Writing Skills And Their Importance For Students- Best In 2021

Writing skills and their importance

” Writing is an exploration. You start from nothing and learn as you go.” – E.L. Doctorow.

The ability to write the piece of information in the form of sentences, paragraphs, essays, articles, detailed answers, etc which the readers can read and interpret easily is known as good writing skill. It includes a perfect and presentable way to explain your thoughts, views on a particular topic with the help of writing to the people and readers. The ability to write efficiently is very important for the students to perform well and excel in the field of education.

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Importance of writing skills

Writing is one of the most important deciding factors on which your learning and performance are checked and judged. Students often run away from writing and avoid attempting written work and assignments. Students from a younger age itself should be taught to write and learn to perform well in academics as well as in life. Traditional classrooms and online teaching app, but should involve their learners in the practice of writing.

  1. Improved grammar and vocabulary

The habit of writing and good writing skills improves your grammar usage and enhance your vocabulary. You also hold command of the most commonly used languages in education that are Hindi and English. We all know that before writing essays, topics, or written assignments we do research and read a lot of content. Reading and exploring information introduces students to new words and interesting vocabulary. You also hold commands on tenses, punctuation, and other grammar forms used while writing. Writing on an everyday basis reduces the chance of making silly mistakes and other grammatical errors.

The new addition of words to the existing knowledge improves your vocabulary. Using these new words in your write-up,  essays, or articles makes them more presentable and interesting for the readers. Online teaching platforms as well as traditional learning classrooms, should encourage students to write the content to sharpen their writing skills. Online teachers can provide written assignments to their learners with the help of an online teaching app or by sending the written tasks to the email addresses of the students respectively.

  1. Improves communication skills

Writing mixed with reading helps to improve the communication skills of the students. Writing is also a form of communication in which you connect with people with the help of your writing content. You convey your thoughts, ideas, imagination, and creativity with good writing skills which other people read and this helps to develop better communication skills among the students.

Good writing skills give you the chance to express yourself in the form of words. It allows you to communicate and share your message with better clarity. Writing boosts our ability to explain and express ourselves to others in a more presentable and accurate way.

The students who lose marks in their speaking skills should surely brush off and improve their writing skills to balance their academic performance. The habit of writing should be encouraged among the students via online teaching as well by assigning them written works and tasks. Good writing practice will also increase the speed of writing that benefits students while writing and answering lengthy questions during written examinations.

  1. Better connection with oneself

Other than writing what we learn in our academic subjects, some students also write interesting quotations, facts, tricks, Shayari, things of adventure, etc. The skill of penning down our felt emotions into words helps to understand and connect a person with one’s self. Many people have the habit of writing diaries, their everyday routine, feelings, emotions, and much more. All these write-ups work as therapies to stay happy, stress-free, and relaxed.

Writing the negative incidents that you experienced helps you to become aware of the realities of life. You connect the words with your heart and the mind. In this way, writing plays an important role in connecting you with yourself.

  1. Provides job opportunities

Good and efficient writing skills provide several job opportunities to higher education students. With your developed writing abilities, you can find jobs for yourself and earn money. It is a great skill to possess to experience financial independence in life. You can create a personal website for yourself to showcase and present your writing skills to the public. This is a great source to make money.

With the advancement of technology, the job opportunities for this field are also increasing. Many news channels, writers, write-up companies, digital media, etc are looking for people who have good writing skills and can write for their institution. Students who have good writing abilities can become content writers, journalists, editors, bloggers and can also do freelancing in the above-mentioned job opportunities.

You can create blogs, advertisements, quotations, important taglines, social media posts for many information technology companies as well as for non-IT institutions. Social media and digital life is growing at a very fast pace. There are new launches, online businesses, marketing schemes on an everyday basis. This provides good writers a chance to become digital media content writers.

Tips for students to enhance writing skills.

  • Read the different materials available to you properly. When you read, you collect information, and later by making more addition by oneself you can create an interactive write-up.
  • Practice makes a man perfect. So to enhance your writing skills, practice as much as you can. Write more, read more. This will improve your writing ability. With consistent practice, you will be able to make your writing effective and presentable.
  • Use simple words and language for writing so that readers can understand it easily. The use of complex language or words can break the smooth flow of reading. Therefore use your words precisely.


The advantages of writing skills in academics as well as the job opportunities available by it, emphasize its importance for all learners. It boosts our communication skills, thinking skills, imagination, and creativity. Therefore all students should surely practice. Parents and teachers should engage and involve students in the work related to writing skills. Assignments, essay writing, comprehension paragraphs, and reading can be practiced for becoming efficient in writing.

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