30+ Best MotoGP Racing Games For Android Online & Offline 2023

Motogp Game For Android: Are you looking for a Motogp game for Android? Here is a complete list of games where bikes are the main characters. These games cover a wide range of topics, such as high-speed races, dangerous stunts, jumps that defy gravity, and tough tests. Use these games to show off all of your skills.

Motorcycle race games are a unique and exciting way to feel what it’s like to move fast on two wheels. The games are a fun way to find out how good you are at riding horses. There are many different kinds of motorbike racing games for people who like street racing, motocross, or just want something fun to do. This article gives a full list of the 30+ best Motogp racing games for Android.

Best MotoGP game: Playing games at this time has indeed become a separate entertainment for the millennial community today. It’s not uncommon for players of the Android MotoGP racing game on their smartphones to be filled with lots of their favorite games.

So that it can be an interesting entertainment when saturated so many make games as entertainment which is quite exciting. Even children today prefer games on their smartphones to play outside.

Unlike in the old days, not many young children owned smartphones. Children in the past when wanted to find entertainment. Many who leave the house and play together outside do not rely on Android smartphones like most children today. Especially for boys who prefer to play MotoGP mobile games.

For those of you men, you like games like MotoGP Android racing, and other car racing games. You can feel the excitement when playing this game, especially now that many motorbike racing games use 3D graphic designs. So you can feel racing like in the real world.

There are many choices on the Play Store that you can choose according to your own favorite Android MotoGP racing game and can be downloaded for free. This gameplay can also be played offline or online so that it can be tailored to your needs.

List of Offline And Online Best MotoGP Android Racing Games

For those of you who like the Android MotoGP racing game. So this article will discuss the list of Android GP motorbike racing games. Both offline and online that you can play on your smartphone. The following is a list of Android MotoGP games that can be one of your choices.

Racing games are some of the most popular games on Android, so users have a lot of choices when it comes to picking one.

  1. MotoGP Racing ’22
  2. MotoGPTM
  3. Real MOTO 2
  4. Racing Fever: Moto
  5. Real MOTO
  6. MotoGP™ Circuit
  7. SBK16 Official Mobile Game
  8. Turbo Bike Slame Race
  9. Real Bike Racing
  10. Thrilling MotoGP Racing 3D
  11. Xtreme Motorbikes
  12. Traffic Rider
  13. Bike Racing 3D
  14. Clan Race: PVP Motocross races
  15. Gravity Rider Zero
  16. Death Moto 4
  17. Trial Xtreme 4
  18. Mad Skills Motocross 2
  19. MiniBikers
  20. Top Bike: Racing & Moto

These games offer a variety of racing experiences, from realistic MotoGP simulations to high-speed street races and challenging obstacle courses. Choose your favorite game and enjoy the thrill of motorbike racing on your Android device!

1. MotoGP Racing 22

MotoGP Racing 22

The 2022 Season Edition of the MotoGP title is planned to be the next one. This racing game for motorcycles is all about time, which keeps you on track and focused on winning. The time of the brakes and the throttle is very important.

Prepare to dive into the exciting world of MotoGP racing. You can take part in the Fan World Championship by picking your favorite horse and racing with them to get on the podium. You could also customize your bike and have a friendly race with your friends to see who can get the highest score.

2. MotoGPTM


Get the latest Official MotoGPTM App from anywhere and use it to enjoy the best, most complete sports tool for keeping track of the World Championship.

You can use your smartphone or computer to get live and on-demand access to all of these features from anywhere in the world.

You can watch more than 45,000 videos from 1992 to the present, including full GP races, interviews, summaries, reports, and other material that will help you enjoy your favorite sport more. Choose the style you like best and follow up with four of the six feeds that are currently available.

3. Real MOTO 2

Real MOTO 2

Experience the latest physics engine through our original design, which works for a wide range of vehicles, from scooters to super sports bikes. Enjoy a variety of ways to handle and control the game. Riders all over the world want to win the global race.

You can race against players from all over the world in GP Modes that are based on the Real MOTO 2 Championship. With handheld devices, you can enjoy a level of reality that is unmatched. Unleash your natural racing skills and push the limits of speed.

Real Moto 2 gives you a riding experience that is beyond your wildest dreams. The product has settings that make it feel like it’s snowing, raining, day, or night. Also, adding bright colors to bikes and making them look unique is looked into.

4. Racing Fever: Moto

Racing Fever Moto

Racing Fever: The Moto game gives players the chance to race at high speeds and requires them to complete missions to avoid being caught by the cops. There are a lot of detailed pictures in the game. There are a total of 16 different types of bikes, and each one has its unique features.

During competitions, there are four different camera views, each placed in a different way to make the race seem more real. If the bike you are given doesn’t meet your needs, you can make your bike fit your tastes.

Racing Fever: Moto gives players four different ways to control the game to suit their tastes and make it easier to play.

5. Real MOTO

Real Moto

Feel the thrill of real motorbike racing, and let the speed wake up your senses. Riding top-of-the-line Super Motorbikes is a great way to feel the rush of the race.

Depending on the tracks, the Campaign mode can be easy, medium, or hard. Use your skills to set new world records!

Set your personal best record to become the World Champion. With easy-to-use settings, the user can enjoy a thrilling racing experience.

6. MotoGP™ Circuit

MotoGP™ Circuit

The MotoGP™ Circuit App, an official application, offers a wide array of features to assist you in keeping up with your preferred sport while at the circuit. The MotoGP™ World Championship offers Live Timing for every practice, qualifying session, and race. Complete access to all accessible information is possible through your smartphone or tablet device.

In addition, users have access to up-to-date news and complete schedules for each Grand Prix event. This product is offered in both English and the official language of each Grand Prix.

7. SBK16 Official Mobile Game

SBK16 Official Mobile Game

The SBK Official Mobile Game is back and is now free to play. This makes you a new competitor in the 2016 Motul FIM Superbike World Championship.

The game is fun and does a good job of simulating the complexities of the sport. Pocket Gamer says that this sports game stands out among a lot of other games that aren’t very good or interesting.

Enjoy the thrill of driving a 200-horsepower motorbike through some of the world’s most difficult race tracks. You can choose from well-known names like Aprilia, Kawasaki, Honda, Ducati, MV Agusta, BMW, or Yamaha and go on an adventure you’ll never forget.

8. Turbo Bike Slame Race

Turbo Bike Slame Race

The race game Turbo Bike Slame Race is not for people who are easily scared. The extreme overdrive and drift parts of this game are meant to push you to your limits. This gaming platform has a wide range of car and bike games, as well as MotoGP racing games for Android. The players’ jobs are to simulate drifts on roads and race their bikes at high speeds. The end goal is to ride the coolest motorcycles and win races against supercars.

Real drag racing is one of these games. It lets players feel the thrill of going 400 km/h. Also, players have to figure out the best way to drift, and they may even have the chance to race against the train. Please remember that this game is free to play, and all it takes to become a star in the world of mobile racing is time and effort.

9. Real Bike Racing

Real Bike Racing

Real Bike Racing is a must-have game for anyone who likes to play Motogp racing games for Android.

Start the engine by pressing the starter button, step on the gas pedal, and feel the thrill of controlling a 200-horsepower machine. To win the world championship, you need to compete hard with the best riders.

The game has a lot of different features, such as the ability to take control of more than 10 different types of amazing superbikes. The car has mirrors that work so you can see what’s behind you.

10. Thrilling MotoGP Racing 3D

Thrilling MotoGP Racing 3D

Thrilling MotoGP Racing 3D is a thrilling game for people who love speed. Now is the right time to choose your favorite way to get around and start an exciting trip along the highway.

Take part in tonight’s bicycle race and feel the thrill of racing on the asphalt track. Compared to other drivers, you should get the most mileage out of your scooter. Feel the thrill of riding your favorite bike at high speeds in a GP race.

This game about racing motorcycles claims to keep you interested and entertained the whole time. Using motorbikes can help speed up time, which makes it possible to run races more than once. You can choose how hard you want your motorbike racing simulator to be.

11. Xtreme Motorbikes

Xtreme Motorbikes

Xtreme Motorbikes is different from other race games because it lets you ride your bike without any limits. The background of the game is a city, which is interesting.

The game’s simple design and easy-to-understand controls make it easy to do a variety of moves, which is something we like. Also, the game’s physics and mechanics are very realistic, which makes it fun for people who like motorbikes.

12. Traffic Rider

Traffic Rider

In the Traffic Rider game, players can choose from 26 different motorcycles to use in completing the game’s 70 tasks. Unmitigated, a game made by Soner Kara, has been downloaded more than 100 million times.

Traffic Rider is a great way to play if you want to play Motogp game for Android and feel what it’s like to drive fast over long distances. The goal of this game is to drive the car quickly down the highway. The number of points you can get is directly related to how fast your car goes.

13. Bike Racing 3D

Bike Racing 3D

Bike Racing 3D is a game about racing on a motorbike. It has detailed 3D graphics. The game has five different types of motocross that players can use to get through the 60 levels. In career mode, you have to get through all of the possible tracks.

Each track has its own set of difficult hurdles that must be overcome to get to the finish line. To finish the course, you have to get past these hurdles without any trouble.

This game, which has been downloaded more than 50 million times, can make people addicted to it.

14. Clan Race: PVP Motocross races

Clan Race: PVP Motocross races

From our point of view, this game has a unique quality that makes it stand out, but not because of how it works. The way this game is played is very similar to the Motogp game for Android, where the goal is to win a race while doing tricks and jumps.

This game has very few problems that stand out. Some players have said that bugs with the settings have happened. Even so, the developers finally fixed all of the problems listed above in a logical order.

15. Gravity Rider Zero

Gravity Rider Zero

Gravity Rider Zero is a racing game for motorcycles that is like Trial Xtreme in some ways. But it stands out with a setting that is set in the future and goes toward the science fiction genre. The fact that this game has been downloaded more than 5 million times from the Playstore shows how popular it is.

Gravity Rider Zero is different from other games like it because it puts race ahead of navigating obstacles. Because of this, the speed of the game picks up a lot.

16. Death Moto 4

Death Moto 4

The latest game in the “Death Moto” series is “Death Moto 4”, which is a straight sequel to “Death Moto 3.” This new part has better graphics and a more intense fighting experience, with a focus on making things more violent. Ride your motorcycle through a lot of dangerous obstacles to reach the end goal.

No matter what path you take, you will always run into bad people. You can earn and improve a total of 10 different motorcycles in the game. Each motorbike can be upgraded in several ways, such as with nitrogen, machine guns, and rocket launchers, among others. Don’t give criminals any chance to kill someone.

17. Trial Xtreme 4

Trial Xtreme 4

In Trial Xtreme 4, you use motocross to try to get the highest speed on a road full of different obstacles.

Trial Xtreme 4 stands out mostly because it has a lot of challenging tracks with a very high level of challenge.

Even a small bump from something on the track could cause the train to fall. If you like how exciting Trial Xtreme 4 is, you can get it by getting it from this site.

18. Mad Skills Motocross 2

Mad Skills Motocross 2

Turborilla has made a motocross race game with a track that is very difficult to master. In this game, getting to the finish line is a unique thrill because you have to get through a hard and intense race.

The Player vs. Player feature in Mad Skills Motocross 2 is a clear advantage that makes the game more fun and interesting. With this function, Mad Skills Motocross 2 fans from all over the world can play the game together in real-time.

19. MiniBikers


MiniBikers is an exciting Android game that claims to give its players an experience that can’t be found anywhere else. Millions of people around the world are watching the new cartoon show, which now includes you as a cast member. To become a world winner, you need to come up with original stories or change the rules of racing.

You can play three different game types, such as Tournament Mode, which tests your riding skills with challenges. By using the seasonal mode, users can take part in the entire 2015 Minibikers tournament and win the prestigious title of World Champion.

20. Top Bike: Racing & Moto

Top Bike: Racing & Moto

Top Bike: Racing & Moto is a mobile game that lets users get a real feel for racing. Users can enjoy the thrill of high-speed motorbike racing thanks to the game’s great graphics and easy-to-use controls.

The drag bike race game has been tweaked to work well on as many devices as possible. In addition, the material was translated into 17 different languages spoken in different parts of the world. With the way things are now, you are free to walk around the streets without any problems.

Offline MotoGP Android Racing Games

21. Fast Rider MotoGP Racing

Fast Rider MotoGP Racing

This one game comes with a 3D graphic design, of course, you will feel like racing on a real circuit with a quality display. The Fast Rider MotoGP Racing game has 2 racing modes.
This game consists of 8 racetracks, in each race 3 of the world’s fastest racers will be selected to get to the podium. The best racer is the racer who reaches the finish first during the race.

22. Real Moto Bike Rider 3D

Real Moto Bike Rider 3D

This one game will provide a unique motorbike driving experience in each vehicle that has a different power for each motorbike. In this game, 3 cameras can be seen from behind.

23. Real Moto


This Real Moto game offers a variety of different points of view when you drive a motorbike. Then you can adjust it to your liking, there are 11 types of good motorbikes in this game with real speed and motor sound.

24. Moto GP

Moto GP

In this one game, you can make races on a straight track and also a turning track. You can drive the vehicle as fast as possible to get the best position.

Online MotoGP Race Game for Android

25. Ultimate Moto RR 2

Ultimate Moto RR 2

This one game is the first in the series of games that we discussed earlier. In this game, you can choose the difficulty level of your opponent according to your wishes, from beginners, experts, and also pilots.

26. Ultimate Moto RR 4

Ultimate Moto RR 4

This game is one of the lightest games because this game can run well on low-end smartphones and this game size is not more than 25 MB.

27. Real Moto GP Racing World Racing

Real Moto GP Racing World Racing

This one game is a racing game that has a realistic 3D graphic design. When playing this game you must use high concentration during the race.

28. Extreme MotoGP Races

Extreme MotoGP Races

This MotoGP racing game is suitable for those of you who like challenges. Because in this game you don’t race on a special MotoGP track, the track in this game is a public road which is the main track in this game.

29. Speed ​​Moto Bike Racing Pro Game 3D

Speed ​​Moto Bike Racing Pro Game 3D

This game provides more than 6 choices of superbike motorbikes that are equipped with nitro. The controls in this game are also smoother and easier to use.

30. MotoGP Racing Top Moto Rider Challenge 3D

MotoGP Racing Top Moto Rider Challenge 3D

This game is the best MotoGP game for Android and can be a choice for those of you who want to feel the sensation of racing in the real world. Presented 3D graphics with good detail.

31. Mini Bikers


This Mini Bikers game provides online multiplayer features. So with this feature, you can compete with other players around the world in real time.

The list above is the best MotoGP game that you can download on the Play Store and other platforms. Hopefully, this information can help you find the MotoGP game that you want. Thanks.


In conclusion, the list above shows the 30 best MotoGP racing games for Android. These games give fans of motorbike racing a wide range of racing experiences. There is a game for everyone, whether they like realistic models, fast-paced street races, or hard obstacle courses. These games give you a chance to show off your skills, whether it’s by doing risky stunts or passing hard tests.

With beautiful graphics, fun gameplay, and choices to make the game your own, these games let you experience the thrill of racing motorbikes on your Android device. So, pick your best game, hop on your virtual bike, and get ready for an exciting adventure in the world of MotoGP racing.

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