Spotify++ iPA For iOS Free Download- Spotify iPA 2024

Spotify++ is a modified version of the popular music streaming app Spotify that offers premium features without having to pay for a subscription. This modded Spotify app can be downloaded as an IPA file and installed on iOS devices using third-party app installers like AltStore.

With Spotify++ iPA, users can enjoy ad-free listening, unlimited skips, high-quality audio, and offline downloads – all for free. If you want to experience Spotify Premium on your iPhone or iPad without paying, Spotify++ IPA is an excellent option in 2023.

What is Spotify++?

Spotify++ is a hacked/cracked version of the original Spotify app that gives you almost all the premium features for free. This modded Spotify app injects cracks into the original app to unlock premium features.

Some of the key features unlocked by Spotify++ include:

  • Ad-free listening
  • Unlimited skips
  • Ability to select any song
  • Extreme audio quality
  • Offline downloads
  • Unlimited selection of songs

You get to use Spotify like a premium user without paying anything. Spotify++ is almost identical to the real Spotify app with some extra features and without any limitations of the free version.

Benefits of Using Spotify Premium iPA

Here are some of the biggest benefits of using Spotify++ iPA on your iPhone/iPad:

Enjoy Spotify iPA Cracked Features for Free

The biggest benefit of Spotify++ is that you get access to all premium features without paying the $9.99 monthly subscription fee. So you can enjoy ad-free music listening, unlimited skips, extreme audio quality, offline downloads, and more without spending any money.

Listen to Music Without Annoying Ads

One of the worst things about the free version of Spotify is the annoying and repetitive ads that interrupt your music listening. With Spotify++ IPA, you don’t have to deal with any ads at all.

Unlimited Skips & Song Selection

On free Spotify, you only get a limited number of skips per hour. With Spotify++, you can skip songs as much as you want. You also get an unlimited selection of songs to play instead of shuffle-only mode.

Download Music for Offline Listening

Paid Spotify subscribers can download unlimited songs for offline listening when they don’t have an internet connection. This handy feature is unlocked with Spotify++ allowing you to listen to music on flights, road trips, or anywhere without using mobile data.

Higher Audio Quality (Extreme Quality Unlocked)

While the free Spotify streams music at 96kbps, Spotify++ allows you to enjoy an Extreme audio quality of 320kbps bitrate just like premium users. So you can listen to crystal clear high-fidelity music.

Safer Than Modified Spotify on Android

On Android, modded Spotify APK files often carry malware and other security risks. But Spotify++ IPA for iOS is usually safe to install since it comes from trusted third-party app stores like AppValley and TweakBox.

How Does Spotify++ iPA Work?

Spotify++ IPA works by injecting cracks and patches into the original Spotify app to unlock premium features. Developers decrypt the original Spotify app, modify the code, and add cracks to remove restrictions, ads, and limitations.

The cracked app is then signed and distributed as an IPA file. This IPA can be installed on iOS devices using Cydia Impactor or third-party iOS app installers.

When you run the modded Spotify++ IPA on your device, it fools the Spotify servers into thinking you are a premium subscriber. This grants you access to all premium features without having to pay anything.

However, since this involves breaching Spotify terms of use, the modded app could stop working anytime. Spotify can push updates to block modified apps from accessing its servers.

How to Download Spotify++ iPA

Since Spotify++ is a cracked app, you won’t find it on official app stores like the Apple App Store. Instead, you have to download Spotify++ IPA from third-party iOS app installers and app marketplaces.

Here are some places to download working Spotify++ iPA files for iOS:

Spotify ++ iPA Premium Download Link

Download: Spotify++.IPA | Mirror | Mirror


AppValley is a popular third-party app store that hosts tons of hacked, modded, and tweaked apps. It has a working version of Spotify++ IPA available for download.

  • Go to app-valley. vip on your iOS device
  • Tap on the Download AppValley button
  • Open AppValley and search for Spotify++
  • Tap the Get button and install the app


IOSGods is another great community for modded apps and games. Simply visit iOSGods on your device, scroll down to download links, and tap on the Spotify++ IPA link.


iPhoneCake hosts a repository of cracked iOS apps including Spotify++. Go to iPhoneCake in your browser, tap on the Download Now button, and open the IPA file.


TweakBox is one of the most popular third-party app stores for iOS. Just install TweakBox, open it, and search for Spotify++ to download the latest working version.

No matter which one you choose, make sure to download Spotify++ IPA from the official source or trusted sites only to avoid malware. Do not download from random untrusted sites.

How to Install Spotify++ iPA on iOS

Once you have downloaded the Spotify++ IPA file, you can install it using these methods:

Using AltStore (Easiest Method)

AltStore is one of the best ways to install IPA files on iOS devices without jailbreak. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Install AltStore on your device from
  2. Connect your device to a computer and open AltSever to activate AltStore.
  3. Now go to My Apps in AltStore and tap on the + icon.
  4. Select the Spotify++ IPA file to install.

AltStore will sign and install the modded app on your device. You can then launch and use Spotify++!

Via Cydia Impactor

Cydia Impactor lets you sideload IPA files using your Apple ID. Follow these steps:

  1. Download Cydia Impactor on your computer from
  2. Connect your iPhone/iPad to the computer and open Cydia Impactor.
  3. Drag and drop the Spotify++ IPA file over Cydia Impactor.
  4. Enter your Apple ID credentials when prompted.
  5. Cydia Impactor will sign the IPA with your Apple ID and install the app.

However, Cydia Impactor currently doesn’t work on the latest iOS versions. So AltStore method is recommended.

Using Third-Party iOS App Signing Services

You can also use third-party iOS app signing services like AppDB, Signulous, or SignzApp to install Spotify++ IPA with your Apple ID. These services provide signed IPA files or on-device app signing.

However, most of these are paid services that charge a monthly fee. But they can be useful for installing and refreshing unsigned or revoked apps.

Things to Note Before Installing

  • Spotify++ IPA requires iOS 13 or later to work. Do not install on older iOS versions.
  • Make sure you have enough storage space on your device. The app is around 200MB.
  • Apple may revoke the app certificate anytime, so you may have to reinstall Spotify++ IPA when it stops working.
  • Do not uninstall the original Spotify app before installing Spotify++ IPA.
  • Using cracked apps is against Spotify’s terms. Use at your own risk!

How to Fix Spotify++ iPA Revoked Error

When Apple detects cracked/modded apps distributed with enterprise certificates, they quickly revoke the certificates making the apps stop working.

If your Spotify++ app starts crashing or shows the “Untrusted Enterprise Developer” error, it means the certificate has been revoked by Apple.

Here are some solutions to fix a revoked Spotify++ app:

  • Wait for the Developer to Update – Once the certificate is revoked, the developer will renew it and release an updated Spotify++ IPA. So wait for them to fix it.
  • Reinstall Spotify++ IPA – Try downloading and reinstalling the Spotify++ IPA file from your trusted source. They may have released a new working build.
  • Use AltStore to Re-sign – If you had installed Spotify++ via AltStore, you can resolve the error by opening AltStore and re-signing the app.
  • Reset AltStore Date – In some cases, resetting the AltStore date on your device fixes app revocation issues.
  • Use Third-party Signing Service – Signing services like AppDB and Signulous automatically resign apps when revoked, so they are reliable.
  • Wait for 7 Days – Apple’s certificate revocation lasts for 7 days typically. So the app may start working automatically after a week.
  • Install Spotify Dogfood – If Spotify++ stops working permanently, you can try installing Spotify Dogfood which is a Spotify beta app with more features.

So in summary, wait for the developer to renew the certificate, reinstall the modded IPA, or use AltStore/signing services to re-sign Spotify++. This fixes most revocation errors.

Spotify++ iPA Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about Spotify++ iPA:

Is Spotify++ Safe to Use?

Yes, Spotify++ is generally safe to use as long as you download it from trusted sources like AppValley or iOSGods. It doesn’t contain any malware or viruses. However, since it breaches Spotify’s terms, use it at your discretion.

Does Spotify++ Work on iPad/iPod?

Yes, the Spotify++ IPA works flawlessly on any iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch running iOS 13 or later.

Do I Need Jailbreak for Spotify++?

No jailbreak is required at all for Spotify++. You can install it on non-jailbroken devices using AltStore.

Can I Transfer Spotify++ to a New iPhone?

Unfortunately, you can’t directly transfer modded apps to a new iPhone. You’ll have to download and reinstall the Spotify++ IPA on your new device.

Does Spotify++ Have All Countries’ Music?

Yes, you get access to music from all countries without any geo-restrictions. So you can listen to songs unavailable in your region.

Does Spotify Detect Spotify++?

No, Spotify’s servers can’t detect modded apps like Spotify++. You won’t get banned for using hacked Spotify on your devices.

How Frequently Does Spotify++ Get Revoked?

Revocation frequency depends on the signing service used. But expect Spotify++ to stop working every few weeks or months since the certificates get revoked regularly.

Is Spotify++ Exactly Like Premium Spotify?

Functionally, Spotify++ has all premium features enabled. However, the UI may be slightly different from the latest premium Spotify app. But core features are identical.

Does Spotify++ Drain More Battery?

No, Spotify++ consumes the same (or even less) battery as the regular Spotify app since it lacks ads. Listening to music offline may drain the battery quicker.

Does Spotify++ Work Offline Without Internet?

Yes, Spotify++ has full support for offline downloads and listening just like premium Spotify. You can save songs offline and play without the internet.


To conclude, Spotify++ iPA is an excellent way to get paid Spotify Premium features completely free on your iPhone and iPad. With modded apps like Spotify++, you can enjoy ad-free music, unlimited skips, extreme quality, and offline listening without spending money.

Just make sure to download the IPA file from reliable sources like AppValley and use AltStore for easy installs. Spotify++ may sometimes get revoked but you can easily reinstall it or use third-party signing services for stability.

So if you love Spotify but don’t want to pay for a subscription, Spotify++ is the ultimate hack that provides an experience identical to Premium. No jailbreak necessary – simply download the IPA, install it via AltStore, and start enjoying!

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