10 Best Screen Mirroring Apps For Android To Tv Without Wifi 2024

Screen mirroring your Android device to your TV can be a great way to view content from your phone or tablet on a bigger screen. However, many screen mirroring options rely on WiFi connectivity to work properly. Luckily, some excellent apps are available that allow you to screen mirror from Android to TV without needing WiFi.

These screen mirroring Android apps use advanced compression technologies to completely transmit video and audio from your Android device to compatible smart TVs over local network connections. This removes the need for internet connectivity for smooth streaming.

Let’s look at the top 10 screen mirroring apps to use in 2024 that don’t require WiFi:

1. Miracast


Miracast is one of the most popular screen mirroring apps because it is easy to set up. It creates direct communication channels between your Android device and TV to mirror screens, presentations, videos, games, and more in real-time without lag. Miracast works for both Android and Windows devices.

2. LetsView

LetsView app

LetsView allows you to mirror Android screens to smart TVs over WiFi, hotspots, cellular data, or local network connections. It provides low latency for smooth HD streaming with support for media codecs like DLNA, AirPlay, and Chromecast built-in. The app also allows remote control of your Android from the TV.

3. ApowerMirror


This mirroring app provides customizable mirroring options to cast your Android screen to TV in optimized or extreme quality based on your needs. Key features include zero-lag screen mirroring, screen recording, and screenshot capture.

4. R2 Wireless Screen Mirroring

R2 Wireless Screen Mirroring

R2 Wireless Screen Mirroring delivers quick screen mirroring connection over hotspots or wireless networks created on your device itself. This removes the need for external networks. The app is compatible with thousands of different TV models.

5. Splish

Splish lets you mirror Android on TV with remarkably low latency screen sharing. Core features include easy connect setup, touchscreen mobile control, optimized video resolution adjustment, and lag-free mirroring without WiFi.

6. Cast to TV

Cast to TV

Cast to TV provides fluid screen casting over Chromecast-connected TVs without using the same WiFi network or internet. You can broadcast media content, games, sites, presentations, and more to the big screen seamlessly.

7. AirScreen


AirScreen is designed to provide super-responsive, fast screen mirroring with less than 0.3 seconds of delay. The app auto-discovers compatible TVs on the same network to cast your Android screen without the WiFi connectivity needed.

8. LocalCast


LocalCast offers easy Chromecast-style flinging of video content from Android to compatible devices over hotspots, routers, or phone-created wireless networks instead of WiFi. This makes it a versatile mirroring app.

9. CastMe


CastMe lets you broadcast photos, videos, games, and apps from your Android to various devices like smart TVs, streaming media players, projectors, and more with steady streaming speed over the same local network. No WiFi is required.

10. Videomove

Videomove provides instant big-screen streaming by having your Android device and TV connect directly using the same network. Optimized custom protocols allow seamless content mirroring without lag over hotspots.


Q1. Do these apps work without WiFi or the Internet?

Yes, these screen mirroring apps are designed to work without WiFi or internet connectivity. They establish a direct connection between your Android device and TV over the same local wireless network.

Q2. Can I mirror content without installing apps on my TV?

Most mirroring apps do not require you to install anything on your TV. Your Android device streams content directly to compatible TV models over the local network through wireless communication standards.

Q3. Is there any loss in quality with these apps?

Picture and video quality are usually maintained perfectly with very little perceptible loss in resolution or lag while using these apps owing to compression algorithms that transmit media rapidly.


mirroring your Android to your big-screen TV for enjoyment and productivity is easy even without WiFi access in 2024 thanks to these cutting-edge mirroring apps that leverage local wireless channels for casting capabilities. With their robust connectivity technology and smooth streaming protocols, your media content can be shared seamlessly over the same network.

Disclaimer: All app names and trademarks belong to their respective owners and this article is not affiliated with any brand, product, or service. The information provided is for general informational and educational purposes only.

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