Corpse Husband – Name, Age & Net Worth 2024

Corpse Husband is one of the most popular yet mysterious YouTubers and streamers out there. With his deep, distinguishable voice, horror narrations, and Among Us streams, Corpse has amassed millions of subscribers and fans who are constantly curious about the face behind the mask. In this article, we will explore everything we know so far about the elusive Corpse Husband – from face reveals and real name to age, net worth, and more.

Who is Corpse Husband?

Corpse Husband is an anonymous American YouTuber and musician who rapidly rose to fame in 2020 for his horror narration videos and Among Us streams. He is known for his unusually deep voice, which he claims is natural and not artificially edited. Corpse keeps his identity private for personal reasons, using an animated avatar of a head wearing a medical mask instead of showing his real face.

Despite keeping his looks hidden, Corpse has built a massive online following. His three YouTube channels have over 6.6 million subscribers combined. His horror narration videos, where he reads creepy stories in his signature deep voice, are extremely popular. Corpse also gained mainstream recognition in 2020 when he started playing Among Us with other popular streamers like Valkyrae, Pokimane, and Pewdiepie.

Beyond YouTube, Corpse Husband has also made a name for himself in the music world. His songs like “E-GIRLS ARE RUINING MY LIFE!” and “AGORAPHOBIC” blew up on TikTok and streaming platforms, garnering him millions of new fans. In many ways, the mystery surrounding Corpse’s identity has added to his enigma and popularity online.

Corpse Husband Face Reveals

Despite constant curiosity and speculation around Corpse Husband’s real face, the YouTuber has been very careful about protecting his identity. He has never done a proper face reveal to fans. The only glimpses of Corpse’s alleged true face come from a few leaked photos online, but none are verified.

In early 2021, some photos claiming to show Corpse’s face circulated on social media. The low-quality photos showed a young man with curly brown hair wearing an oxygen mask. However, Corpse dismissed the photos as fake. He tweeted “People thought that blurry pic was me???” confirming that the leaked photos were not him.

There was also speculation that Corpse’s face was accidentally revealed in the reflection of his computer screen during a livestream. A blurry image showing what appeared to be a man with brown hair in the reflection began trending online. However, fans analyzed the footage and concluded that the reflection did not match Corpse Husband’s room setup.

In October 2022, new alleged photos of Corpse leaked on Twitter, showing a blond man vaping. But again, these photos were blurred and unverifiable. Corpse himself has not addressed this latest leak. For now, the YouTuber’s face remains a complete mystery to the public. He continues to use his signature mask avatar in videos and public communications.

While some fans hope for a reveal someday, others respect Corpse’s choice to stay anonymous for personal reasons. Unless Corpse himself decides to do an official unmasking, the face behind the deep voice will continue to be one of YouTube’s biggest mysteries.

Corpse Husband’s Real Name

Along with his face, Corpse Husband’s true name also remains unknown. The internet personality has not done a proper name reveal either. Corpse Husband is a pseudonym, but his real name has not been publicly verified.

There has been extensive speculation about what Corpse’s legal name could be. Some believe his first name may be “Brennen” based on an old Facebook account attributed to Corpse. However, he has not confirmed if this is accurate.

Others have theorized his last name may be “Hazard” due to one of Corpse’s email addresses allegedly being [email protected]. But again, this has not been proven. Corpse also uses the name “David” sometimes, but this is almost certainly a pseudonym too.

In a November 2020 livestream, someone asked Corpse what his fanbase should be called if not “Corpse Husband.” He jokingly suggested “Brennen’s cult,” possibly hinting that Brennen is his real first name. However, Corpse did not explicitly confirm this.

Overall, Corpse Husband has done an excellent job of keeping his identity fully anonymous. Until he chooses to reveal it, which may never happen, Corpse’s face and name remain two of the biggest secrets on the internet today.

How Old is Corpse Husband?

Unlike his appearance and name, Corpse Husband has mentioned his age publicly a few times. Based on his statements, as well as some internet sleuthing by fans, Corpse is believed to be around 25 years old as of late 2022.

In an October 2020 interview with Anthony Padilla, Corpse stated that he was born in 1996, placing his age at 24 at the time. Corpse also once said during a livestream that he was 23 years old when asked by a fan. Going by these two statements, Corpse Husband’s year of birth is assumed to be 1996 or 1997, making him somewhere between 25-26 currently.

Corpse has also indicated that he graduated high school in 2015, which would align with him being in his early to mid-twenties today. While his precise date of birth remains private, Corpse has narrowed down his age enough to satisfy some fan curiosity. He appears to be within the 25-27 age bracket as of late 2022 based on available information.

Despite his deep, commanding voice, Corpse comes across as youthful and energetic in videos. His horror narrations and Among Us streams often involve plenty of shrieking, laughter, and excitement. So his reported age does seem to match up with his personality and content style, even if his voice sounds older.

What is Corpse Husband’s Net Worth?

Corpse Husband has accumulated significant wealth from his wildly successful YouTube channels and music. His net worth is estimated to be around $2 million as of late 2022. However, given his rapidly rising fame, this number is likely outdated and lower than his actual current net worth.

Corpse earns income from several streams including:

  • YouTube revenue– Corpse has three monetized YouTube channels with 6.6+ million subscribers combined. His main channel alone brings in an estimated $28,000 per month or $336,000 per year before taxes.
  • Music streaming– Songs like “E-GIRLS ARE RUINING MY LIFE!” have been huge hits with over 200 million streams. Streaming revenue can be very lucrative.
  • Merch sales– Corpse sells merchandise including clothing and masks on his website Merch provides another income source.
  • Spotify deal– In 2021, Corpse signed an exclusive streaming deal with Spotify worth a reported $1 million.
  • Brand deals– As an influencer, Corpse can earn big paydays promoting brands on social media and YouTube.

Considering his massive reach and popularity, Corpse Husband’s net worth will likely continue to rise quickly in the coming years. While already wealthy from his internet fame, the masked sensation may just be getting started monetarily.

Corpse Husband Highlights and Accomplishments

Despite the anonymity, Corpse Husband has achieved immense success and popularity as an online content creator. Some of his major accomplishments include:

  • Over 6.6 million YouTube subscribers across three channels
  • Two songs with over 100 million Spotify streams – “E-GIRLS ARE RUINING MY LIFE!” and “AGORAPHOBIC”
  • Featured in YouTube’s top breakout creators of 2020 list after gaining over 4 million subscribers in one year
  • Won Content Creator of the Year at the 2021 Streamy Awards
  • Among Us streams with huge gamers like Pewdiepie, Dream, and Valkyrae
  • Made Billboard’s Top 100 Artists chart in 2020
  • Has sold over $1 million worth of merchandise since starting Corpse Husband Merch store
  • Signed a major streaming deal with Spotify worth a reported $1 million

Despite no face or name, Corpse Husband is undeniably among the top breakout online creators and musicians over the past few years. His deep, resonant voice has resonated with millions worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions about Corpse Husband

Corpse Husband’s megafame and carefully protected anonymity have given rise to many questions from fans. Here are some frequently asked questions about the faceless horror narrator turned Among Us streamer.

Why doesn’t Corpse Husband show his face?

Corpse has cited both personal comfort and health reasons for staying anonymous online. He suffers from several chronic illnesses including fibromyalgia, which he claims makes him camera shy. Corpse also values privacy and being able to have a normal life offline. He has suggested a face reveal could happen one day, but only if he feels fully ready.

What illnesses does Corpse Husband have?

Corpse says he has fibromyalgia, chronic headaches, and GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease). He also had surgery for thoracic outlet syndrome. These conditions cause him chronic pain and fatigue. Corpse’s deep voice is reportedly partly due to GERD damaging his vocal cords.

What happened between Corpse and his ex-girlfriend Catrific?

Catrific is a YouTuber Corpse dated long distance for about 9 months in 2018/2019 before they broke up. Their messy split went viral after Catrific accused Corpse of manipulation, betrayal, and releasing private calls. Corpse denied wrongdoing and said the relationship ended simply due to growing apart.

Is Corpse Husband dating Rachell “Valkyrae” Hofstetter?

Corpse and Valkyrae have maintained they are just close friends. While their chemistry led to dating speculation, both have denied any romance. Valkyrae says she sees Corpse as a “little brother.” Still, their fans ship them as “CorpseRae.”

What breed of dog does Corpse Husband have?

Corpse’s beloved dog is a female German shepherd named Little Foot or Baby Foot. He has posted photos of Little Foot on social media but is careful not to show his face. Corpse calls his dog his best friend and “one of the only reasons he’s alive right now.”


Corpse Husband remains one of the most mysteriously successful content creators on YouTube and beyond. His deep, soothing voice has earned him millions of devoted fans who are dying to know the name and face behind the mask. However, Corpse has carefully maintained his anonymity for now, keeping his true identity as one of the internet’s most intriguing enigmas.

Despite no face reveals, Corpse has proven you don’t need to show yourself to build a massive entertainment empire. Corpse’s horror narrations, Among Us streams, music, and merch continue taking the online world by storm. While his face stays hidden, his legend and fandom only grow stronger. Corpse Husband remains a fascinating example of just how far anonymity and talent can take you on the internet today.

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