30+ Best Websites To Download Cracked Games For Android Phone 2023

Best Cracked Games Sites: There are a lot of apps and games for Android in the Google Play Store. There are a lot of best websites to download cracked games for Android phones for free, but there are also some useful apps that you have to pay for. Several free apps let you buy things inside the app.

Don’t worry if you can’t pay for these apps. Here is a list of places where you can download paid or cracked apps and games for Android phones for free.

The new sites have a lot of action and are real, which means that they will be updated regularly in real time. Getting cracked apps online is a benefit that many people want.

The pages on this list are thought to be reliable. After a lot of tests on different websites, we’ve found and put together a list of over 30 sites that can be trusted. Cracked games can be found on these websites in large numbers.

List of 30+ Sites to Download Cracked Games Android

There are a lot of places on the internet that let you download cracked games and paid games, among other things. Here is a list of the most suggested sites where you can download cracked games for Android phones.



Avoid.uk.net is a website where you can download cracked games for Android phones. The website is known for having a trendy and modern look. People know that this website has working mod APKs made for the Android operating system.

There are a lot of websites that say they have mod APKs that work, but only a few of them do. Avoid, on the other hand, does not act this way. When you get to the website, search for or look for the program you want. Avoid has a wide range of mod APKs that can’t be found on any other website.


RevDL is a well-known website that lets you download expensive Android apps that have been cracked. Blogspot and a cloud hosting service with a Complete data server have been used to run the site. This website makes it easy to download cracked software by giving a straight download link.

If the site isn’t working, you should try to access it through any free Virtual Private Network (VPN) app you can find in the Play Store. A lot of the website is blocked daily.



Apkpure is a well-known place to download cracked Android apps online. This platform gives you access to almost all of the apps on the Play Store, including their newest versions. Also, the website is a very safe place to download Android apps because it is free of junk and fake software.

People think that Apkpure is the best website because it is easy to use and looks good. The graphics user interface looks a lot like Google’s Play Store. When the app is opened, a lot of information about the app is shown, similar to how the Google Play Store is set up. Also, screenshots show a lot about how the Android app works.



There are many places where you can download apps. But when the current state of those websites was looked at, it was found that rexdl had the most up-to-date versions of apps. If you’re looking for a good website where you can download apps that aren’t supposed to be there.

Rexdl is a website that has a lot of cracked and modded apps and games for Android. This makes it a top choice for people looking for this kind of content. Most websites offer free versions of Android apps that have been changed. In the same way, there is a website where professional Android apps can be downloaded for free.

Blackmart Alpha

Blackmart Alpha is a viable substitute for the Google Play Store, specifically designed for the Android operating system. Blackmart allows users to download various applications, including both paid and free versions, without requiring the creation of an account.

The application boasts a superior user interface that facilitates effortless search and discovery of applications and games.


  • The software is user-friendly and can be easily operated by individuals with limited experience.
  • The software provides users with the ability to select from multiple language options. Incur no expenses.
  • The Full Version application can be downloaded.
  • The installation process for the application is fast and efficient.


Apk4free is a useful resource for people from all walks of life. This site gives you access to a wide range of cracked free apps. In addition to the normal games, players can also find and play games that have been changed. Users are not forced to buy coins or diamonds inside the app.

The style of the website is easy to understand. The website has a simple layout that does a good job of giving people useful information. When people go to the website, they can choose from several popular apps that meet the wants of students. Along with other features, the search bar at the top of the website makes it easier to find the apps and games you want to download.


IHackedIt.com is a safe place to download cracked games for Android phones, apps, and hacks (also called “mods”) for free. Since 2010, the person or people in question have been cracking or hacking Android devices and distributing cracked or hacked iOS apps and games. On this website, you can download programs that have been changed or “cracked.”

Get APK app

Get APK app

With the Get APK app, users can get paid Google Play apps for free. This site lets you download paid cracked Android apps for free. Because the application looks bad, a lot of people are unhappy with it and remove it as a result. This platform is famous for being able to give users access to all versions of any given application. The GetAPK app can be used to find older versions of any game.

The user has the choice of which groups to choose. The person says that they are interested in games and apps. There are both paid and free versions of both apps and games.


The official ACMARKET application can be found on this platform. This app is not available anywhere but in the Play Store. The app in question includes both apps and games that are still on the Play Store and ones that have been taken off. There are both cracked and original forms.

The graphical user experience (GUI) of this app is very similar to that of the Google Play Store. The app and game can be downloaded in both their original and their hacked forms.


APKmb™ is a site that lets people share Android apps and games for free. This website lets you directly download apps, games, tools, and other things for your Android phone, without any ads.


ModAPKDown is a website that lets you download apps for Android devices that have been cracked. Through Markdown, you can get the latest version of the top Android Mod apps and games APK. One benefit is that there are both fake and real paid apps that can be changed. You can get the most up-to-date version from their website.

Apk Real

Apk Real

Apk Real is an all-in-one platform with a large number of cracked Android apps and games. This site has a lot of different apps and games. But it’s important to keep in mind that not all apps and games have cracked versions.

This website is the best place to get Android apps and games. The site’s most recent changes are at the top, and popular apps and games are right below them. The search bar is on the right side of the interface, and below it are several different groups.



Apk4fun is a website where you can find and download many Android APK files that work and are easy to install. There are a lot of free games and other software programs that you can try out for yourself. The user can look for apps by their groups. You can download paid apps for free if you don’t want to pay for them.


The website Allfreeapk, while not widely recognized, is a secure and reliable source for obtaining cracked Android applications and games.

The website has several apps and games that have been changed, but it doesn’t have all the apps and games that are out there.

When you open the app, you will see a search bar at the top of the screen. In the search bar, there were two choices for popular apps and games. Also, the whole screen is full of Android games and apps that have been hacked.


The ModRadar service makes it possible for Android users to get cracked mod apk files. The files can be downloaded for free by anyone who wants to. Users can also send in their own high-quality mod apk games and apps. The website was made with safety and security in mind so that users could get free access to the latest and most popular mods. To start downloading the app, you must have a reliable and steady internet link. The website gives users the chance to interact with many different kinds of people from all over the world. It also makes it easier for them to learn new things.


The Aptoide store is a popular place to get unofficial apps because it lets you download a range of premium apk files for free. This shop has been around for a long time and was one of the first ones to be made available for the Android platform. This app store gives you free access to a large number of popular paid apps. You can get the original app for your phone by downloading it, which lets you install APK files for free.

Apk Done

The goal of the website Apk Done is to make it easier to find unofficial versions of mobile apps and games. This website has a lot of original and changed APKs for apps and games that can be downloaded from the Play Store. You can also download older versions of Android apps and games.

On the site, there are many apps and games to choose from. Games and apps for Android are separated into three different groups: Latest Updates, Top Games Mod, and Top Apps Mod. Also, the search bar is in the top right corner of the interface, making it easy for users to find games and app changes.


HappyMod is an application store APK downloader that works very well and gives users free access to download cracked games for Android phones of high-quality changed apps. To get free mods, you just need to download the HappyMod app from the official website. This application is a complete tool that gives users access to a group of unauthorized software applications in one place.

Users can now find all the information they need in one place, instead of having to do a lot of searching on the Internet. Enter the name of the app or game you want the unlocked/modified apk for in the search bar, and it will show up on your screen. Hacks for games like PUBG and Free Fire can be found on this site.


AndroPalace is a digital platform with a wide range of apps and games that have been changed to add new features and allow for more customization. The service gives you the best instructions for putting the apk file on your mobile device. The interface is well-made and has a lot of ways to connect with it.

On the homepage, you can see the newest apps, Android games that can be played without an internet connection, blog posts about news, and other material. The app has a separate section called “PC Games on Android” that lets users find and download games like Far Cry, God of War, Resident Evil, and others like them.


Mobilism is a good place to get high-quality cracked apk files, especially for people with Amazon Fire Sticks. To use the service, you have to sign up. After registering, users can download any of the APK files that are available.

The website is home to a large number of changed APK files that can be used on Android phones and laptops. The homepage of the website is made to look like a chat and is easy to use. There are mod APKs for music and video apps like Netflix that can be used for different things. The software applications and interactive entertainment goods on this website are free to use and do not require any kind of payment to access or use.


The website allows users to obtain the most recent versions of software applications and video games. To expedite their work, individuals who wish to optimize their workflow and reduce repetitive duties may utilize the following applications. This website provides users with access to complimentary virtual private networks (VPNs), utility applications, and additional productivity-enhancing software.

APKsum’s user interface is intuitive and readily accessible. The activities and applications on the website are efficiently categorized and easily accessible.


The APKwhale website is recognized for its capability to facilitate the download of cracked Android applications and games. There are both hacked and unmodified APK versions of the games listed below.

The website is thought to be safe and trustworthy. You can look at all of the apps and games in the Play Store. As I already said, the website in question is thought to be safe, so you don’t have to worry about spam or fake apps and games.

The search bar is at the top of the interface, which makes it easy for users to find their favorite apps and games with just one search question. This platform has a grouping of cracked Android apps and games that make it easy to find what you want. At the end of the user’s session, the application interface shows a list of famous and frequently downloaded apps.


ApkMirror is a well-known website in the industry that lets users download stock apk files for any app or game that is clean and safe. The site offers many different APK files for different apps. Just name the APK file you want, and it will be made available. The tools on this website are updated every day to include the latest versions. This website gives you access to the latest version of any app or game for Android devices without permission.


Apps APK

AppsAPK is a website that makes it easier to download cracked games for Android phones. Even though it has a lot of potential, it is not getting the attention it needs right now. Before they can be downloaded, all apps that are uploaded to this site go through multiple checks to make sure they are safe. The user interface looks nice, and it’s easy to find your way around the apps.

The process of putting the applications into groups has been done very well. Using a grid view to show apps makes the interface look better. The app in question has other apps that you can’t get through the Play Store. Also, it gives a detailed description of applications along with pictures.


Androeed is a safe site that lets users access PC games and mobile games that have been changed. The language setting is set to Russian by default. The base for Google Translate makes it easier to change languages to English. The website has a wide range of apps and APKs that work with many different kinds of smartphones. Find a wide range of paid and free games and apps, including ones that work even when you’re not connected to the internet and have their cache.



The APKbe website is a well-known place to find changed APK files that can be downloaded easily in many languages. The software has an easy-to-use interface that makes it easy to look for popular apps, even ones that have been changed to get around security measures. It’s easy to find free apps and games. Users can ask for apps that aren’t present on the platform, and the website will try to get them for them. The website’s material was always up-to-date because it was updated often.

Even though it’s not required to sign up to download apps, it’s a good idea to do so if you want to have full access to the website and get information on apps quickly.



Uptodown is a cross-platform Android app shop that wants to promote an open mobile app industry by giving users free access to a huge selection of apps, regardless of the type of device or where they live. The platform has a legal method for distributing software that can be accessed through web browsers and its Android app. At the moment, 130 million people use Uptodown every month.



APK-dl is a safe online tool that makes it easy to download cracked games for Android phones safely. The user interface (UI) is made with simplicity in mind, which makes it easier to get around. The app gives a detailed description of apps and games, along with a link to the Google Play Store where you can get them. All of the apps came from the Play Store, which made sure that they were safe and secure. The website supports 8 different languages and has a wide range of Android apps.



AN1 is a website that gives people who aren’t supposed to have access to software programmers for PCs and laptops, as well as altered versions of programmers made for touchscreen devices. Along with its download services, the website has a feature that lets users read customer and player reviews of the newest and most popular gadgets on the market. Many people see AN1 as a complete source of information that meets a wide range of needs.



The download software facilitates the exploration and download of cracked games for Android phones. The primary objective of the organization was to introduce software products for desktop systems such as Windows and Mac. However, the organization subsequently broadened its portfolio to encompass mobile applications for iOS and Android operating systems. The organization’s collection of applications spans various categories, including but not limited to security, entertainment, productivity, social, and gaming.


AtoZmodapk is a website that lets you download cracked apps and games in many different genres, such as Action, Casual, Drama, Horror, and Comedy, but not just those. On the home page, you can see the top 100 apks. Get free access to over 1000 Android mod apps and games. The A to Z series mod apk is free on this page.

How to get cracked apps for free and put them on your device?

First, go to any cracked apps site or app shop you like.

Then, save the apk file you want to your phone.

Go to Settings>>Security on your phone and turn on the choice for “Unknown Sources.” If you have a newer version of Android, when you click on the apk app, you will see a choice to turn on “Unknown resources.”

Find the apk file that you got earlier.

Install the apk by tapping on it.

Is it safe to download cracked apps and games?

Even though it’s not a good idea to download cracked apps because they could infect your device with malware, adware, and viruses, the chances of this happening are low if you get the apps from a reliable source, like websites and app stores listed above.


In the Play Store, you have to pay for a lot of games and apps. Some people want to use certain apps or games on their phones, but they can’t because they can’t afford them. Our goal is to find the best websites to download cracked games for Android phones from different online sources.

It is important to keep in mind that a lot of websites could cause security risks. So, it is highly recommended to only use websites that are known to be safe and trustworthy. You can’t get cracked versions of any game or app. Sometimes, these websites have new applications that are becoming more and more famous.

If you have any questions about this article, please don’t be afraid to ask. For more help, questions can be asked in the comments area. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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