Non-AnonymousSouth Korea (66)High-AnonymousUnited States (21)Non-AnonymousBrazil (50)Non-AnonymousItaly (48)High-AnonymousBrazil (54)High-AnonymousUnited States (2101)High-AnonymousGermany (435)High-AnonymousUnited States (579)High-AnonymousUnited States (47)AnonymousVietnam (61)High-AnonymousUnited States (17)Non-AnonymousHonduras (65)Non-AnonymousUnited States (1066)High-AnonymousUnited Kingdom (1208)High-AnonymousUnited States (15)High-AnonymousGermany (2150)High-AnonymousGermany (1879)High-AnonymousSingapore (956)High-AnonymousIndia (3)High-AnonymousIran (215)High-AnonymousUnited States (165)High-AnonymousBangladesh (7)Non-AnonymousItaly (271)High-AnonymousIndia (444)High-AnonymousUnited States (99)High-AnonymousUnited States (975)High-AnonymousUnited States (2)Non-AnonymousIraq (1123)High-AnonymousGermany (10)High-AnonymousFrance (30)Non-AnonymousThailand (304)High-AnonymousIndia (438)High-AnonymousUnited States

List of Indian Proxy servers

If you are from outside of India or in India and want to use Indian proxy servers, Here are some free Indian proxy servers.

Proxy IPPortSpeedUptimeAnonymityCountry ms4% (92)TransparentIndia ms15% (69)TransparentIndia – Kurnool ms11% (110)TransparentIndia – Surat ms7% (68)TransparentIndia – New Delhi ms3% (128)TransparentIndia – Mumbai ms6% (81)EliteIndia – Vadodara ms8% (142)TransparentIndia ms7% (98)EliteIndia – Patan ms9% (54)TransparentIndia – Delhi ms10% (46)TransparentIndia – Pune ms10% (66)TransparentIndia – Tanuku ms5% (79)TransparentIndia – Delhi ms13% (75)TransparentIndia – Amalapuram ms6% (134)TransparentIndia – Surat ms11% (18)TransparentIndia – Visakhapatnam ms25% (20)TransparentIndia – Hyderabad ms11% (130)TransparentIndia – Hyderabad ms5% (37)TransparentIndia – Bengaluru ms5% (59)EliteIndia – Ahmedabad ms2% (49)EliteIndia ms1% (57)EliteIndia ms15% (45)TransparentIndia – Mumbai ms60% (40)AnonymousIndia ms61% (42)AnonymousIndia ms7% (13)TransparentIndia – Pune ms26% (90)AnonymousIndia – Bengaluru ms12% (157)EliteIndia ms56% (41)AnonymousIndia ms86% (158)TransparentIndia ms8% (80)TransparentIndia – Faridabad ms16% (84)TransparentIndia – New Delhi ms4% (64)TransparentIndia – Visakhapatnam ms6% (45)EliteIndia – Gandhinagar ms2% (49)EliteIndia – Halol ms14% (95)TransparentIndia – Gandhinagar

In summary, proxy server lists provide a useful resource for those looking to anonymize their internet activity. The lists offer numerous open proxies that individuals can use to mask their IP address and bypass restrictions. However, there are risks associated with using public proxy servers, including potential logging of activity or overloaded servers. Users should exercise caution when utilizing proxies sourced from any list, and consider alternatives like VPNs or Tor if stronger anonymity and security are required. Though not perfect, proxy server lists remain a convenient way for many people to access blocked content and enjoy a heightened level of privacy while browsing the web.

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