Windows 10 Update Stuck At Checking For Updates Solved- Best In 2021

Windows 10 Update Stuck

Microsoft regularly releases Windows updates to repair the safety hole created by third-party applications, with security improvements and bug fixes. And with Windows 10 updates set to put in automatically. meaning whenever a replacement update is available, that download and install automatically via windows update.

Or sometimes we’d like to manually check for updates from windows settings, update & security check for updates. But a number of the users report Windows 10 updates stuck checking for updates forever. Or Windows 10 feature update version 20H2 stuck downloading at 48 % or the other figure, fails to put in.

I was looking at Windows Update under my settings, to make sure I was up to date, but it seems Windows Update has been stuck checking for updates.

There are several reasons why the installation or finalization of 1 or more Windows updates can hang. most frequently, these sorts of problems are thanks to a software conflict or a preexisting issue that simply wasn’t delivered to light until the Windows updates started installing. If you’re also struggling form this problem, Here are some effective solutions to repair Windows update installation problems.

Windows update stuck downloading

First of all check and make sure you have a stable internet connection, to download updated files from the Microsoft server.

  1. Temporarily Disable security software (Antivirus) if installed, and take away VPN.
  2. Check windows installation drive (C: ) have free disc space to download windows update files.
  3. Start windows clean boot state and check for updates that fix the matter if any third-party service conflict causing the difficulty.

Windows Update Troubleshooter

Run the build windows update troubleshooter that checks and fixes the issues prevent windows update to put in properly.

  • Press Keyboard shortcut Windows + I to open settings,
  • Click Update & security, then Troubleshoot on the left-hand side.
  • Now select Windows update and run the troubleshooter.
Windows update
  • The troubleshooter will run and plan to identify if any problems exist which prevent your computer from downloading and installing Windows Updates.
  • Restart windows After complete the troubleshooting process.
  • Now open Windows update and check for updates.

Reset Windows update cache

If windows update troubleshooter didn’t fix the matter for you. Still, Windows 10 checking for updates forever, try reset Windows update cache that clear old windows update files and download fresh windows update files from the Microsoft server when next time check for updates.

Stop Windows 10 Update service

  • Type cmd on start menu search,
  • Right-click on the prompt and choose run as administrator.
  • You need to enter net stop wuauserv to prevent the windows update service.
  • This is to prevent the continued update service. Including the Windows update-related service and therefore the downloading service.

Clean Windows Update Cache files

  • Press Windows + E to open windows explorer.
  • Navigate to C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download
  • Here inside the Download folder, press Ctrl + A to pick all file folders there and press the Del key to delete them.

Tips: If you can’t delete a number of the files, reboot your computer. After you restart your computer, follow the above steps again. Then you’ll delete all Windows Update cache files once.

Restart Windows Update service

  • To do that, open the Administrator Command Prompt, and enter “net start wuauserv“.

Run Windows Update again

  • Press Windows + I to open windows settings,
  • Click Update & security, then windows update.
  • Click on Check for updates button.

check for Windows Update

So this point, you’ll be ready to download and install the Windows 10 system update smoothly without being stuck.

Repair Corrupted Windows system files

If windows system files get corrupted, missing this might encounter different problems including windows update stuck downloading and installing. Run windows system file checker utility that scans and restores corrupted files with the right one.

To run system file checker utility

Type cmd on start menu search, from search results, right-click on prompt and choose run as administrator. Then type command sfc /scannow and press enter key to execute an equivalent.


This will start scanning for corrupted missing system files if found any the SFC utility automatically restores them from a compressed folder located %WinDir%\System32\dllcache.

You only need to await 100% to finish the scanning process, then restart windows. Now open windows settings, update & security and check for updates.

Did these solutions help to repair Windows update installation problems? allow us to know in the comments below.

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