WordPress VS Node.js- Compare Differences & Reviews- Best In 2022

WordPress VS Node.js

If you ever have searched for ‘how to build a website, then we are sure you would have come through many headings with ‘WordPress.’ Many of us would have opted for WordPress as it does not need much technical assistance to build a website.

But it also means that you might end up making just the basic website like others. While the newer alternative – Node.js is the most popular among developers nowadays to build a website. It allows the deployment of unique features on a website. You can hire nodejs developers to create a website for you with all the desired features.

Although both – WordPress and Node.js have their pros and cons. So, we should not make a decision based on just the above content, instead, reading the full article might help you to decide on the ideal one for building your website.

Let’s start with a brief introduction:

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS). It is a powerful tool that helps in content creation & content management. One can publish their blogs, business websites, eCommerce stores, etc, with WordPress. On a global basis, 62% of the CMS market is functioned by WordPress. This system powers the back end of the website as well as the front end.

What is Node.js?

It is a back-end, open-source JavaScript runtime environment. It allows the infrastructure to create and run an application. It is light, scalable, and cross-platform. This makes it easy to execute code to build a website or an application. Node.js uses an event-driven I/O model that makes it the most efficient and scalable network application possible.

After the introduction, we shall move toward the comparisons between WordPress and Node.js. This will help you to decide on the perfect one for your project. It will give you a detailed view of why you should choose either of both.

What is Node.js

1. Beginner Friendly:

If we talk about which of both is easy to use by developers and users, then it has to be WordPress. If you are a beginner and want to build a basic website or an application, then WordPress is for you. It does not require you to learn any back-end side of web development. There are unlimited tutorials, resources, and guides you can find to help you with setting up your website through WordPress. Just an average website with basic templates and themes is what you get through this system.

Node.js has a learning curve because to develop a website in Node.js, one needs to have experience in JavaScript. You can hire a developer that has excellent knowledge about JavaScript and knows how to make it work. This will open all the doors of possibilities for your website. You can have the most advanced features on your website to make it unique and user-friendly. 

2. Security:

WordPress core software is surely secure. You can even install its security plugins to add an extra sense of security to your website. But plugins will never keep you completely safe from hackers. With WordPress, you can enhance and add more security layers to your website with password-protected folders. Due to the large volume of people using it, it is often the most popular target of hackers.

WordPress is free software that is available to everyone and that includes hackers too. It opens a wide door of possibilities to hack the website through some codes and do malicious activities. The Back end login portal of WordPress is easily accessible, which puts your website at risk of getting hacked. WordPress security is improving its security factor with a vigilant security team of core developers. 

Here, Node.js is on the upper hand. It saves all of your back-end files and source codes in your server system. Additionally, its robust security features can be implemented in the source code of your website. This is not it! You can even tweak those features according to your needs. This makes Node.js more secure than WordPress on many levels.


Let’s start with an example: What if you have a cumbersome website? It is probably going to take the space of GBs. In the end, you will be left with space issues, and your users will suffer loading speed. With WordPress, the baseline options are not fully scalable. For this, you will need to pay a good monthly subscription amount for WordPress as fees to handle those heavy plugins for your website.

Otherwise, your WordPress website will suffer from long loading times because of the large size of the website. Heavy traffic can also be a reason here. But even if you invest in its security plugins, it will only mess up your budget as it cannot give you the surety of anything.

While scalability offered by Node.js has benefited numerous Large-scale organizations. It runs on a V8 engine which makes Node.js untouchable and supremely efficient in terms of computing speed. The JS code is then converted to a native language to result in operating speed. This has made many bid enterprises trust Node.js.

With single-threading, Node.js processes requests rather than using the traditional multi-threading. This technique saves a ton of computing space and speed. Its team of brilliant developers is constantly working on providing more security and scalability to the users. The techniques used by them help to boost the overall computing capacity of the server.

4. Content Creation:

Setting up a WordPress website can be the easiest. You are just a few clicks away from publishing your content. It has easy-to-use templates and helpful tools that make publishing content easy through WordPress. Its dashboard menu has everything one requires to write and publish new content. With no confusing settings, WordPress is the best content publishing platform for beginners.

Node.js is advisable to use on much larger projects & business websites having APIs (Application Programming Interface). It becomes a bit tedious work to set up Node.js. If you want to do something simple, lightweight personal blogging and have personal websites that only need to meet the basics, then Node.js can be tough to use. But if you desire to make an impressive and unique site with an outstanding User Interface/Experience (UI/UX), then Node.js is the best choice.

Which Companies Use WordPress?

Some of the popular companies that use WordPress are:

Sony Music




Which Companies Use Node.js?

Some of the popular large enterprises that use Node.js are:









Final Words:

As we read in the above article, WordPress and Node.js have different audiences. Now it’s your turn to decide in which category you fall and which of these both will benefit your business goals.

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