WhatsApp Sniffer Apk Download For Android And PC- Best In 2021

WhatsApp Sniffer Apk Download

In our digital environment, we can’t assume our life without the web. So everyone using smartphones primarily for communication and entertainment purposes. Most people mostly communicate with WhatsApp only because it’s a natural, secure, and reliable messaging app. Also, it presents us with numerous exciting highlights, and it’s the foremost well-known and extensively used app within the world.

From children to adulthood people everyone using WhatsApp, it’s that much craze within the world. After starting WhatsApp, people just like the most then began to give preference to WhatsApp for discussion. i.e., video calls, audio calls, and messages. Most of them have the interest to understand your loved one’s chat. But they didn’t provide a smartphone to you, and that they hide it on their mobile. So it might help if you’re not worried about this because Whatsapp Sniffer Apk is for you. This WhatsApp Sniffer App is usually useful for the oldsters to watch their children who are using WhatsApp.

What is WhatsappSniffer?

Whatsapp Sniffer Apk is superb thanks to saving his/her hurt from bad habits. This app serves to trace your near sides people. you’ll see his/her messaging and calls history. only both may be using an equivalent Wi-Fi. Otherwise, you don’t get the info. So, please use this app together with your right mind.

We all know that it’s an observing app, so this app not available on the Android play store. So use the below link to download the app.

Specialties Of WhatsApp Sniffer Apk

Prime feature: you’ll easily view on anyone’s Whatsapp account and may monitor who he/she is talking with others. you’ll export and import discussions from auxiliary storage. you’ll also control the chats consistent with your needs.

Visual appearance: The interface is exceptionally eye-catching and easy to work with.

Regular updates: This app gets time-to-time updates which makes it more stable. WhatsApp Sniffer App also works very efficiently.

Free tier: Cost-free and also it’s tiny in size.

Work Progress: No rooting either jailbreak is required. This application works without clashes, unlike other spy tools.

Power consumption: it’ll not consume any battery lifetime of your Android mobile. It works on less fuel and more output.

Compatible: regardless of the platform, it works on both Android and IOS devices with an honest internet connection over Wi-Fi.

Problem-solving: you’ll keep your loved ones safe from online bullying and spam calls. this may assist you to not become the victim of cyber-attacks. you’ll tell him/her to remain far away from such chats or calls.

WhatsApp Sniffer App Full Info

App Name: WhatsApp Sniffer Apk

App Size: 20MB

Category: Monitoring or Spy

Latest Update: 17/05/2021

License Type: Freeware

Density customers:  1,00,000+

Average App Rating: 10/8.0

Download WhatsApp Sniffer Apk Latest Version

Officially, this app isn’t available within the Android play store due to its unique nature; it’s found separately at respective sites. We aren’t the official developers of this app. you’ll download it very easily just with one click thereon. Many fraud apps are available within the market. Just watch out for it. Now, Download an updated version of the WhatsApp Sniffer apk on your android mobile.


Whatsapp Sniffer APK 2021 Installation Guide

  • In the beginning, open the settings on your android device.
  • After that, you can touch on security settings to find the unknown sources option.
  • Now, allow the option after you can happily install WhatsappSniffer APK files on your smartphone device.
  • Once the Installation method is complete, open any file explorer on your device like ES File Explorer.
  • In here, operate to the folder holding the WhatsAppSniffer App, which you have downloaded beginning. Once you have noticed this APK file, open it utilizing ES File Explorer.
  • Later that, allow all the required approvals of this app, which will start the installation method. And Whatsapp Sniffer Apk will be happily installed on your device within some seconds. Once that is completed, you can start managing this app for sniffing Whatsapp accounts on your network right away.

Whatsapp sniffer Requirements 

All these requirements are mandatory and shall be utilized during installation and download. 

  1. Rooted android device 
  2. WIFI connection 
  3. Busy box app 
  4. Latest android version mobile for better results 
  5. Enable unknown sources installation 

WhatsApp Sniffer Apk Latest updates

It is updated fairly often to realize good user engagement and to grow its service exposure.

Theme: Visuals are quite almost like the previous version, but the general has changed a touch in terms of fonts used or navigation. you’ll do any quiet activity now and obtain a fast response. That’s good news!

Export and Import: This new feature enables you to read messages or chats albeit you’re not online. Once you save the chat backup and share it with your external device, then you’ll open and skim them at any point in time.

Performance: The results are loading too fast now, and it’s like they need to increase the load capacity. Also, the import and export option has increased the dimensions of the pack.

WhatsApp Sniffer App For PC (Windows | Mac) | iOS

Apk file format is not suitable for every device’s platform out there. So, one should acquire the knowledge on how to install, download, and update guides of the android application for various devices, which shall be provided below.

Whatsapp sniffer for PC: Keep tracking your loved one’s details is fun unless you know how to do it.

WhatsApp Sniffer For iOS (Not Available): 

iPhone or iPad devices are highly secured, and their ios software is not compatible with every app available on the web. Although there are different ways to find solutions to install other apps, this one Whatsapp sniffer needs many requirements to fulfill. It needs rooting, and apps like busy box to engage with the system settings. Hence, these requirements are highly impossible to meet on IOS gadgets; we cannot process WhatsApp Sniffer Apk.

How To Utilize WhatsApp Sniffer Apk [User Guide] 

Note: Be sure to install Busybox to enable root access to your phone. So that can allow a few system settings to install the application.  

1. Firstly get the apk file from the available resources. 

2. Open the app and explore the options inside it before you start accessing the application. 

3. Make sure you enable the root access for sure. 

Reminder: This option of monitoring others’ chats & calls is only possible when you both are connected to one network wifi. 

4. On the bottom line of the app, accept the ARP spoof checkbox to search for the devices around using WhatsApp. 

5. It’ll show a message saying that searching for the devices in the area to capture.  

6. Finally, choose the phone you want to look into from the list obtained. 

Advantages of WhatsApp sniffer App

Life savior: Do you know how many cyber-attacks happen in a day? Jeff Bezos WhatsApp’s account was also hacked recently from unknown sources. Hence, it’s our job to save our kids by monitoring their chats and calls with the help of the WhatsApp sniffer apk. Help them understand what is what! 

No fee: No need to enroll in any subscription method to avail of its services. It’s 100% free to use. 

Monitoring: It’s beneficial for the users looking to keep track of their loved ones. The right intention for the right cause. 

Functionality: Once it has all requirements set, it can work very fast. App has very easy navigation and a simple interface.

Disadvantages of WhatsApp sniffer App

Platform dependent: You can monitor other chats only if they are connected to the same Wi-Fi. Completely dependent on Wi-Fi to give its best.   

Age limit: People less than 13 years of age shall be restricted from utilizing its services.  

Whatsapp sniffer Apk User Review

Simple, personal, secure is all that it takes to define the quality of this application. It’s the best way to monitor the top messaging app out there giving you good control over other chats and calls. The latest update of the WhatsApp sniffer works quite efficiently without any runtime errors. The only thing to take care of is to test the application for a better cause. And be aware of the kids, it is the only notion of this app. 

Overall App Rating: 8.5

Final Words

We want to mention that if you are doing require this app to be a part of your Android phone, then you would like to follow these steps. Just by following these steps precisely, you’ll ultimately have this app on your device. then you’ll have joy while utilizing Whatsapp Sniffer Apk and watching on others. As said preceding also that this app is improved for moral expectations, so don’t misuse it for unnecessary mean ideas.

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