Best Shoreline Keys – Escape From Tarkov 2024

We all know how big the map of Escape From Tarkov is. There are many different parts of it where players can go and explore. For most players, their favorite part of the map is the Shoreline. It is one of the coolest places in EFT.
It is located near the port. Many players were looking for the best shoreline keys. As we all know these keys are beneficial in the game. You can get a lot of loot through them.

So in this blog, we have listed the best shoreline keys in Escape From Tarkov that you should know about. Don’t forget to take down notes! Let’s get started.

List of the Best Shoreline Keys

These are the best Shoreline keys that you can use to get loot. So have a look at them:

1. West Wing Room Key 216

The first Shoreline key is the west wing room key 216. It gives you a lot of useful items. We can’t guarantee the other items but the most consistently found item in this room is the LEDX. You should secure this key. Other than LEDX, you can also get several types of grenades. On top of that, you are most likely to get an M4A1 which is not a joke and can help you a lot. So secure this key if you like the items we have mentioned.

2. East Wing Room Key 222 and 226

Rooms 222 and 226 are connected. LEDX is regularly spawned here. You are also likely to get boxes, grenades, and weapons of any type. You should secure this key because is one of the best shoreline keys.

3. West Wing Room Key 301 and 304

Like rooms 222 and 226, Rooms 301 and 304 are also connected. You should get this room key on your list because it gives you all types of epic stuff including the LEDX, computers, etc. It is located on the west of the resort.

4. Tape Key

The Tape Key is one of the most popular Shoreline keys. This key was not available before but after an update, it was added. If you are someone who looks for LEDX and Medical spawns to keep yourself alive in the game, then the Tape Key will help you get all of it. You should secure this key. You must get there first because a lot of people know about this room and there are consistent raids. You have to get the loot before somebody else does.

5. Key To Station Storage

If you look for epic weapons and boxes in the rooms then you should go for the key to station storage. You are likely to get the best weapons here. On top of that, it is not rushed like the Tape Key Room. You can do it there at any time and you will see nobody (unless it gets popular after this). So do try it, it is surely one of the best shoreline keys in Escape From Tarkov.

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6. Cottage Back Entrance Key

The back entrance key is one of the valuable keys. If you link this key with a quest, there are chances that you will get the best items in the game. Many players have already done it and enjoyed it. You should also try linking it with a quest, you will not regret it.

7. East Wing Room Key 310

The last best shoreline keys room on the list is East Wing Room Key 310. After the Tape key, it is considered the most valuable key. This room is filled with many valuable items including bitcoins. It spawns incredibly valuable items that you might not find anywhere else. It is one of the most popular rooms and because of that, it is always crowded. Many players come into this room to loot valuable items.

Frequently Asked Question

These are some of the frequently asked questions that we have tried to answer:

What are the best keys for Shoreline?

Tape Key and the East Wing Key 310 are considered the best keys for shorelines. You should secure these keys to get valuable items.

Is Reshala still on Shoreline?

Yes, Reshala has moved on the shoreline and their spawn rate is incredibly high.

Does Sanitar wear armor?

Yes, Sanitar wears armor. Though their outfits change most of the time they have armor on
How long does the Shoreline raid last?

The Shoreline raid lasts about 50 minutes. The map is incredibly big so it takes time for the raid.


The shoreline is an important part of the Escape From Tarkov map. We have discussed the best Shoreline keys in this blog. So that you can take advantage of them and loot valuable items. So do check them out all of these keys are listed above.

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