15 Best Cricket Games For PC 2021 (Windows/Mac) In 2021

Best Cricket Games For PC

1. Cricket 07

Cricket 07
Cricket 07 tops our PC cricket games list. it’s developed by HB Studios and published by EA Sports. This game has gained enormous popularity among cricket-playing nations like India, Australia, and lots more. Its cover features Andrew Flintoff, an English cricketer. you’ll play cricket in many formats and different lengths of overs including 50 overs, 20 overs, 10 overs, or 5 overs. And 5-day test matches and 4-day first-class matches. you’ll customize the pitches by selecting special sizes, and you’ll also choose different weathers and conditions to play. you’ll be playing through many national and international tournaments to become the champion.

2. Don Bradman Cricket 14

Don Bradman Cricket 14
Don Bradman maybe a cricket game for PC which is developed by a big ant studio and published by Tru Blue Entertainment. the simplest thing about this cricket game is you’ll play it in many various forms including a career mode, custom matches, and online games.
In career mode, you’ll be playing the character who has started his career when he was 16 and has played for 20 years. you’ll customize your team and players during this mode too. It also features many famous cricketers too, and you’ll modify them also. The ball physics of this game is simply incredible. So we will say this is often the simplest cricket game for PC.

3. Cricket 19

Cricket 19 is additionally an excellent game to play on PC and it had been developed by Big Ant Studios. This cricket game will provide you with a scenario mode where you’ll be playing a predetermined situation. one among the appreciated feature of this game is it’s also included women’s cricket where you’ll play women’s one-day innings and t20 world cups. Whereas you’ll play men’s ODI, t20, test matches, and World Cup.
The visuals and graphics are cool and its controls are smooth.

4. Don Bradman 17

It is a sequel to Don Bradman 14 and is additionally a fun cricket game for PC. Being a sequel, it’s naturally enhanced features. Its career mode is more detailed where you’ve got to start your career at a grass-roots level. you’ve got to pick within the local team, then exerting and mark your thanks to the nationals.
In addition to its customization features, players are going to be ready to customize the cricket stadium to play too. Experience all the new battling shots like helicopter shots, charge sixes, etc.

5. Ashes Cricket 2009

Aschen cricket game for PC is developed by gusto games. It’s ball physics and therefore the controls are intuitive and interactive. The batting is additionally dynamic (you are gonna love that!). The shot’s coverage and choices are better than ever. it’s a multiplayer game and you’ll play it as a two-person game and up to 4 players. So next time you wanna challenge your friends you recognize the simplest cricket game for pc to play with them!
Don’t miss out on the coaching mode where you’ll learn batting and discipline by none aside from Shane Warne. you’ll also get commentary from various veterans to form your game more realistic.

6. Brian Lara International Cricket 2007

Brian Lara International Cricket 2007If you’re a cricket lover then you want to be a lover of Brian Lara regardless of from which nation you’re. This cricket game for pc is endorsed by Brian Lara himself. You can play several cricket formats like ICC World Cup, test matches, one-day internationals, ICC champions trophy, and t20. There is a reason why this is often considered because the best cricket game for pc.

7. Ashes Cricket

Ashen cricket game is made by Big Ant studios in 2017. Play through the ashen series and choose either Australia or England as your team. you’ll also play this game as a private player. you’ll be twiddling with all the real-life famous cricketers. You can create the important players under the creation mode and use them within the series. it’s a feature and fun cricket game.

8. Cricket 2005

Our list of best cricket games for pc is incomplete without this cricket game. it had been developed by HB Studios and released by EA sports. you’ll play this game in single-player mode also as multiplayer mode. It’s a part of 8 eight games within the cricket series and it had been also the last game on the series which featured real player names.

9. Cricket Revolution

Cricket Revolution
It is a multiplayer cricket game for pc and it had been developed by Mindstorm Studios. Its online mode will allow you to compete against other players ( or players near you, using the local area network). When it involves keeping track of your scores, innings, statics, and other performance data there’s no other match. you’ll play 30 different shots counting on what ball you’re playing. You’ll also play single-player mode too.

10. Brian Lara International Cricket 2005

This is about the best cricket games for pc at present. It was developed by Codemasters. You can play all the tournaments and formats in this cricket game. This also comes with both single and multiplayer modes. So enjoy this with yourself or with your friends.

11. Big bash boom

Cricket is gonna be more fun with Big Bash Boom, the sport was released in 2018 and since then it’s been popular among cricket lovers. you’d wanna play this game for its T20 thrill. This arcade action cricket game for PC is more fun than you’d have expected from a game like this.

The best part is that the game features all the teams and players featured in 2018’s KFC Big Bash League and Rebel Women’s Big Bash League, not only this you furthermore may get to play every match during this KFC season. you’ll play this game in single-player mode, online player vs player mode, and split-screen mode together with your friends.

The game also features power-ups that allow you to line new records for sixes. Some customizable features also are available which you’ll need to unlock during your gameplay.

12. Cricket Captain 2019

Cricket Captain 2019

If you’ve got been trapped during this cricket season too, then there’s no better cricket game for PC than Cricket Champion 2019. This game is ideal for a cricket mood. the sport has introduced several new features like a rebalanced one-day match engine, left-handed spin holder type, target run rate indicator, batting aggression setting.

The game has also introduced new Indian domestic teams and South African 20 over the league. Players can playtest championships, one-day matches, World Cup format, and additionally, players also can pick the world’s best team and make them play against one another.

13. International Cricket Captian 3

International Cricket Captian 3 is free to download cricket games for PC. the sport was released in 2007 and it had been appreciated for its gameplay. This game isn’t almost playing as a cricketer, as its name says you’ll be the captain and you’ll need to perform your duties together. You’ll get to be the captain that leads your team to victory regardless of what, here you’ll also play the duties of a teacher.
This game has bought detailed attention to the gameplay and its whole cricket environment also. So be able to play in massive stadiums and convey the trophy to your team with this ticket game.

14. Cricket Captain 2015

If you’ve got already played Cricket captain 2019 edition but trying to find another cricket game for PC then we’d suggest you downloading Cricket Captain 2015. This one is nearly as good because of the latest one. you’ll get to play many formats and against the highest teams throughout your joinery within the game.

Its improved 3 graphics and fonts are all you’ll ask from a cricket game. Players have also loved its intuitive and user-friendly interface. Although ready to “> you’ll only play in single-player mode you’ll still be able to participate in online challenges.

15. Brian Lara Cricket 96

It wouldn’t hurt playing some old games once in a while but when the sport is Brian Lara Cricket 96 we all know you’ll be quite happy to try to do so! So if you would like something classic but fun you choose this game!


This was the list of PC cricket games that we expect you’ll enjoy. Download these cricket pc games and luxuriate together with your friends or boost your cricket skills by playing the single-player mode AI.

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