How to Solve PC Problems Remotely from Anywhere 2023 – Best Ways [Easy & Safe]

Are you looking for how to solve pc problems remotely? This post will offer you a detailed tutorial to do this job.

How can I fix my computer remotely?

“Hi. I have a Windows 10 home computer. I was away on a trip, but my family told me my computer was not functioning for some time. How can I check the issue and solve PC problems remotely? Thanks in advance.”

Use remote support software to solve PC problems remotely

The easiest way to fix a computer remotely is by using the remote support software that allows you to troubleshoot a computer from anywhere by controlling it over the Internet.

What is remote support?

Remote support is when one individual uses the Internet to assist others in resolving computer-related issues. Every family, workplace, and social group has one person officially recognized as “The IT Master” by a higher tech power. They can solve PC problems over a remote connection without going to the device. They can control another computer from anywhere in the world.

Benefits of remote support

Remote support is widely used by companies that offer customer support for the following advantages:

  • Reduce costs. Remote IT support experts usually offer help desk services without charging extra for an in-person visit. Additionally, you won’t have to deal with the HR hassles that come along with assembling an internal IT team from scratch using top tech expertise.
  • Improve work efficiency. Remote support can resolve 90% of IT issues. Regarding software solutions, some vendors have increased their effectiveness by successfully handling at least 99% of their client’s requests.
  • Reduce employee turnover. Employees who can rapidly obtain IT help from home or on-site have uninterruptedly improved work experiences. This strategy will encourage loyalty and enable them to flourish in a highly productive environment. When employees are satisfied, they are less likely to consider leaving when a new work opportunity arises.

Get the best remote support solution for Windows

AnyViewer is simple, safe, and free remote support software compatible with Windows, iOS, and Android devices. It allows users to access Windows PC remotely in a few seconds. This software offers several advanced troubleshooting features, including file transfer, remote reboot, and multiple sessions to simplify the troubleshooting process. Further, in a remote session, users can perform lots of operations with one click. For example, change the screen resolution, hide the wallpaper, open the task manager, and open CMD.

Main features of AnyViewer:

  • Unattended remote access. Remotely manage an unattended computer without the need to authenticate the request.
  • Share screen. Only view the remote screen without controlling it.
  • File transfer. Transfer multiple and large files between remote and local.
  • Remote lock/reboot/shut down. Remotely lock/restart/shut down another computer with only one click.
  • Multi-sessions. Take remote control of multiple devices at once and conveniently switch between sessions.
  • Multi-monitor navigation. Remotely control a computer with multiple monitors.
  • Communicate with your partner using the chat box during the remote session.
  • High-image quality. Excellent performance with high image quality.

How to use AnyViewer for remote support

AnyViewer offers flexible ways to establish a remote session between devices. Select one that fits your needs most.

  • Way 1. Set up one-click control with the same account [recommended]

Step 1. Download, install, and launch AnyViewer for Windows on your PCs.

Step 2. Click Sign up to create a new account on the remote computer and log in.

Step 3. Log in to the same account you just registered on the local computer, go to Device, select the remote computer, and click One-click control.

  • Way 2. Set up unattended remote access without login

You can also perform unattended remote access with the partner ID.

Step 1. Download, install, and launch AnyViewer for Windows on your PCs.

Step 2. Go to Settings > Unattended to set a permanent security code on the remote computer. Then send the code and your device ID to your partner.

Step 3. On the local computer, enter the partner ID, tick Remote control mode, and click Connect.

Step 4. Select Input security code, enter the code, and click OK.


This post introduced how to solve PC problems remotely. Now you can easily troubleshoot a remote computer with AnyViewer from anywhere!

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