How To Reset Epson l1300 Printer Blinking Error & Resetter Epson L1300 in 2024

Reset Epson l1300: Problems with Epson printers are not far from errors that make the printer have to be reset. The Epson L1300 printer is no exception, it is a printer with quality printing functions from Epson.

Printer errors that often occur are the printer has a blink on the paper indicator light and the ink blinks alternately. For that, we need a resetter that can solve this problem.

Why does blink happen? Because the L1300 printer and other Epson printers have exceeded the maximum printing limit. For that, so that the printer can be used again, it must be reset using the Epson L1300 adjustment software.

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Epson l1300 Resetter/Epson l1300 blinking ink and paper light

Like most resetter programs, the Epson L1300 Adjustment Program is also a printer reset program. You can easily use this L1300 resetter on your computer or laptop without any hassle.

You can download this Epson L1300 resetter program for free and easily. For how to use it, please read this article to the end. The following is the download link, please click it, and then it will be taken to the Mediafire website display.

Click Download on the green button on the right. Wait a few moments for the download to complete and it will automatically be saved on your laptop / PC.

Epson l1300 resetter free download (Mediafire)

How to Reset Epson L1300

After you have successfully downloaded the resetter application above, here is a step-by-step guide to reset the Epson L1300 printer.

First, extract the downloaded software using Winrar. Then temporarily turn off the antivirus on your laptop / PC. The purpose of temporarily turning off the antivirus is so as not to detect this resetter program as a virus.

Then double-click on AdjProg_L1300.exe and wait a few moments for the program to open, it looks like this. Please click on the Particular adjustment mode.

Particular adjustment mode

After that, wait for a few windows as below. To reset the Epson L1300 printer, please press on the Waste Ink pad counter, then click OK.

Waste ink pad counter

Look at the image below carefully, please check the Main pad Counter, then click the Check button (Check the current counter value).

Main pad Counter

Then check the Main pad counter again, and click on the Initialize button (Initialize the selected counters). A command will appear to turn off the printer power button (the printer power button is pressed).

Finally, click Finish, and let the printer in a state of death for a few moments. Then turn it back on, then you have successfully reset the Epson L1300 printer and the printer can be used to print documents or photos.

After the printer is on, please reactivate your antivirus and the problem will be resolved. Please do the printing to check whether it can be used or not. If the print results are abnormal, you can do the cleaning, the method is the same as the Epson Printer Cleaning Way in general.

The resetter application that we provide can be used in all versions of Windows, both Windows XP, and Win 7 to Win 10. So you don’t need to worry about using it.


The Epson L1300 printer is not much different from other L Series series such as the L360, L220, or L800. So when there is a blinking error on the paper and ink indicator lights, it can be assumed that the printer asks to be reset.

NB: If you have followed the method above but it doesn’t work, then please repeat it carefully. Pay attention to the step-by-step that we provide. Admin is used to resetting the Epson L series printers and it is 95% successful.

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