35 Best Horror Games For Android 2024

Horror Games: Playing the scariest android ghost game does provide a special sensation for gamers in the world. Because the ghost game provides a storyline that is full of mystery, so many gamers are trying to solve it. Ghost games are indeed scary figures that are usually avoided playing.

However, because of the excitement of each storyline, many gamers are starting to be interested in playing ghost games. By playing ghost games, anyone can get goosebumps with every part that will bring up various creepy mysterious creatures that will make our hearts beat fast.

The spookiest Android ghost game itself is now available on Google Play with various types from world-famous game developers. Playing ghost games can be a test of your courage to what extent. Are you a brave person? if so, try to feel the scariest game sensation.

So what are the ghost games? well, here GC will provide some recommendations for the scariest Android ghost game that can give chills away to anyone who plays it. For those who are curious about the complete information, please refer to the summary of the following GC.

The Scariest Horror Games Android/ Scary Android Games

1. Slendrina: The Cellar

Slendrina The Cellar

The first horror game is Slendrina The Cellar. This android game is the latest version which offers a more sinister atmosphere. In this game, you have to find 8 old lost books in a very dark dungeon and then run to the exit.

2. Eyes: Scary Thriller – Creepy Horror Games

In this ghost game, you will be taken to a large house that is built like a maze. Later you will be faced with various very scary monsters. You only need to run from the chase of these creepy monsters.

3. Paranormal Asylum

You will play a game by collecting 8 dolls in a mental hospital which is very, very scary. In this game, you will bring a camera that can see the evil spirit of a woman who died in a mental hospital.

4. Slendrina 2D

This game has a difference that is not so much from the other Slendrina game series. If you see Slendrina’s figure, you must turn around as soon as possible. But you have 3 lives so you have several opportunities.

5. Slendrina X

In this series, you are a prisoner in a large castle owned by Slendrinas’ husband. You have to escape to finish the game by finding the key to the door. Slendrina will be watching you as usual and her husband is walking around the dark corridor.

6. Slendrina: The Cellar 2

In the next series, you will be faced with a dark dungeon. You have to find 8 books and a key to open the door. This time you will be faced with the figure of Slendrina who is helped by her mother and a very scary baby.

7. 3 Days to Die

In this game, you will be faced with a very scary haunted house. You have 3 days to escape from the house and from the pursuit of an assassin named Jason.

8. Fear in hospital: Survival

Again you will be placed in an empty house that is creepy, dark, and full of mysteries. Your job is only to solve the mystery of the puzzle so you can escape from the chase of a creepy ghost.

9. Painscape: Horror escape

The ghost game Painscape is the scariest ghost game, where you have to survive in a haunted house inhabited by serial killers. You can take cover and hide from the chase of terrifying monsters, but you can also overcome and reveal the secrets of how to escape from this terrifying place.

10. Redemption – Horror Games

Redemption - Horror Game

Redemption is a ghost game to save yourself from the bloodthirsty zombies. In this game, you have to survive by hiding and looking for everything you need to escape.

11. Lanetli Musallat 3

If you are brave then you must try this game. In this spooky android ghost game, you have to solve a mystery in the scariest and most frightening room.

12. House of Fear: Predator, Scary Horror Escape

This game is a ghost game with a quest element. In this game, you will find a variety of terrible things. You have to survive by completing missions to win the game.

13. Horror Hospital Turkish

Horror Hospital TurkishIn this spooky ghost game, you will be taken to a mental hospital. Scary ghosts surround the hospital, and the only chance is to survive and save yourself.

14. Horror Clown Pennywise – Escape Game

In this game, you play the role of a bill who will save his friends who were kidnapped by a creepy clown named IT. You have to go to the IT house to save your friend who he kidnapped.

15. Death Park: Scary Clown Survival Horror Games

In this spooky game, you have to explore a huge abandoned amusement park with a creepy circus. You have to solve all the puzzles that are waiting for you on each way to escape from the chase of the terrifying killer clown.

16. True Fear: Forsaken Souls Part 2

True Fear: Forsaken Souls Part 2 is one of the best-rated horror escape games, known for its story and spooky mystery atmosphere. This game offers a longer and further adventure with a variety of gruesome mysteries.

17. Horror – Endless Runner

This game is an indie scary horror game that combines the horror genre and the Endless Runner. In this game, you have to collect teddy bears to unlock more enemies, locations, and episodes full of the scariest things.

18. Forbidden Hill Room Escape

Forbidden Hill Room Escape

This game is an escape game for survival in a haunted house. You will be faced with various frightening and evil ghosts. Use dolls and torches to fend off evil and creepy ghosts.

19. Escape Impossible: Revenge

This escape game will take you to a haunted house. The game is full of puzzles in a scary setting. You have to escape from this scary place with every challenge that is very difficult to solve.

20. Survival Horror-Number 752 Demo

This game is set in a remote building built on an island for high-level prisoners. You have to collect every key to open every door. On every trip, you will be faced with various terrible things. prepare for you?

21. Evil Nun: School Horror

In this game, you will be placed in a school led by an evil and creepy nun. You have to use the bendy weapon to solve the puzzle and escape from the creepy blue women of the zombie virus victims.

22. Scary Killer: Escape House Horror

In this game, you have to escape from a haunted house. This house is located on the edge of town and inhabited by grandmothers and clowns who thirst for blood. Do you dare to play it?

23. Indonesian 3D Horror Games: Mays Maze

In this game, you will play a character trapped in a maze and only have a flashlight, without knowing where to go. You have to find the key to open the exit from this scary maze.

24. Mental Hospital IV Lite – Horror games

Mental Hospital IV Lite

In this ghost game, you will be in a mental hospital full of ghosts. You will be faced with terrible terror, chasing monsters, and creepy ghosts. Whatever happens, don’t try to play alone.

25. Sinister Edge – Horror Games

The next ghost game is Sinister Edge. This game is a quest game by solving puzzles, finding atmospheric locations, and escaping from the terrible ghosts hiding in the shadows.

26. The Fear 2: Creepy Scream House Horror Games

In this game, you have to save your wife and child who were kidnapped by a very scary ghost. The ghost is your ex-wife who wants revenge.

27. DISTRAINT: Pocket Pixel Horror

This game is a horror story with a fast-paced storyline for several scenario settings. You will move left and right and solve mysteries to progress through the story.

28. Haunted Manor II – The Horror Behind the Mystery

In this game, you are mythically in a creepy old building. You have to solve every interesting puzzle and mystery. Be careful, the building is full of surprises that can give you goosebumps.

29. Sophie’s Curse: Horror Games

This scariest game offers the most terrifying experience. You will act as a nurse who cares for the elderly in a house. The house has a very scary ghost, are you who are you with scary things?

30. Demonic Manor- Horror Survival Game

Demonic Manor- Horror Survival Game

In this game, you have to find a diary and a key to escape from the manor with a camera. You will be faced with a lot of horror activities. There are many evil and creepy ghosts that will chase you while you are looking for your diary tan lock.

31. Scary Horror Games: Evil Neighbor Ghost Escape

In this game, you have to save your parents who are locked in a cupboard. You have to find the key in every room. Watch out for the terrible ghost chase that will kill you.

32. The Letter – Best Scary Horror Visual Novel Game

The Letter - Best Scary Horror Visual Novel Game

The Letter is a horror game inspired by Asian horror films. You have to save your friend from the terrible threshold of death. The fate of your friends is in your hands, can you save them?

33. Mental Hospital VI – Horror Games Demo

In this game, you will act as a reporter. You will be placed in a very creepy Santa Monica mental hospital. You have to complete each mission to win the game.

34. True Fear: Forsaken Souls Part 1

In this game, you will act as Holly Stonehouse. You have to find your sister and unravel the mystery of your mother’s death. You will be faced with various dark rooms filled with creepy ghosts.

35. Horror Clown Scary Ghost Game

Horror Clown Scary Ghost Game

In this game, you have to solve every puzzle and escape from strange rooms and houses. The haunted house where you are inhabited by a very terrible grandmother and grandfather.


Of the many free horror/ghost games for Android named above, the most dominating ghost game is Slendrina. This game is still an old-school game in the best Android horror genre. Where this game is still the scariest ghost game. Well, if you are a brave person, then GC recommends the game Slendrina The Cellar for you to play.

In Slendrina The Cellar, you will be surprised by Slendrina who appears suddenly. Of course, that would be very scary. However, if you think Slendrina The Cellar is less scary, please choose between the games above, which one do you think is the scariest? Please write your opinion in the comments column.

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