Top 5 Features For WhatsApp Clone App Development Solutions- Best In 2022

WhatsApp Clone App Development Solutions

Communication is very important for everyone. But in earlier days there was only one medium that was a letter. Then Slowly the mobile phone came. People used to call or go for text messages for communication. But they have to pay a lot and they can communicate very little. Now Technology has been improved. Now many communication apps give us the opportunity of unlimited texting voice calling and video calling options without any hassle. Whatsapp is one of those apps.

Research shows that 80% of the world’s population uses instant messaging apps on their smartphones. By WhatsApp, one can connect with their family, friends, or clients, too. You can share images, videos, audio, contact, locations, documents and GIF files, etc through WhatsApp. The craze with WhatsApp has increased day by day. In February 2017, WhatsApp had over 1.2 billion users globally and this is now reaching 1.5 billion monthly active users by the end of 2017. And that is not a low number.

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What is WhatsApp Clone?

Whatsapp clone is a duplicate version of WhatsApp. These are the framework containing the basic functionalities of the original app that cost less money and time to develop. The Developers who used to design these types all Integrated each kind of feature and which can give customer satisfaction like the original app. The entrepreneurs and the business owners who choose these types of clone Apps. But they have to choose a perfect clone app development company that will cater to their specifications.

Developing a WhatsApp clone is not too tough. If you know some features then you can also develop them. So we are discussing the Top 5 Features for Whatsapp Clone App that you should add while developing.

  1. Texting facilities:

Texting is one of the most important features of WhatsApp. Previously many people used normal texting options for communication. But there they have to face a Problem of limitations. But with WhatsApp, they don’t have to face these kinds of problems. One can text unlimited with this. So while you are making a clone app always add Unlimited texting facilities to it. These features can attract more and more customers.

Sometimes many people face a lot of problems saving outdated messages. Put the feature in WhatsApp clones that can help them to escape from this problem. Create a media which saves messages only for a certain time and when the user logs in with a different number then all your previous messages will be deleted. This is very important and helps a customer with hassle-free chatting.

While texting makes sure to add the features by which they can share photos, videos, docs, location, and even contacts. Help your customers by sending photos directly or indirectly after clicking.

You should add the Personal and Group Chat Facility to your clone app. With this feature, one can easily communicate with friends and family members. With the group chat Feature one can easily communicate with many people at a single time. So it is beneficial.

  1. Security and Privacy settings:

Security is very important for every app. Because there are many private chats, photos, and videos. So a Developer should provide an option of end-to-end encryption security feature which can help a person to hide messages from hackers. These messages are encrypted on the sender’s and receiver’s phones and decrypted accordingly.

Sometimes many people feel a lot of disturbances when they get a lot of notifications from chats. For this, you should add a mute notification option that can help them to control notifications.

You can also add the last seen feature. It helps a person to hide their last seen.

  1. Voice and Video Calls:

Through voice calls or video calls, one can communicate with their clients or Loved ones. So you should add this feature to your clone app. For this one has not to spend a lot on calling balance, only a strong internet can nail it. Be sure if the videos are hassle-free or not. It can attract more customers.

  1. Blocking:

You should add a blocking option to this app. Because there are a lot of fake people. So many people don’t want someone on your WhatsApp. This option can help those users to block or unblock a person. If a person blocks someone then the blocked person cannot call or text them or show their status.

  1. Multiple platforms:

Create a WhatsApp clone that can reach all people. There are two well-known platforms: Android and iOS. Be sure the app must be available on both platforms PlayStore and AppStore respectively.


So Developers. Be sure about these features. Try to add these and make a perfect hassle-free communication system.

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