26 Photo Collage Maker For PC, Mac, Android, iOS 2024

Photo collage makers are software applications that allow users to easily combine multiple photos into creative collage designs. They provide templates and layouts such as grids, frames, and photo stacks to quickly arrange photos without needing advanced design skills. Users can simply drag and drop images into the collage template, adjust sizes and spacing, add text overlays and backgrounds, and customize the overall look.

Photo collage makers have many uses – they can be used to make cards, scrapbooks, posters, social media posts, and more. They help preserve memories and tell visual stories by bringing together groups of photos in an artistic way. Some key features in collage makers are support for layering images, photo editing tools like filters and stickers, and automatic fill-to-balance layouts. Popular options include web apps like PicMonkey and Fotor, mobile apps like Layout from Instagram and PicCollage, and desktop software like Photoshop. Overall, photo collage makers provide intuitive creative tools for combining photos into keepsakes.

List of Photo collage software for PC

1. Picture Collage Maker

Picture Collage Maker

The ability of Picture Collage Maker software can turn digital photos into collage photos, with it, you can capture your digital photos in different forms, with a unique and beautiful appearance.

you can instantly and quickly create an in-kind photo collage using this software, and later be used for anything such as creating posters, calendars, collage image collections, etc. The great thing about Picture Collage Maker software is the collage template feature provided, there are more than 130 templates that can be used, so you can take pictures/photos into different collage shapes.

Making a picture into a collage shape is quite easy:

  1. Open the Picture Collage Maker application,
  2. Then select the image/photo (which you want to process)
  3. Choose a template type (more than 130 templates available)
  4. You can edit photos
  5. Save and you’re done.

Picture Collage Maker software allows you to easily create photo collages.

License:  Free and Paid
Operating System:  Windows, Mac, iOS

2. Photoshop

Photoshop is the best collage-making software and it’s a shame if you have Photoshop software but don’t know how to make photo collages, especially from this very well-known software.

Making photo collages can use Adobe Photoshop 7 Photoshop CS 1 and so on. As for the explanation of the tutorial used this time is using Photoshop CS 3.

In addition, many tutorials explain how to use Photoshop to make a photo collage. You can search for it on Google or YouTube.

However, it is recommended to search on YouTube because the tutorial in the form of a video will be easier to understand. You will later find many variations of photo collage-making techniques.

License: Paid
Operating System: Windows, OS X

3. Loupe

To be able to make a photo collage, you have to arrange many photos into one part, but it is very difficult if there are tens, hundreds, or even thousands of photos arranged. This third application is also quite good at helping you create photo collages, namely Loupe which is an online application.

Loupe provides templates that help you form collage photos. The templates provided are square, heart, crescent, rabbit, star, etc. The most impressive is the Text template, but unfortunately, only 8 characters can be formed from this template.

To make it, visit the link above, then you will enter a new page, to add the photos you will create a collage. Click Add Photos.

You can also use it from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, or a URL as a photo collage to be made. In making it, later you will enter the step of selecting a template that will be used as a photo collage. After selecting, you can also edit the image in the collage area until it’s finished.

Finally, click Save. You can share on Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.

License:  Free
Operating System:  – (Online Application)

4. Photoscape


Photoscape is one of the free software that is very often used in the image editing process and has important uses for an internet marketer.

Photoscape is FREE feature-rich software. It functions as a simple and practical image editor tool. There are many functions in it, including the Photo Collage feature that you can use to create photo collages. Its use is very easy like any photo collage software in general.

In addition, here are the various features of the Photoscape software:

  • Change size, brightness, and color adjustment
  • Features white balance, create frames, correct background brightness, give effects, mosaic mode, add text, cropping, filters, red-eye removal, blooming, etc.
  • Brush, paint, etc.
  • Batch feature, which is to edit several photos at once
  • Combine multiple photos on a page frame to create one final photo
  • Animated GIF: Use multiple photos to create an animated photo.
  • Color Picker: Enlarge images, find and select colors
  • Search Faces: Find similar faces on the Internet
  • Raw Converter: Convert RAW to JPG
  • Create a sparkling GIF image.
  • Creating advertising banners, all kinds of banner-based ads.
  • Make a beautiful Facebook cover, as well as a profile photo.
  • Design interesting inspirational quotes.
License:  Free
Operating System:  Windows, Mac

5. Shape Collage

You can use Shape Collage to make photo collages, with it you can make all kinds of collages, from rectangles (standard collages), circles, and love, to any shape according to your imagination.

To use it, first, import your photos, then configure the college settings.

The configurations you can do include the shape of the college, the number of photos used, space for some photos, etc.

Features mentioned on the official website:

  • Automatic, fast, and easy.
  • Create picture collages in less than a minute, with just a few mouse clicks.
  • Available in any form for photo collage. It can be rectangles, hearts, circles, letters, etc.
  • Adjust the collage size, photo size, number of photos, and spacing between photos.
  • Change background, border color, etc.
  • Save the result in JPEG, PNG, or Photoshop PSD format
  • Free to use forever.

The following is an example of the results of using Shape Collage software, which is a photo collage in the form of a world map, see the image below.

Well, that’s cool.

License:  Free (Basic), Paid (Premium)
Operating System:  Windows, Mac, Apple, Linux.

6. Photomix

The use of Photomix software is only to combine several photos in one frame and add existing clipart objects.

Besides that, you can set and provide a background behind the photo frame. Here’s how to use the Photomix software:

First, run the Photomix software.

Then access the Composition tool to place the image the way you want, and place it on the worksheet.

After that, a new look will appear. Then set everything you want like background, etc.

After finishing setting (setting), to save it enter the top file menu / main menu (on the side), then save the image.

You can save images in JPG, GIF, and other formats.

License:  Free
Operating System:  Windows

7. PhotoSpills

Use PhotoSpills to create eye-catching photo collages by providing some of your own.

In using the PhotoSpills software, you only need to select a design, then select the photo you want to process, then wait a few moments for the PhotoSpills program to work magically.

Don’t forget to check out the Samples tab, to see different ways to make cool photo collages. PhotoSpills Features:

  • There are dozens of collage templates available.
  • Dynamic templates that can be quickly created.
  • You can use hundreds of photos in one collage.
  • Photos can be used as puzzle pieces.
  • You can write messages using your photos as letters or numbers.
  • Make photo collages in the form of leaves, clouds, stamps, etc.

You can now have photos formatted as letters or numbers. Enter a character or two … or even a few lines of text, and your photo will later be used to fill in each character.

There is a quick shape collage, where you place your photos in different frames. There are twelve forms namely Puzzle Pieces, Squares, Circles, Stamps, Clouds, Stars, Stripes, etc.

There is a preview window feature, the Finishing Touches window will always show a preview of the collage that is being made. When you customize the feature the preview will refresh immediately. You can also make displayed photos with rounded corners.

There are dozens of cool samples using this PhotoSpills software, you can see them at  Photospills.com/samples.htm

In addition, in each of these cool samples, a tutorial (steps) will explain how to make it.

License:  Free
Operating System:  Windows

8. Picasa Collage Maker

You can make a photo collage with a Picasa web album that provides a minimalist effect but still has an elegant impression.

Its use is by adding files to Picasa. Then click on the “Create Photo Collage” tab.

Then there are two main tabs, namely My Library and Collage. In addition, on the left side, there are many tools for each of these tabs. It is useful for customizing the collage photos that are made.

In the features provided, you can choose your photo as the background, and adjust the appearance of the collage photo as desired, because this program is based on flash media which makes it easier to place and organize photos.

In addition, there are subtabs on the collage tab, where you can adjust the border or other settings. After you finish setting up, then just click save. You can save it on a PC. Picasa software you can use for free.

General Uses of Picasa
Picasa is useful for organizing photos very easily, you can organize the order of photos by date, album, and other information. Other functions:

  • With Picasa, you can edit photos with some of the tools provided.
  • Interesting tools to give simple effects to photos.
  • Collage creation tool.
  • Screen saver creation tool.
  • Picasa allows you to take photos stored on your digital camera, then sort them into visual albums organized by date and named after folders that you can easily identify.
  • Create a new group label on your photo collection.

Complicated advanced photo editing can be made easier by using Picasa. Various photo effects are easy to use.

Picasa also makes it easier for you to share photo collections online. Like sharing using email, printing, making photo collages, sending to your blog, etc.

9. Photo Collage Max

Using this software makes it easy to make photo collages, you can use it for free. Photo Collage Max provides quite a lot of template features.

In addition, there are features of effects, masks, collage shapes, etc. You can adjust the position of the photos that are included in the college freely. Other settings that can be done are changing the background, adding text, clipart, frames, masks, and more, to make your collage photos more attractive.

Photo Collage Max is good for those who want to compose photos of important moments, such as during holidays.

License:  Free
Operating System:  Windows

10. Photo Collage Creator

Photo Collage Creator

Photo Collage Creator provides excellent features and is easy to use. This photo collage software provides simple tools. Offering a great wizard, this program is considered suitable for users of all skill levels.

Existing features such as changing the collage background and adjusting or adding to existing themes so that the collage photo becomes more attractive. Photo Collage Creator is paid software, costs USD 29.00, and is available free for 30 days (trial). Try it for 30 days for free, if it feels good then you can buy it.

License:  $ 29 Paid (Free for 30 days trial)
Operating System:  Windows

11. Microsoft AutoCollage

Microsoft AutoCollage has a lot of features, one of which is a face detection feature to make the editing process easier. You can improve your photo collage by applying effects, inserting text, frames, etc.

This software will collect the photos of your choice combine them creatively and produce an eye-catching collage. Select how many images you want to add to the collage using the sliders, then click ‘Create’.

It’s just that Microsoft AutoCollage doesn’t have a feature to add frames.

License:  Paid (Free for 30 days trial with watermark)
Operating System:  Windows

12. PicCollage

The PicCollage software has recently been updated with a cleaner and fresher layout and design. PicCollage helps you create impressive collections of photos, GIFs, and videos.

PicCollage supports Windows, Android, and iOS operating systems. If you are using iOS 10 then you can use message stickers. It is exclusive content from well-known brands like Hello Kitty and Tokidoki that are available for purchase.

A pretty good tool is a face detection template if you want to add things like party hats to your friends.

Operating System: Windows, Android, iOS
License: Free with IAP
Developer: Cardinal Blue

13. PicMonkey Collage

PicMonkey is a web application (online) that features image editing and photo collage design tools. Using PicMonkey is a quick way to organize your pictures into beautiful collages.

Photos can be imported from your computer, or photos can be obtained by connecting to online services such as Facebook, Flickr, OneDrive, and Dropbox.

PicMonkey Collage comes with a decent selection of free templates, and there are also premium templates available for purchase. You can fine-tune your collage by adjusting the spacing and rounding angle of the layout. Also, set the background and cell color.

Then you can adjust the photo exposure. As for those who use the premium version, access will be opened to use a variety of extra effects, making the collage photo more alive.

Operating System: – (Online Application)
License: Free (Basic), $ 4.99 / month (Premium)
Developer: PicMonkey

14. Collagelt

This is a great and simple photo collage maker software. Later you can choose from a variety of templates to suit multiple page sizes. Or you can start from a completely blank sheet so you are free to get creative.

Thanks to the real-time preview it is very easy to edit, generally, this software is easy to use for all experience levels.

Operating System: Windows, Mac
License: Free (Pro version $ 19.90)
Developer: PearlMountain

15. PicsArt

This collage maker is one of the few applications that provides hundreds of photo editing features, the use of which is indispensable for designers.


PicsArt software lets you create collage photos in a fun and easy way by giving you hundreds of collage templates and layouts for free. In addition, there are photo effects and sticker features to produce special collage photos.

Choose a layout, choose your photo, and organize it. There are thousands of collage layouts, background frames, and hundreds of effects.

Operating System: Windows, Android, iOS
License: Free with IAP
Developer: PicsArt

16. BeFunky

BeFunky claims to be the best photo collage maker software, and they have a photo collage maker tool that provides lots of templates, awesome effects, and integration with BeFunky Photo Editor. This program has a great interface.

For PC users, you can access BeFunky online. In addition, BeFunky is available as an application for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. If the free version is still lacking, there are features of the pro version for $ 2.

Operating System: Android, iOS, Online
License: Free (Pro version $ 2)
Developer: BeFunky

17. PhotoVideoCollage

PhotoVideoCollage takes classic photo collages to the next level, where users can not only add photos but also use videos and soundtracks.

You will then be able to choose a template and layout, as well as add photos and videos. Then adjust additional settings such as width, curvature, color, and border texture.

Choose from several layouts for your collage design. Set the color and texture of the frame.

Platform: iPhone, Mac OS X 10.8 or later
License: Free (Premium $ 9.99)
Developer: Bits & Coffee

18. piZap

This application for making collage photos online has an ordinary interface, but there are lots of great collage layouts, you can choose from. free.

The piZap application can also be used on Android and iOS. In its use, after adding photos, then you can adjust the effects, filters, frames, borders, and stickers.

On the photo collage, make interesting text and give it a sticker image. In this application, there is a series of fonts, graphics, and more, for your pleasure in editing photos. Then there are more than 100 unique filters, with amazing filters and effects. With one click, turn your collection of photos into masterpieces.

Platform: Android, iOS, Online, Chrome App
License: Free
Developer: piZap

19. Pic Stitch

With Pic Stitch, you can make cool collages. Choose from 200+ various layouts and 15 photo aspect ratios. Apart from that you can adjust and give rounded corners to photos, and adjust patterns, and shadows and there are also several other photo editing tricks.

This app is available on most devices, and only the Windows and Windows Phone apps will charge a fee.

Platform: Windows, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Facebook
License: Free, except Windows 8 ($ 1.99), Windows Phone ($ 0.99)
Developer: Big Blue Clip

20. Kizoa Collage Maker

Kizoa Collage Maker is a web-based photo collage maker tool, easy to use with dozens of ready-to-use templates (there are static and animated types).

You can customize the template according to your taste, besides that, you can also make it yourself (starting from scratch). Then add photos, GIFs and videos to get started.

Another thing, you can add stickers to your design. Then finish it all with a little writing from you. If you register with the Kinoa service, you can also access photo editing tools and tools for making movies. This online application makes it possible to create a variety of creative jobs in the browser.

Platform: Web (online)
License: Free (basic) plus lifetime premium memberships
Developer: Kizoa

21. Canva Collage Templates

Canva Collage Templates

Canva is a design program with tons of features, which can be used for many things. This application can be used in the browser or as an iPad application, you can register for free and add features as needed.

Some of the available features are free and some are paid. One of the tools you can use is a tool to create photo collages. There are many collage templates available.

Then you can embellish your collage photo with a choice of effects, filters, fonts, and many others.

Platform: Web (Online), iPad
License: Free and Premium
Developer: Canva

22. Picture2Life

Tool creates a photo collage of Picture2Life this seems to be too unreliable, in addition to its use for free, you will find that the online application is the best way to make a collage simple no-frills – unwanted attachments.

Many types of templates can be used, plus various graphic elements. Option to add text elements with facilities such as setting font, color, background, and drop shadow. Provides 20 collage templates that you can choose and customize. 100% FREE to use and no account is required to use it.

You can find templates based on keywords, designers, categories, and the number of images you want to use.

When you log in, you will be able to mark the template as your “Favorite”, for quicker access later. You can see all the templates that you marked as favorites on the “Favorites” menu.

Platform: Web (Online), iPhone
License: Free
Developer: Picture2Life

23. Fotor Collage Maker

Fotor is a professional web-based photo editor application that has many functions including online photo collage creation. You can choose from four types of photo collages namely template collages, photo stitching, photomontages, and funky collages.

You can make a collage in five simple and easy steps. Plus you can use all the image editing tools in Fotor’s online application so that it gives perfection to the collage photos you make.

Platform: Web (Online)
License: Free
Developer: Fotor

24. Photovisi

Photovisi is a standalone online photo collage maker application (without any special tools for editing uploaded photos). To use it, you only need to choose a collage design, then add a photo and do a little tweaking. Then the photo collage was made.

In addition, there are many photo collage templates available, to see all of them at Photovisi.com

If you upgrade your membership to the premium version, the collage photo will no longer be watermarked, and you can get collage photos with a higher resolution.

Platform: Web
License: Free (Basic), Premium $ 4.99
Developer: Photovisi

25. Froggy Ribbet

On the online application site, Froggy Ribbet provides a photo editor tool that also has a special photo collage maker function. There are hundreds of layouts provided in this online application, then there are many settings that can be adjusted.

With this online application, you can create unique photo collages. You can add text, stickers, and borders, which also affects the college you want to create.

Platform: Web
License: Free
Developer: Ribbet

26. Fotojet


FotoJet is a free online photo collage maker application, with which you can create collages, photo cards, posters, YouTube banners, Facebook covers, cool headers, funny photos, etc.

There are hundreds of templates that can be used in making photo collages. The Fotojet application also provides online photo editing features. There are 800+ amazing collage layouts and templates, including types of family collages, wedding collages, baby collages, love collages, etc.

In summary, photo collage makers are versatile digital tools that empower everyday users to artistically arrange photos for visual storytelling. With their preset templates, drag-and-drop functions, and creative editing features, collage makers make it easy to blend multiple images into cohesive layouts full of personal expression. Whether it’s compiling photos from a vacation, event, or period, photo collage apps and programs help preserve memories and emotions in an aesthetic format perfect for sharing.

From social media posts to physical prints, the collages designed in these applications become keepsakes that highlight the most meaningful and enjoyable moments in life. With intuitive interfaces across web, mobile, and desktop platforms, anyone can unleash their creativity through the simple yet powerful medium of photo collages.

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