How To Reset Epson L120 Printer 100% Working – A Comprehensive Guide 2023

Reset Epson L120 Printer: Does your epson l120 printer have a printing error or an indicator light that keeps blinking, which keeps it from printing? If this is the case, you must know how to reset the epson printer l120. By doing this, you will be able to fix any mistakes or problems that your printer might be having.

You can get the epson l120 resetter software and the epson adjustment software for free. In this article, we’ll show you a new resetter tool that was made just for the epson l120 resetter free download. The epson l-120 printer is a multifunction printer that can do very good quality work.

The problem happens when the epson l120 ink pad is full to its limit. Users can get their printer to work by using the epson l120 resetter. It is best to clean or replace the waste ink pad as well.

How can Epson L120 Resetter Adjustment Program

Today, we want to tell you about the Epson L series printer resetter tool, which is also called the Epson Adjustment Program. Follow these steps to start the download process for the epson l120 resetter tool. The epson l120 printer can be restarted, just like other printers with just one ink tank.  This guide shows you how to reset a printer epson l120 simply with step-by-step steps. Follow the steps below to start the epson l120 counter reset process. You can download a 100% real tool that lets you restart the epson l120 printer as many times as you want.

Epson L120 Printer

The epson l120 software for resetter adjustment is a piece of software that makes it easy to restart your epson l120 ink pad. When the “Service required” sign shows up on the printer’s screen, you can use this software to get the printer back to how it was when it left the factory. The waste ink pads indicator is a feature that lets users know when the ink pads in their printer are full and need to be replaced.

This gauge is a key tool for keeping the best performance and longest life during the printing process, it’s important to remember that every printer, including the Epson printer model, has a set of pads that are meant to collect waste ink and make it easier to empty the waste ink pad. Printers send out notifications to let users know about any problems.

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How to Reset Printer Epson L120?

Please follow these step-by-step steps to fix your epson l120 printer so that it can print again.

Method 1: Epson L120 Resetter app

Step 1: Go to the ‘L120’ file to start

When you get the compressed zip file from our website, you can unzip it to get to the file’s data. When the person opens the folder in question, they see a file called “L120.” To start the process, open the thing that’s been marked.

Epson L120 Printer

Step 2: Click the ‘Select’ button

You have to click the “Select” button on this screen.

Epson L120 Printer

Step 3: Choose ‘Port’ and click ‘OK’

Please choose “Model Name L120” and “Auto Selection” for the port on this screen, then hit the OK button.

Epson L120 Printer

Step 4: Click on the ‘Particular change mode’ button

In this step, you have to click “Particular adjustment mode.”

Epson L120 Printer

Step 5: Choose the ‘Waste ink pad counter’ choice

Choose “Waste ink pad counter” from the menu, then click “OK.”

Epson L120 Printer

Step 6: Choose the ‘Waste ink pad counter’ choice

Choose “Waste ink pad counter” from the menu, then click “OK.”

Epson L120 Printer

Method 2: Manually Reset an Epson L120 Printer

How to hard reset the epson l120 printer, since this limit of ink is enough to do it without software. This is shown by the fact that the ink light comes on and then stays on, and the printer can’t be used to print.

Here’s how to reset a printer epson l120 after refilling the ink or when the ink runs out:

  • Turn on the Epson printer.
  • For 5 seconds, hold down the power button and the restart button.
  • Press and hold the two buttons for 3 seconds.
  • Don’t touch the printer for a while.
  • The Epson printer will then work as it should.

If the above methods still don’t work, your epson l120 printer has a problem. With the help of the epson resetter app, you can try the above way.

How to free download the epson l120 resetter?

You can download the software needed to reset Epson printers by clicking on the link given. The epson l120 printer can be turned back on. After the initialization step is done, the printer goes back to having a Usage condition of 0% or its original factory condition. The epson l120 printer works and is reliable in a way that few other printers can match. You can also download the epson l 120 resetter for Windows 10 by downloading it from the page given.

The epson l120 resetter is a piece of software that can be used on epson l120 printers to reset the ink pad counter. Even though the printer maker says not to use it, this resetter can make it easier to keep using the printer. This is because it needs regular and scheduled maintenance. People who know how to reset printer epson l120. To download the software, kindly access the provided link.


Password: 12345

How to Fix the Service Error L120?

The epson l120 printer is showing an error message that says “Service required” and the indicator lights are blinking. Using the epson l120 adjustment program resetter tool is the fastest way to solve this problem. When your epson printer has reached the end of its useful life, it will show a warning message saying that it has “waste inkpads.” Now, you can use the epson resetter software to fix any problems you’re having with your epson printer.

How to use the Epson L120 Resetter Zip file for free?

Zip is the setup that Windows Working Framework and, more recently, OSX use the most. RAR is another popular and flexible format. UNIX uses a black-top document format, while Linux uses a black-top and GZ format.

Why Does the Epson L120 Printer Display an Error Message?

The epson l120 printer comes with a lot of sponge pads that are called “waste ink pads.” Ink loss is made when a printer head is cleaned. When the waste ink pads in the epson l120 printer are full, they can soak up a certain kind of used ink. Because of this, the printer will stop working on its own.


Q: What problems can the epson l120 printer be reset to fix?

A: The Epson L120 printer can be reset to fix several problems, including paper jams, ink cartridge faults, software bugs, and other printing-related issues.

Q: Will restarting the printer erase all of my settings and configurations?

A: The epson l120 printer will indeed return to its original factory settings after being reset. This implies that all customized options, such as preferred print quality and wireless network settings, will be overwritten. It is advised to record your settings before resetting the device.

Q: Does additional software need to be installed to reset the epson l120 printer?

A: Yes, you must download and set up the epson adjustment program based on the model of your printer. You can use this program to obtain the reset features needed to fix typical printer problems.

Q5: How to reset a printer epson l120 without first connecting it to a computer?

A: No, you must use a USB cable to connect the epson l120 printer to a computer to reset it. To start the reset procedure, the epson adjustment program must be installed on the computer and connected to the printer.

Q: What safety measures should I implement before conducting the reset?

A: Make sure your epson l120 printer is turned off and unplugged from the power source before you reset it. Make a note of or take a photo of your settings as they are now for future use. Additionally, keep extra ink cartridges on hand in case inserting new ones is necessary throughout the reset procedure.

Q: Is the reset procedure for the epson l120 printer reversible?

A: After going through the reset procedure, the printer’s settings and configurations are reset to their original state. However, following the reset, you can manually change the settings to suit your preferences.

Q: What should I do if the printer still has problems after the reset?

A: It is advised to get in touch with epson customer care if the printer issues continue even after the reset. They can suggest additional methods for troubleshooting or advise on suspected hardware problems that would need expert repair.


Users can get the epson l120 resetter program for free if they want to start the process. The epson adjustment program is a piece of software that lets you adjust the printer’s ink pad counter, putting it back to how it was when it left the factory. It is very important to keep the waste ink pad clean because it can cause problems with printing.

There are two different ways to start the restart process on the epson l120 printer. The first step is to use the epson l120 resetter program, which makes it easier to reset the printer by giving detailed, step-by-step instructions. The second way is to do a manual reset, which includes doing a hard reset by pressing certain buttons on the printer in a certain order.

In short, knowing how to reset a printer epson l120 can help you fix a lot of writing problems. Whether you choose to use the epson l120 resetter software or do a manual reset, you must carefully follow the steps that are given. It is very important to make sure that the software comes only from respected and trustworthy sources. Also, it is very important to be careful and take the right steps to protect the printer while performing the reset process.

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