Your Marketing Team Will Thank You for Investing in These 4 Tools – Best In 2023

Your marketing team puts in countless hours of work to promote your brand and products. To assist them in their efforts, it’s wise to periodically consider what tools and resources you can provide. Whether you want to help your team build a content strategy or create compelling graphics, some resources can help. Here are four tools you won’t regret purchasing for the sake of your dedicated marketing team.

1. A Content Strategy Tool

Content strategy involves developing a master plan for creating and distributing content. Every blog or article your business publishes should have a goal. That goal might be to develop brand authority, improve visibility, or generate leads. But your marketing team may have trouble determining what goals to focus on when developing content for your business. That’s where a content strategy tool can become an invaluable ally.

A content strategy tool or service can help your team automate the content creation process to prioritize the right pieces. Using such a tool can help your team decide what content to create or update based on performance and value. They’ll no longer have to speculate on what topics will help them achieve the results they want. Utilizing a resource like this can prevent wasted time by giving your team members hard marketing data to guide decisions.

A content strategy tool can also make topic inventory a much easier task. The more content your marketing team creates, the harder it becomes to manage it. With a content strategy tool, your team will learn how and when to update old pieces to remain relevant. They’ll also gain greater insight into what topics to focus on to build brand authority. Armed with personalized metrics, they’ll be able to make more informed decisions and prioritize content for maximum impact.

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2. A Graphics Creation Tool

High-quality graphics should be an integral part of your marketing team’s content strategy. You need a good graphic design to attract and hold the attention of your audience. Good graphic design can increase conversion rates by “hooking’ your audience and guiding their eyes to your call to action. Infographics, charts, banners, and photos are all powerful visual tools you can use to boost content reach. These tools can help you educate, inform, and entertain your audience so they’re more likely to engage with your content.

Approximately 56% of surveyed online marketers reported that they used visuals in nearly all of their content. Additionally, 88% of marketers reportedly use visuals in more than half of their published articles. These statistics reveal how important graphics are for creating competitive and effective content.

If your marketing team is making do with old, outdated, or ineffective graphic design tools, it’s time to consider upgrading. Most graphic design tools and software are more affordable than you might think, and the ROI is usually very good. Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, and After Effects are all popular graphics creation tools. Check with your marketing team to see what tools they think would best benefit their team.

3. An AI-Analyzing Tool

Artificial intelligence is becoming a more integral part of everyday life. Most people interact with AI regularly through voice assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant. You also use AI every time you watch a personalized viewing suggestion from streaming services such as Amazon Prime or Netflix. But AI isn’t just useful for making your personal life easier. It can also help augment the efforts of your marketing team.

It’s estimated that 90% of the most well-known businesses currently use AI, and 35% of all businesses use it. That number is expected to grow significantly in the coming years. If you aren’t currently harnessing the power of AI to boost your marketing efforts, you’re a step behind the competition. Your marketing team can use AI to analyze their marketing efforts and determine where to make adjustments or improvements.

There are various AI analyzing tools currently on the market. Some are designed to help your team generate and update content. Others are intended to perform content research by identifying leading influencers and providing alerts about industry updates and competitor actions. Still, others can analyze your current content and inform you which formats and topics resonate with your audience. Consider sampling different AI tools to determine which one is the right fit for your marketing team’s needs.

4. Project Management Software

Marketing departments often have multiple projects and timelines to juggle. In addition to social media marketing, they’re also focused on email marketing, event marketing, and search engine optimization. It’s little wonder marketing teams frequently become overwhelmed as they struggle to keep everything organized!

A good project management approach is an important need for marketing teams of all sizes. To facilitate communication and synchronize teams, it’s a good idea to invest in project management software. Experienced marketers know that project management software can help their team members stay on task and schedule.

Quality project management software will help your marketing team collaborate and keep projects on track. It will also allow team members to track activity so they can see who’s currently working on tasks. They’ll also be able to see if they’re next in the project workflow so they can prepare accordingly.

Your marketing team plays a huge role in the success of your business. It’s in your best interest to give them the resources they need to perform their duties effectively. Show your marketing team how much you value them by investing in the tools and resources outlined above.

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