Top 10 Things You Need To Know Before You Build A Website- Best In 2021

Things You Need To Know Before You Build A Website

The IT world is so structured that it is not always the miser who pays twice. Let’s analyze the main points that need to be taken into account when developing a site, and what problems you may encounter. Often in such articles, there are blatant examples of sites made on the knee for three pennies. One gets the impression that if you contact a serious backend development company and pay a lot of money for the site, you will avoid problems. Unfortunately no. Below you will find ten examples of errors that are found all the time on sites developed for both 40 and 400 thousand dollars.

  1. Unfriendly URLs 

Search engines, approximately, since 2009, have been actively taking into account human-readable page addresses when ranking. It is very important to provide friendly URLs at the stage of website development. Place this item at the stage of development of the TT. After the development of the site, the semantic URLs can be set up, but why spend extra time and money on this, if you can do it right away.

  1. Dynamic URLs

Unfortunately, developers still use CMS with page addresses that change depending on the content. The leader here is CMS Joomla! Changing page addresses entail a very large number of duplicates that interfere with the promotion of the site in search engines.

  1. Misconfigured and wrong styled 404

To avoid problems in the future, it is better to do everything well at once. At the development stage, you should think about a separate design for the 404 error page and its correct processing.

  1. The same product category is available at different addresses.

This can happen if your product is classified into two or more categories. For example, a spare part is assigned to the site section “spare parts for forklifts” and the section “xcmg”.

  1. Constantly updated product catalog

We have written more about this problem in this article. It is highly desirable at the stage of developing the technical specification, either together with SEO specialists, to develop the directory structure necessary for promotion and bring the catalog in 1C in line with it, or to take into account the possibility of creating an additional product catalog.

  1. The site was created on a self-written CMS

Self-written CMS is a content management system developed by a separate web studio or programmer that does not have manuals (instructions) for working with it in the public domain for other specialists. These CMS (engines) have both pros and cons, and this is a topic for a separate article. Important! You can use a self-written CMS if the specialist who developed it will constantly maintain and refine the site and if this is justified by the complex functionality developed for the tasks of your business.

If the web studio from which you order the site offers to create a site on its CMS, no matter how much does a professional website cost, refuse. In the future, if you stop working with them to support the site, you may face serious problems.

  1. Inability to expand the catalog of services or products

When developing sites (even very expensive ones), the catalog expansion is very often not provided. For an effective search engine, promotion expansion and revision of the catalog are extremely important to work. You can’t do without them. If the site architecture does not provide for the possibility of expanding the catalog, to promote the site, you need to refine, and sometimes significantly alter. The cost of rework can be up to 30% of the total cost of website development.

  1. Pop-up pages

Do not create pop-ups on the site. If there are no other possibilities for organizing content, create alternative duplicate pages on separate pages of the site. Think about the people who will come to you from the search engine, they are people too.

  1. “Beauty requires sacrifice.”

A serious problem for the site is when the pages do not contain text. And if it is assumed that users will interact with the site often enough, and you plan to attract traffic from search engines, you will not succeed with such a site. The site should contain the information that users are looking for. And if all of it is encrypted in pictures, search engines will not understand what the site is about, and you will not see visitors from search engines.

  1. Non-unique and useless content

To create a high-quality and effective website, you just need to prepare the same content. This is a labor and energy-consuming activity, and you will have to allocate people for this work. No matter how great a website is developed for you, what it will be filled with is 100 percent up to you.

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