Why Is KimCartoon Not Working? Best 10 KimCartoon Alternatives To Watch Cartoons 2022

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KimCartoon Alternatives

Looking for sites to watch free cartoons and anime? Looking for kimcartoon alternatives? No need to worry we have your back. Most people still like to watch cartoons and anime. Because these cartoons or anime series connect them to their childhood.

For most people, it is not possible to pay for their favorite cartoons or animes. Kimcartoon and other sites like kimcartoon save a chunk of their money by providing all these shows for free. But due to the strictness of copyright policies of media companies, it is safe to have more than one site on your sleeves. 

That is why we have created a list of the top 10 alternatives of Kimcartoon that you can watch cartoons and anime on.

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What is KimCartoon?

Kimcartoon is a site where you can watch old cartoon shows and anime series. Kimcartoon features famous shows, anime series, and underground quality content. 

Kimcartoon has a massive library of content that you can watch all day long for a year and never have to watch the same episode again.

Kimcartoon has been a choice of hundreds of thousands of people for so many years. But in recent years almost all the industry including anime and cartoons has transitioned towards the online streaming threat. 

Kimcartoon and other sites like this pose a threat to the business of these streaming sites. Disney has already started to crack down on these sites. Therefore it is not wise to only stick with one site.

List Of Best Alternatives of KimCartoon 

Here is a list of the 10 best alternatives of kimCartoon with big libraries and plenty of content to keep you hooked.


Best Alternatives of KimCartoon 

KissAnime is one of the oldest websites to watch free cartoons and anime on your phone or laptop. KissAnime has a very big library containing plenty of content. That is why it can serve as the best alternative to KimCartoon. KissAnime has a user-friendly interface with a variety of content that you can watch from different categories. Kiss anime also features movies and Tv shows other than just cartoons. 

Kiss anime get banned from time to time but it always changes its domain.

2. Watch Cartoon Online 

Watch Cartoon Online is another site filled with Cartoons, Anime, and animated movies. The site has been in existence for over a decade now and providing with quality content. You will find content on the site that you can not find anywhere else.

The website offers the latest cartoon, and anime series as well as the oldest ones. Every bit of content on the site is free. You can also download it on your Android/IOS device.

3. CrunchyRoll 


ChrunchyRoll is a streaming service that offers a wide range of content in Anime. This website not only features content for kids but also for teens and adults. ChrunchyRoll is one of the first services that proded users with subtitled and dubbed anime.

Crunchyroll not only features anime but also manga. It has more than 1 million paying subscribers. You can watch all the popular animes like dragon ball, Naruto, etc on this website.

4. Toonova 


Toonova is another site where you can find cartoons of every genre. Toonova features a vast library of content containing hundreds of thousands of episodes. Content includes all the popular and underground shows. You can watch all of this content on Toonova for free. If you find the site banned in your content try using a VPN.

5. Cartoons On 

Another alternative to KimCartoon is Cartoons. The site also has a big chunk of content. This content includes all the popular as well as new TV shows. It offers subtitles for so many popular shows.

6. GogoAnime 


GogoAnime is one other alternative to kimCartoon. GogoAnime has a library full of content. One downside of Gogo Anime is they do not feature new content. Most of the content you’ll find on the site is old and is not updated.

7. Cartoon Crazy 

Cartoon Crazy is another site that you can use as an alternative to kimcartoon. Crazy Cartoon has a user-friendly interface with plenty of old and new content. The website features range in different categories. Visit the site and enjoy the content.

8. 9Anime 


9Anime is another site worth visiting. The site features old and new content. You can find Japanese anime here with their dubbed version. The site is free and has a user-friendly interface.

9. 4Anime 

4Anime is another good alternative to KimCartoon. 4Anime is a streaming service with a library of 200,000 hours worth of content. 4Anime features free and subscription bases plans. You can watch limited content on 4Anime for free. You can also choose a subscription to watch popular cartoons and anime.

10. Anime Toon

Anime Toon is a website that offers content for kids, teens, and adults in cartoons and anime. The website provides content in different languages like English, French, Portuguese, Italian, and Russian. The website features both free and paid services. Its free service website has an add-based system with limited content. 


Want to watch anime and cartoons for free? KimCartoon not working in your region? No need to worry we’ve got your back. After extensive research, we have collected the 10 best KimCartoon alternatives where you can find all the anime series and cartoon sites. Visit the sites and enjoy.

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