Wireless Mouse Is Not Working- 10 Best Ways To Fix It In 2021

Why My Wireless Mouse Is Not Working?

Many questions often arise about why the wireless mouse doesn’t work. If you experience this, there is no need to worry because here we will discuss how to solve it.

The use of a wireless mouse is now almost replacing the role of an ordinary wired mouse. Of course, a wireless mouse has advantages in terms of practicality. We don’t need the hassle of winding the cable or untangling it when using this type of mouse.

However, at certain moments, sometimes the wireless mouse does not function normally.

To find out what the main causes are, follow the discussion below.

Here’s How To Fix Undetected Wireless Mouse!

How to deal with Logitech, Toshiba, SLEC, and KOBWA wireless mice that can’t connect? The following will explain how to fix the wireless mouse. Follow the steps below:

1. The Bluetooth Receiver Is Damaged

The main cause that often occurs is the Bluetooth receiver on the mouse is damaged. The wireless mouse uses Bluetooth technology to be able to connect the mouse to a computer or laptop.

When the Bluetooth receiver is damaged, the mouse cannot be used automatically. the damage could have been due to a previous drop or the very poor quality of the receiver itself.

Unfortunately, when the receiver breaks down, we can’t fix it. The only way is to buy a new wireless mouse that has an official warranty.

2. The battery used is exhausted

The next cause is the battery on the mouse has run out. As is well known that a wireless mouse uses the battery as its power source. Unlike the wired mouse which takes its source from a computer or laptop.

If the battery is exhausted, you can replace it with a new battery. Also, make sure what type of battery is used. Because there are mice that use AA and AAA battery types.

The first easy way to overcome a dead wireless mouse is to replace the battery first because this initial guess is very reasonable to do. This is because the wireless mouse can turn on with the help of power from the battery. Therefore, if you already feel that the mouse battery has not been replaced for a long time. Replace the batteries so that the wireless mouse can turn on again. I have experienced it myself, not realizing that the battery in the mouse is up.

Well, the best way you can use batteries for a good wireless mouse is the alkaline, ultrafire, and ABC energizers. The three types of batteries have extraordinary resistance.

3. Damage to the mouse

The next part is the damage to the mouse itself. This kind of thing is not a surprise considering the mouse is still an ordinary electronic device. Some of the damage that occurred includes lasers, click buttons, to the wireless mouse transmitter.

If this happens, then the solution is the same as in the first point, which is to replace it with a new wireless mouse. However, if you buy the mouse with a warranty, try to claim the warranty. That way, you can replace a new mouse for free.

4. Not Installing the USB Driver

Basically, every wireless mouse uses a plug-and-play concept. This means that we can use it immediately without having to install drivers. However, for certain mice and usually expensive, we are still required to install the mouse driver CD first.

Therefore, when you buy a wireless mouse that uses a driver CD, please install it first like installing an application. After that, please connect the mouse again to see the results.

5. The USB port on the computer is damaged

Let’s just say that all the mouse components have no problem at all. However, when connecting it to a computer or laptop it still doesn’t turn on either. There could be a problem with the USB port of the computer or on the laptop.

The way to find out whether the USB port on a computer or laptop is damaged is to use another USB device. if there are no signs that other devices are working, the problem is certainly in the computer or laptop.

There are two ways to overcome this. First, you try to reinstall the USB port driver. If the first method doesn’t work, then try going to a service shop to be able to fix it.

6. Poor Quality Mouse

Currently, the price of the wireless mouse is more affordable than when it first appeared. Even though it looks more attractive in terms of price, you still prioritize quality. Mouse prices are too cheap you need to question the quality.

It would be much better if you buy a mouse that is slightly more expensive but of good quality. Even so, there are also cheap mice that are of good quality. But you have to be careful in choosing it.

7. Incompatible With Computer Operating Systems

This condition is very rare, but that does not mean it is impossible. Wireless mice and wired mice have been designed to support modern computer operating systems. Usually from the Windows 7 to 10 operating system.

However, the case can be different if you are using Mac or Linux. Some mice currently available do not list whether they are running on Mac or Linux. If the mouse is completely unusable then it may not work for certain operating systems.

The solution to overcome this is to buy a mouse that is compatible with the computer operating system. For example, in the case of a Mac made by Apple, maybe you have to buy a wireless mouse specifically for the Mac version. Likewise with Linus had to use the same method.

8. Receiver Used Is Different

Still about the receiver, but this time from the side of the device. As previously reviewed, this mouse receiver has its own partner. If you replace the previous mouse receiver with another version, the mouse cannot be used as it should.

The solution for this part is to make sure the receiver on the mouse is the right match. When buying a wireless mouse, it’s best to get tested before buying it.

Those are some of the points why the wireless mouse doesn’t work. I hope this article is useful.

The wireless mouse gives users the flexibility to click and scroll through pages without being distracted by tangled or messy cables. Without a mouse, the work will be ineffective. So, do not let the mouse be damaged so that it is not detected. When the wireless mouse is not detected on the laptop.

There are many factors associated with this problem. As it could be the signal reception has been damaged, the battery is drained, and the mouse driver is not installed properly. The difference between a wired mouse and a wireless mouse is that there is a device that functions as a receiver in the form of a dongle that is connected to the computer’s USB port and the transmitter in the form of the mouse itself.

After many tests and references to the causes of mouse errors, we found some tips and ways to solve the problem of undetected laptop wireless mouses. So watch it.

9. The Wireless Mouse Is Not Good Quality

Apart from the mouse receiver signal, the result is the mouse does not work because the overall quality of the wireless mouse is not good. So that it can cause the mouse to die suddenly. So, when you want to buy a mouse, you should be smart, choose from brands that are well known for their good quality. My advice, don’t be tempted by cheap prices but don’t have the best quality, it’s better to buy a little expensive but more durable.

10. Remove and Reinstall the Wireless Mouse Dongle

Wireless mouse not working can be solved by removing and replacing the dongle (signal receiver) to the USB port on the computer. This method usually works on computers that suddenly lose their connection. Try this step: Remove the dongle from the laptop/computer port. After a few moments, restart the laptop first, then plug the dongle back in. Oh yes, this applies to ordinary wired mice and wireless mice.

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