20 Best MotoGP Racing Games: Motogp Game For Android 2022

Best Android Moto GP Game For Android

Best MotoGP game: Playing games at this time has indeed become a separate entertainment for the millennial community today. It’s not uncommon for players of the Android MotoGP racing game on their smartphones to be filled with lots of your favorite games.

So that it can be an interesting entertainment when saturated so that many make games as entertainment which is quite exciting. Even children today prefer games on their smartphones to play outside.

Unlike in the old days, not many young children owned smartphones. Children in the past when wanted to find entertainment. Many who leave the house and play together outside do not rely on Android smartphones like most children today. Especially for boys who prefer to play MotoGP mobile games.

For those of you men, you like games like MotoGP Android racing and other car racing games. You can feel the excitement when playing this game, especially now that many motorbike racing games use 3D graphic designs. So you can feel racing like in the real world.

There are many choices on the Play Store that you can choose according to your own favorite Android MotoGP racing game and can be downloaded for free. This gameplay can also be played offline or online so that it can be tailored to your needs.

List of Offline And Online Best MotoGP Android Racing Games

For those of you who like the Android MotoGP racing game. So this article will discuss the list of Android GP motorbike racing games. Both offline and online that you can play on your smartphone. The following is a list of Android MotoGP games that can be one of your choices.

Offline MotoGP Android Racing Games

1. Real Bike Racing

Real Bike Racing

This MotoGP android game has a realistic 3D graphic display so it is similar to the original MotoGP race. In this game, there is also a VR Mode that you can enjoy using the help of Google Cardboard tools and the like.

2. SBK 16 Official Mobile Game

SBK16 Official Mobile Game
SBK16 Official Mobile Game

You need to know that this racing game is arguably the best MotoGP game. For now, this is supported by the rating given to this game which is around 4.2 on the Play Store.

3. MotoGP Racing 20

MotoGP Racing '20
MotoGP Racing ’20

In this MotoGP game, it looks no less like a real race. Of course, we can race with other players on one circuit. as a result, the gameplay is very good indeed.

4. Fast Rider MotoGP Racing

This one game comes with a 3D graphic design, of course, you will feel like racing on a real circuit with a quality display. The Fast Rider MotoGP Racing game has 2 racing modes.
This game consists of 8 racetracks, in each race 3 of the world’s fastest racers will be selected to get to the podium. The best racer is the racer who reaches the finish first during the race.

5. Real Moto Bike Rider 3D

This one game will provide a unique motorbike driving experience in each vehicle that has a different power for each motorbike. In this game, 3 cameras can be seen from behind.

6. Real Moto

Real Moto
Real Moto

This Real Moto game offers a variety of different points of view when you drive a motorbike. Then you can adjust it to your liking, there are 11 types of good motorbikes in this game with real speed and motor sound.

7. Moto GP

In this one game, you can make races on a straight track and also a turning track. You can drive the vehicle as fast as possible to get the best position.

Online MotoGP Race Game for Android

1. SBK 16 Official Mobile Game

This one game has good controls so that during the race you can drive the vehicle at full speed. This game provides more than 10 types of game controls that you can choose from.

3. Ultimate Moto RR 2

Ultimate Moto RR 2
Ultimate Moto RR 2

This one game is the first in the series of games that we discussed earlier. In this game, you can choose the difficulty level of your opponent according to your wishes, from beginners, experts, and also pilots.

4. Ultimate Moto RR 4

The Ultimate Moto RR 4 game has 7 different game modes that you can customize to your liking, starting from Covered, Career, Duel, Gymkhana, and also Time Attack.

5. Thrilling MotoGP Racing 3D

Thrilling Motogp Racing 3D
Thrilling Moto GP Racing 3D

This game is one of the lightest games because this game can run well on low-end smartphones and this game size is not more than 25 MB.

6. Real Moto GP Racing World Racing 2018

This one game is a racing game that has a realistic 3D graphic design. When playing this game you must use high concentration during the race.

7. Extreme MotoGP Races

This MotoGP racing game is suitable for those of you who like challenges. Because in this game you don’t race on a special MotoGP track, the track in this game is a public road which is the main track in this game.

8. Speed ​​Moto Bike Racing Pro Game 3D

Speed Moto Bike Racing Pro Game 3D

This game provides more than 6 choices of superbike motorbikes that are equipped with nitro. The controls in this game are also smoother and easier to use.

9. MotoGP Racing Top Moto Rider Challenge 3D

This game is the best MotoGP game for android and can be a choice for those of you who want to feel the sensation of racing like in the real world. Presented 3D graphics with good detail.

10. Mini Bikers

This Mini Bikers game provides online multiplayer features. So with this feature, you can compete with other players around the world in real-time.

The list above is the best MotoGP game that you can download on the Play Store and other platforms. Hopefully, this information can help you find the MotoGP game that you want. Thanks.

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