DS4Windows – Best Tool to Use PS4/PS5 Controller on Windows PC 2024

The DS4Windows is a software program that allows you to use your PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 controller on a Windows PC. It emulates the DualShock 4 and DualSense controller as an Xbox 360 controller, making your PS4/PS5 controller compatible with any game that supports Xbox controllers.

With DS4Windows, you can use your DualShock 4 or DualSense controller to play games that don’t natively support PlayStation controllers. It’s a great tool for PC gamers who prefer the feel of a PS4/PS5 gamepad over an Xbox controller.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about DS4Windows, including:

What is DS4Windows and How Does it Work?

DS4Windows works by emulating an Xbox 360 controller. It intercepts the input signals from your DualShock 4/DualSense controller and translates them into Xbox 360 inputs that Windows can understand.

This allows you to use the DualShock 4/DualSense controller as if it were a native Xbox 360 controller. Games and other controller-compatible applications on your PC will recognize the DS4/D5 controller as an Xbox 360 gamepad.

Some of the key features provided by DS4Windows include:

  • Button mapping – Customize which DS4/D5 buttons correspond to Xbox controller buttons.
  • Touchpad emulation – Use the DS4/D5 touchpad as a mouse or for extra bindings.
  • Motion controls – Utilize the controller’s gyroscope and accelerometer for movement.
  • Rumble control – Enable vibration feedback in games that support it.
  • LED control – Change the color of the DS4 lightbar.
  • Profiles – Save customized bindings and settings for individual games.

Downloading and Installing DS4Windows

To get started with DS4Windows, you first need to download the latest version from the official website:

DS4Windows Download

The download is an executable file that will install the DS4Windows application on your PC. Make sure you download the correct binary for your system – x86 for 32-bit Windows, x64 for 64-bit.

Run the installer, following the on-screen instructions. The installer will set up all necessary drivers and components.

Once installed, DS4Windows will run automatically in the background. You can access the application window and settings by clicking the icon in the system tray.

Connecting Your PS4/PS5 Controller

With DS4Windows installed, connecting your DualShock 4 or DualSense controller is easy:

  • For a wireless connection, turn on your controller by holding the PS button.
  • Connect via Bluetooth in Windows settings or use a USB cable to plug the controller into your PC.
  • Windows should recognize the device and install default drivers.
  • Open DS4Windows to verify your controller is detected.

If your controller isn’t connecting properly, try restarting DS4Windows or re-pairing the device in Bluetooth settings. Make sure no other programs are trying to access the controller.

Using DS4Windows

Once set up, using your PS4/PS5 controller with DS4Windows is seamless. Here are some tips for customizing and getting the most out of the application:


Profiles allow you to customize settings and button mappings for specific games. Set up unique profiles for each game you play to optimize the controller experience.

To configure a profile:

  1. Open the DS4Windows app window.
  2. Go to the Profiles tab.
  3. Click New to create a new profile.
  4. Enter a name and select your controller.
  5. Adjust the settings and mappings as desired.
  6. Click Save to store the profile.

When launching a game, load the matching profile to apply your custom bindings.

Button Mapping

The button mapping page lets you reassign which DS4/D5 buttons match Xbox 360 controller buttons. This allows full customization for gamepad controls.

For example, you can map the DualSense’s touchpad by clicking on Xbox’s A button to use it as a primary action in a game. Test and tweak the mappings until you find an optimal setup for each title.

LED and Rumble Control

Under the LED tab, you can change the color of the lightbar on a DualShock 4 controller for visual feedback.

The rumble tab lets you adjust vibration strength for games that support Xbox controller rumble on Windows.

Other Settings

DS4Windows has several additional options to enhance your experience:

  • Use the touchpad as a mouse or radial menu
  • Adjust sensitivity for motion controls
  • Set up macro bindings and shortcuts
  • Auto-hide and minimize the app window
  • Launch games directly from DS4Windows
  • Keep the controller awake in wireless mode
  • And more…

Refer to the settings documentation for details on all available customizations.

Using Motion Controls

For games that involve motion control, DS4Windows lets you take advantage of the DualShock 4’s gyroscope and accelerometer sensors.

Enable motion controls under Settings > Controllers. Adjust the sensitivity as needed. Try testing it out in a game that maps controller tilt to in-game actions like steering or aim control.

The motion data gets translated into the right analog stick inputs – so games see it as Xbox controller input. No special support is required.

Troubleshooting Tips

If you encounter any issues using your PS4/PS5 controller with DS4Windows, here are some troubleshooting steps:

  • Make sure DS4Windows is up to date. Check for updates in the app.
  • Restart the DS4Windows app and reconnect your controller.
  • Try re-pairing the controller in Bluetooth settings.
  • Disable other programs/drivers that may conflict with the controller.
  • Run DS4Windows as Administrator.
  • Try a different USB cable if connecting wired.
  • Reset the controller by pressing the small reset button on the back.
  • Check for controller firmware updates from Sony.
  • Disable USB power saving for the controller device in Windows power settings.

In most cases, problems can be fixed by restarting DS4Windows, re-pairing the controller, and ensuring no other programs interfere with the device.

DS4Windows Tips and Tricks

Here are some pro tips for mastering DS4Windows:

Use DualSense Features on PC

One of the best aspects of DS4Windows is that it unlocks features of the DualSense controller on PC:

  • Adaptive triggers provide trigger resistance and vibration
  • Haptic feedback offers precise vibration
  • The built-in mic and headset jack work for voice chat
  • Motion controls enable tilt aiming and steering

As these features are quite new, game support will improve over time. But DS4Windows ensures you can utilize the advanced PS5 haptics on PC right now.

Use DS4Windows Portably

DS4Windows doesn’t require any special drivers or installation when run from a USB drive.

This means you can install DS4Windows onto a USB stick and take it with you anywhere. Just plug it into a Windows PC to instantly use your PS4/PS5 controller with full features.

It’s a great way to enable DualShock 4/DualSense use on public PCs or borrowed laptops when traveling.

Add Custom Shortcuts

Under the Shortcuts tab, you can configure custom key bindings for DS4 buttons that perform actions like:

  • Launching apps or games
  • Controlling media playback
  • Opening websites
  • Toggling settings
  • Launching shortcuts
  • And more…

Set up shortcuts to boost productivity and save time accessing your favorite apps and tools.

Use DS4Windows on Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft added controller support to Xbox Game Pass for PC, so DS4Windows allows you to stream Game Pass titles like Forza Horizon 5 to your PC while using a DualSense controller.

Coupled with the on-screen Xbox button prompts provided by Game Pass, it creates a seamless experience – no need to own an Xbox controller.

Combine with Steam Configuration

For the ultimate control, you can use DS4Windows alongside Steam’s controller configuration settings.

Configure the gamepad within Steam for in-game bindings, and use DS4Windows for system-wide bindings and PS4/PS5-specific features like the touchpad.

This gives you per-game profiles in Steam coupled with the power user features of DS4Windows.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about DS4Windows:

Does DS4Windows work on Windows 11?

Yes, DS4Windows is fully compatible with Windows 11. The latest version of DS4Windows will enable full use of PS4/PS5 controllers on Windows 11 PCs.

Is DS4Windows safe to use?

DS4Windows is open-source software developed by a trusted community of coders. It does not contain any malware and is used by millions of gamers worldwide. You can review the source code on GitHub for full transparency.

Will DS4Windows damage my controller?

No, DS4Windows will not damage or alter your PS4/PS5 controller in any way. It simply reads the controller inputs and emulates Xbox outputs. Your controller firmware and hardware remain untouched.

Does DS4Windows work wirelessly?

Yes! DS4Windows supports both wired USB and wireless Bluetooth connections for DualShock 4/DualSense controllers. For wireless use, pair your controller in Windows Bluetooth settings.

Why does my controller move on its own in some games?

This is caused by the deadzone setting being too low in that game’s DS4Windows profile. Increase the deadzone until stick drift stops. Each game may require fine-tuned deadzone calibration.

How do I uninstall DS4Windows?

You can uninstall DS4Windows from the Windows Control Panel add/remove programs section. This will cleanly remove the software and drivers from your system.

Does DS4Windows work on Steam Deck?

Unfortunately, DS4Windows does not currently work on Steam Deck, since it runs SteamOS and not Windows. You can connect a DualSense controller directly to Steam Deck without additional software.

Can I use DS4Windows wirelessly on Xbox Cloud Gaming?

Yes! Connect your controller wirelessly to your PC, open DS4Windows, then start cloud gaming. The controller will be emulated wirelessly for full gamepad support.

Does DS4Windows work for PS3 controllers?

No, DS4Windows only supports DualShock 4 and DualSense controllers. For PS3 gamepads you’ll need a different solution like SCPToolkit.


DS4Windows is an invaluable tool for PlayStation fans who want to enjoy the excellent PS4 and PS5 gamepads on a Windows gaming PC. It unlocks the full potential of DualShock 4 and DualSense controllers by translating inputs into native Xbox 360 emulation.

The software makes it seamless to use your PlayStation controller with any Windows game or application. Features like custom button mapping, motion controls, and DualSense haptics give you an enhanced and customizable experience compared to using the controller out of the box.

By following the steps in this guide, you’ll be up and running with DS4Windows and enjoying your favorite games with your preferred PS4 or PS5 controller. The community-driven software provides a free and ongoingly updated way to unlock cross-platform controller freedom.

So download DS4Windows today and bridge the gap between PlayStation and PC gaming environments. Your favorite gamepads can now go wherever your Windows computer does.

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