Xiaomi Mi Box 4K Launched in India at a Budget Price

Alongside the Mi 10, Xiaomi also took advantage of this Friday’s event to launch other products in India. Xiaomi Mi Box 4K streaming device launched taking advantage of the strong demand for TVs and other solutions in India.

The company said, “To attract the attention of Indians, Xiaomi struck a deal with Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, Netflix, Hotstar and other streaming services to deliver the pre-installed apps on the Mi Box 4K.”

In addition to having a strong commercial appeal, the Mi Box 4K also guarantees a good performance for those who want to download some games. That’s because the device has 2GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage. If necessary, it is also possible to stream content thanks to the integrated Chromecast Ultra.

However, the Indian model has an important difference compared to the Western model: the presence of the PatchWall interface. Following the Chinese example, Xiaomi must deliver a modified experience within Android TV.

For now, Mi Box 4K is still in the pre-sale phase. Its launch price is INR 3,499.

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