EPSON L3110 Resetter (100% FREE) Adjustment Program 2024

If your EPSON L3110 printer has stopped printing and the lights on the two red LEDs and the green power button are blinking nonstop. On the other hand, there is an error window that says “Service required,” and the two red LED lights and one green power button light blink together. They also can’t print any new pages. If you’re having this problem, don’t worry because we’ll talk about how to fix the red light that shows up on your computer screen when you try to print. Don’t go to another site, please.

What is Epson L3110?

Epson L3110 is an inkjet printer that can be used at home to print pictures. The gadget has proven itself to be a strong and reliable printing helper. Even so, the device may sometimes tell you that you need to change the waste ink pad number. Along with this word from the driver, two red lights will flash on the front of the product.

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Epson l3110 and l3150 resetter software adjustment program free download

Here is a link to the Epson L3110 and l3150 resetter adjustment tool, which can be used for free for life. Also, the Epson resetter tool you can get here is the original Epson version of this software. We are giving it for free, with no extra fees or charges. So, make good use of it.

Click on the link below for the epson l3110 resetter free download zip
Password: fpdd

If the link to download is broken, please let us know.

Some people look for “Epson L3110 resetter no password.” I would recommend this tool to those people because its password works all the time. It will work the same as if you didn’t have a password epson l3110 resetter software download. If your computer tells you that your password is wrong, you need to update or reinstall your Zip program. If you have any questions about your password, please leave a comment below.

Why Does the Counter for Waste Ink Pads Overflow?

Each Epson inkjet printer can only print a certain number of pages before the waste ink pads need to be changed. Now, what are the pads for used ink? Small sponge pads in Epson inkjet printer cartridges soak up any extra ink after each writing session. This helps keep the ink tanks from getting clogged. So, after a certain number of pages, the waste ink pads fill up with ink and need to be cleaned. “Waste Ink Pad Counter Overflow” is the error message. Now that you know what the problem is, let’s talk about how to fix it.

How to Resetter Epson l3110 Program Adjustment?

After figuring out what’s wrong with your printer, put the Resetter Epson l3110 program files in the folder and follow the steps below.

1. Use the link above to download the Epson L3110 resetter tool.

2. Turn off your security for a while. Click here to learn how to briefly turn off antivirus. If you don’t do this step right, your antivirus software might get rid of the resetter tool. So take your time.

disable your antivirus software

3. The downloaded zip file is extracted using any zipped folder. Use the password fpdd when prompted. Ensure that your zip software is up-to-date; otherwise, it may display an incorrect password message, which could be false.

zip folder

4. Go to the extracted folder

Go to the extracted folder

5. Open the folder of Epson L3110 Adjustment Program

Open the folder of Epson L3110 Adjustment Program

6. Double-click on adjprog.exe.

Double-click on adjprog

7. It will show the following message “copied hardware ID

copied hardware ID

8. Go back to the folder called “Keygen.”


9. Double-click on the WLGen_Epson_L3110 exe file.

WLGen_Epson_L3110 exe file

10. Click on License Manager.

License Manager

11. Click on the Add License button.

Add License button

12. Enter your name in the customer row.

customer row

13. Right-click on the Hardware ID field and choose “Paste.” When you double-clicked on the adjprog.exe file before, the hardware ID was already saved.

Hardware ID field

14. Click to save

Click to save button

15. Click to Create License Key

Click to Create License Key

16. The license key was successfully made. Follow the steps below to use this license key.

use this license key

17. Your license key is saved in a folder with the same name as your user name. This folder was just made when you produced the license. Open the “David” folder.

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license key is saved

18. You’ll get a file “license” that you can just double-click to add to your register.


19. Yes, to confirm update the license in the registry.

confirm update the license into the registry

20. Go back to the main folder and again open the folder “Epson L3110 Adjustment Program

Epson L3110 Adjustment Program

21. Double-click on adjprog.exe.

Double click on adjprog

22. Your Adjprog.exe and enjoy using it.


23. You can see ‘L3110’ in front of ‘Model’. But leave everything else as it is.


24. Click on “Particular adjustment mode“.

Particular adjustment mode

25. Find the ‘Maintenance’ section and select ‘Waste ink pad counter’. Then, click ‘OK’.


26. Click on the ‘Main pad counter’ checkbox and the ‘Platen pad counter’ checkbox. Then, click on ‘Check’.

Main pad counter

27. After a while, a number will show up. We need to get these numbers to be 0. To do this, check the ‘Main pad counter’ and ‘Platen pad counter’ boxes again, and then hit ‘Initialize’.

Platen pad counter

28. You will be asked to confirm the setup process in an information window. Click on “OK.”


29. Please wait a little while. You’ll get a message telling you to turn off your printer. So, turn off your Epson L3110 printer and press ‘OK’.

press OK

30. The information box will now ask you to check the pad counter numbers again. But before you do that, turn your printer back on and click ‘OK’.

click OK

31. Now, follow the steps for “step 4” once more to check the scores of the pad counters. There should be no points. If so, click “Finish.” If not, go back and do the steps again.


32. That’s it. Your printer issue should be fixed.

This is the end of the process of changing the waste ink pad on the Epson L3110 printer. If you’ve done all of the steps above correctly, your Epson L3110 printer should start printing regularly.


Is it possible to download a free EPSON L3110 Resetter?

Yes, you can download it from the link in this piece. Many websites say they offer free EPSON L3110 Resetter downloads.

Why does the counter for the waste ink pad go wrong?

When you clean the print head sometimes when you print, a little bit of extra ink will fall onto the ink pad. So that ink doesn’t leak out of the pad, the printer stops writing when a certain amount of ink has been absorbed by the pad. It also gives an error message. The rate at which the absorbent pad gets full depends on how many pages were printed, what was printed, and how many times the printer cleaned itself.

What should I do if the waste ink pad number is wrong?

Most users in this situation think they need to call an Epson service center to fix the error, but we can promise you that most of the time, you can fix this error on your own with the Epson L3110 Adjustment Program utility. On this page, you can get the Epson L3110 Resetter for free and read how to use it to restart the waste ink counter.


Users who have an Epson L3110 printer need to have the Epson L3110 resetter program. That’s because this tool can be used to fix more than just the waste ink pad counter overflow problem with this printer. Since this Epson L3110 adjustment tool is free and provides how to fix this error step by step, there is no reason not to put it on your computer if you have an Epson L3110 printer.

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