Best Ways to Make Money on RS3 in 2024

Best Ways to Make Money on Runescape 3: (RS3) offers players many different methods to make GP and build wealth. With some time and effort, you can rack up millions of gp to spend on gear, supplies, and other items in the game. Here are some of the best money-making methods in RS3 for players of all levels:

Gathering Skills for Profit

Gathering skills like Mining, Fishing, Woodcutting, and Farming provide raw materials that are always in demand. Focusing on these skills and selling the resources on the Grand Exchange is one of the most consistent money-makers in RS3.


Mining iron, coal, and rune ores can earn you a steady stream of income. Lower levels can mine iron and coal, while higher levels (85+) can mine rune ores for big profits.

  • Mine iron ores in the Ardougne or Al Kharid mine. Iron sells for 200-400 gp each.
  • Mine coal in the Mining Guild or east of Ardougne. Coal sells for 150-300 gp each.
  • Mine rune ores in the Living Rock Caverns or the TzHaar City mine. Rune ores sell for 6,000-9,000 gp each.
  • Use Signs or Portents of Life and porters to maximize profits per hour.


Fishing lobsters, swordfish, sharks, and rocktails bring in reliable cash. Fishing spots don’t deplete, so profit rates remain consistent.

  • Catch lobsters at Catherby, Fishing Guild, or Piscatoris. Lobsters sell for 200-500 gp each.
  • Fish swordfish at Piscatoris or on Waterbirth Island. Swordfish sell for 600-800 gp each.
  • Catch sharks with at least 76 Fishing at the Deep Sea Fishing Hub or Prifddinas Waterfall. Sharks sell for 800-1.2k gp each.
  • Fish rocktails at 91 Fishing at the Living Rock Caverns or Prifddinas Waterfall. Rocktails sell for 1.2k-1.5k gp each.


Chopping yew, magic or elder logs is a simple way to profit. Logs are always in demand for firemaking, construction, and other skills.

  • Cut yew logs north of Catherby Bank. Yew logs sell for 300-600 gp each.
  • Chop magic logs at Sorcerer’s Tower or southeast Prifddinas. Magic logs sell for 800-1.2k gp each.
  • Cut elder logs at Elder Trees with 90 Woodcutting. Elder logs sell for 1.5k-2k gp each.
  • Use signs or portents of life and porters for maximum gains per hour.


Planting herbs and other crops can earn you a lot of money with little effort. Do farm runs 1-2 times per day to check health and harvest produce.

  • Plant toadflax, ranarr, and snapdragon herbs for profits of 30k-200k per run.
  • Grow papayas, calquats, and coconuts for additional income between herb runs.
  • Check health and harvest produce from tree patches, bushes, hops, cacti, etc.
  • Use seedicide and herbicide to passively gain herbs and seeds from combat.

Combat Money Makers

Slaying Monsters and Bosses offers some of the best money-making in RS3. With good gear and stats, you can farm mobs for consistent gp per hour.

Slayer Tasks

Completing Slayer assignments from high-level Slayer masters is very profitable. Focus on profitable tasks and use area loot to maximize income.

  • Kill abyssal demons, dark beasts, and gargoyles for 500k-1M gp per task.
  • Slay corrupted creatures for valuable Salvage drops worth 500k-2M per task.
  • Block/skip poor profit tasks like bats, bears, zombies, etc. Extend good tasks.
  • Use a Slayer VIP ticket for 7 tasks in a row from your preferred Slayer master.

God Wars Dungeon 2 (GWD2)

The four generals at GWD2 drop valuable rare items and supplies worth 5-20M per hour.

  • Farm Vindicta, Helwyr, Gregorovic, and Twin Furies.
  • Loot rare weapons and armor drops like crests, lacerations, and blades.
  • Disassemble extra drops for precious components.
  • Use ranged for Vindicta, magic for Helwyr, and melee for Greg/Furies.

Raxxi (Araxxor/Araxxi)

This solo boss has rare weapon piece drops worth 80-300M each, plus consistent common drops. With practice kills take 3-5 mins for 5-15M gp/hr.

  • Use melee or ranged for the fastest kills.
  • 3/2 or 2/1 rotation paths are the easiest to learn.
  • Acid Path for high enrage kills when experienced.
  • Prioritize avoiding special attacks over fast kills at first.

Elite Dungeons

These dungeons offer great GP from common mob drops, rare gear, and unique codex abilities. Farm them in 1-3 man teams for 5-30M gp/hr.

  • Farm mobs in ED1-3 in teams for fast clears.
  • Camp boss fights like Masuta, Sanctum Guardian, etc for rares.
  • Learn to solo bosses once experienced for best gp rates.

Passive Money Making

Some money-making methods generate income gradually over time with little effort required. Take advantage of these for easy, AFK GP.

Managing Miscellania

Miscellania Kingdom offers up to 750k gp profit per day from the passive production of raw materials.

  • Complete the Throne of Miscellania quest.
  • Invest a full 750k coins into coffers.
  • Check on progress and collect resources daily.
  • Focus workers on herbs, logs, fish, coal, etc.

Vis Wax

Making vis wax uses runes to produce tradeable wax worth 300-500k gp daily.

  • Requires 50 Runecrafting and all runes.
  • Make 100 vis wax per day from wicked hood teleports.
  • Buy runes from the Magic Guild Store as needed.
  • Sell vis wax on GE or use for porters/signs.

Player Owned Farm (POF)

Checking on your farm animals and harvesting produce can yield 60-300k gp daily.

  • Feed and harvest chickens, zygomites, dragons, etc.
  • Sell animal materials like eggs, scales, and hide on GE.
  • Use beans to buy young animals to raise.
  • Complete farmer contracts for seed packs.

Daily Shop Runs

Buying certain items cheap and reselling yields easy, reliable GP from these shop runs:

  • Broad arrowheads in Taverley Slayer shop.
  • Mahogany planks in Kariandrem South shop.
  • Yak-hide in Jatizso armor shop.
  • Runes from Magic Guild Store and TzHaar shops.
  • Summoning secondaries like gold charms, shards, shards, etc.

Monster Drops

Killing certain monsters that drop valuable items can earn consistent GP with decent combat stats. Use gear, potions, and prayers to speed up kills per hour.

Queen Black Dragon

This solo boss has lots of worthwhile drops like dragon bones, royal hides/spikes, and rare weapon parts. With practice, it’s 5-10M gp/hr

  • Use ranged or mage for the easiest kills.
  • Avoid firewalls and time-stop attacks.
  • Beware of the Dragonfire damage! Bring super antifires.
  • Bank royal hides, bones, scales drops for cash.

Ascension Members (Legio Primus, etc)

These powerful Slayer creatures in the Monastery of Ascension drop Ascension signet rings worth 5-20M each.

  • Kill Legios off-task for signet chance or on-task for Asc keys.
  • Block other Ascension members to force Legio tasks.
  • Use ranged with dragonbane ammo for the fastest kills.
  • Bank keystones and signet drops for big profits.

Frost Dragons

Killable off-task with 85 Dungeoneering, these ice dragons drop frost dragon bones worth 8-12k each. That’s 2-5M gp/hr

  • Use ranged or mage to safely spot them in their cave.
  • Beware their dragonfire breath! Bring super antifires.
  • Aggress potions help pull dragons off melee ones.
  • Bank frost dragon bones and hides for cash.

Flipping Items

Buying items for low prices and reselling them for more is a classic way to make money in RS3. With patience and understanding of margins, flipping can make 3-10M gp/hr.

Understand Profit Margins

Buy items for 5-10% under market value, and sell for 5-10% over market value. Check ranges carefully when buying and selling.

  • Buy quantities of 100-1000 at a time. Stick to highly traded items.
  • Limit buy offers may take time. Be patient!
  • Avoid flipping rares or newly released items. Margins change quickly on them.

Check Price Graphs

Analyze price fluctuation trends on 6 hr, 24 hr, 7 day and 1-month graphs. Look for dips to buy during, and peaks to sell at.

  • Buy during dips and price crashes. Sell at peaks and spikes.
  • Watch for price trends leading up to DXP weekends.
  • Factor in demand around new content releases.

Use GE Lookup Sites

Sites like GE Tracker and Grand Exchange Central provide real-time pricing data and trends. Use them to find good flipping items.

  • Sort items by margin or daily traded volume.
  • Find high-volume items with large, consistent margins.
  • Cross-reference with graphs on the RS3 GE website.

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Common Flipping Items

Some consistently good items to buy low and sell high for profits include:

  • Logs like yew, magic, elder
  • Ores like coal, runite, luminite
  • Bones like frost dragon, dragon
  • Herbs like toadflax, ranarr, snapdragon
  • Weapons/armor like dragon legs, sorrow gear
  • Bulk food like sharks, rocktails
  • Runes like blood/death, law/nature


Buying items in bulk when prices crash and holding them to sell back when prices rebound can make 10-100M gp. However, this requires patience and capital.

Watch for Crashes

Market crashes allow you to buy huge quantities of items at low prices if you have cash on hand.

  • New item releases often crash older item values.
  • Look for 50-75% crashes from peak values.
  • Be ready to invest spare cash during these crashes!

Hold Items

Once bought, be prepared to hold items for days, weeks, or months until values rebound. Storage space can become an issue.

  • Use the Diango storage reclaim option.
  • Fill up money pouch, inventory, etc.
  • Don’t tie up all wealth, keep some liquid.

Sell Back at Peak

When item value eventually rebounds, slowly sell back your merches for colossal profits.

  • Don’t dump all items instantly. Feed bit by bit.
  • Watch out for other big sellers undercutting.
  • Consider holding a small quantity long-term.

Daily Money Making

By dedicating an hour or so per day to consistent money makers, your cash stack and bank value will grow substantially over time.

Jack of All Trades Aura

Activate this aura and cycle through gathering skills to gain bonus XP in each. Saves tons of training time.

  • Mine ore, cut logs, catch fish, etc while active.
  • Vis wax teleports let you quickly bank.
  • Resets with VIP tickets for continuous use.


Playing this fun D&D gives good XP rewards in Dungeoneering, which can save hours of training time.

  • Play every day for XP and tokens.
  • Use tokens to buy useful rewards like gem bags.
  • Occasional bonus XP prizes also help skill training.

Reaper Tasks

Completing these daily PvM challenges gives useful loot like hydrix gems.

  • Aim to complete tasks each day.
  • Extend with Reaper’s Choice orutcation package.
  • Farm points for useful rewards like auras.
  • Bonus Hydrix gems add up over time.

Vis Wax

This was covered earlier, but don’t forget your daily wax for easy GP or supplies like porters.

Player Owned Farm

Harvest your animals and plants daily for materials to sell on GE or use.

Shop Runs

Buy out cheap items from shops to resell daily. Broad arrowheads, feathers, and runes add up.

Hourly Money Makers

Dedicate 1-2 hours on these consistent money makers for a nice boost to your cash stack and overall bank value.


An hour of Vindicta or Helwyr kills yields 5-15M gp plus valuable components.


With practice an hour of Araxxor/Araxxi kills can yield 10-25M gp.

Slayer Tasks

Knocking out tasks like corrupted creatures gives 5-15M gp hourly.

Elite Dungeons

Farming ED1-3 for an hour yields 10-25M gp per run.

Queen Black Dragon

With experience, QBD averages 8-15M gp profit per hour.


With a sizable cash stack flipping for an hour can yield 5-15M gp profit.

Ascension Members

Camping Legios and Primus secundus off-task profits 5-15M per hour.

Frost Dragons

Killing frost dragons with ranged nets steady 3-8M gp hourly.

Daily Money Goals

By setting a daily GP goal from the above methods, your wealth and progress will snowball. Remember: small steps compound over time into huge gains!

5M GP Per Day

This is a solid goal for mid-level players starting:

  • Jack of Trades aura – 500k XP saved
  • Sinkholes – 200k Dungeoneering xp
  • Shop runs – approx 500k profit
  • Vis wax – 300k profit
  • Hour of GWD2 – approx 3M profit
  • 30 minutes flipping – approx 1M profit

10M GP Per Day

High level players can aim for this reasonable 10M per day:

  • Jack of Trades aura – 500k XP saved
  • Sinkholes – 200k Dungeoneering xp
  • Vis wax – 300k profit
  • Shop runs – approx 500k profit
  • Player Owned Farm – approx 300k profit
  • 1-hour Raxxi – approx 6M profit
  • 30 minutes flipping – approx 2M profit

25M+ GP Per Day

For max efficiency players with top gear, 25M+ is achievable:

  • Reaper task – approx 1M profit
  • 1-hour AOD or other groups PvM – approx 15M+ profit
  • 1 hour solo Nex/Telos/Solak – approx 15M+ profit
  • Flipping for 1 hour – approx 5-10M profit
  • Vis wax – 300k profit
  • Shop runs – approx 500k profit


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about making money on RS3:

What are the best skills for making money on RS3?

Some of the most profitable skills are Mining, Fishing, Woodcutting, Farming, Herblore, Crafting and Runecrafting. Having level 90+ in these gathering skills allows you to sell the resources for substantial profits. Combat skills also enable lucrative PvM money-making.

What’s the fastest way to make money in RS3?

The fastest money in RS3 comes from high-level PvM bossing and group encounters like Vorago, Rise of the Six, and Angel of Death. Unique drops from these encounters can earn tens or hundreds of millions per hour. High-level solo bosses like Araxxor and Telos can also reach over 15-30M gp/hr.

What can I do to make money on RS3 with low stats?

For low-level players, some good money-makers are mining and selling ores, catching and selling raw fish, chopping and selling logs, crafting jewelry to alch, and completing low-remise PvM like Barrows runs and Giant Mole. Daily shop runs are easy to profit from as well.

What are the best items to flip and merchant in RS3?

Good flipping items include logs, ores, bones, herbs, armor/weapons, and food. It’s also very profitable to merchant bulk quantities of rares and discontinued items when prices crash. Watch for 50%+ price crashes to buy into.

Is RS3 bonds or OSRS bonds better money money-making?

Bonds can be efficiently maintained in either game with sufficient stats and money-making knowledge. RS3 offers very profitable high-level PvM for sustaining bonds, while OSRS bonds require lower, but more constant grind methods

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