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What Is The Hosting Control Panel

Even though it looks simple, actually making a website requires various elements to run well. In addition to the content or content of the website itself, web owners also need to set up hosting and hosting control panels. The term hosting may sound familiar. However, what is a hosting control panel?

In the last decade, the internet has developed rapidly. This can be seen not only in terms of users but also in the number of websites which are also increasing and varying.

As of January 2020 there are more than 1.74 billion websites on the Internet. And, it is certain that this number will continue to increase.

Internet statistics facts

The increase in the number of websites is closely related to the increasingly diverse use of the internet. Today, the existing websites provide not only information but also entertainment and commerce. Therefore, it is not surprising that many new websites have sprung up.

When someone plans to create a new website, many elements need to be considered, including web hosting as a data storage area and also the use of a hosting control panel. These two things are very important in the creation and operation of a web, especially the hosting control panel.

So, what exactly is a hosting control panel?

Get To Know The Control Panel

Apart from hosting, website creation should also involve a hosting control panel to make it easier for web owners to run their blogs. For some people, especially those who are unfamiliar with website creation, the control panel may sound strange.

Actually, what is a hosting control panel? In general, the control panel, or in India more familiarly called Cpanel is a tool or tool that helps web owners in managing hosting services and servers.

Note – Cpanel is actually a brand of a Control Panel Hosting provider. But most of us are familiar, calling them all Cpanel. Just like Aqua, a brand of mineral water. Where, whatever the brand, when it was a ‘mineral water’ product, we are more familiar with it called Aqua. Hohohoo ..

– Cpanel

So, when I mention Cpanel here, it means Control Panel Hosting. Okay, let’s continue….

Through Cpanel, web owners can make settings on the admin system. Although complex, with this tool everything becomes easy. You can do things with just a few clicks.

Without a control panel, setting up the website will be much more complicated. In addition, thanks to the control panel, the time needed to set up the admin system will also be shorter.

In fact, if the web owner intends to move servers, the use of the control panel can simplify and shorten the process.

To access the hosting control panel, the web owner needs a username and password. In addition, to be able to activate the hosting control panel, web owners are also required to have and include an email.

The hosting control panel can be obtained free or paid. Each control panel usually has a different appearance but the features offered are generally similar.

Control Panel Functions

Knowing what Cpanel hosting is about will not be complete without knowing its functions. In the operation of a website, the use of the control panel will greatly help web owners. This is because the control panel has various functions that make website management and hosting easier.

The first control panel function is to manage everything related to the web domain from registration to domain name transfer. If the web owner gets the domain from someone else, the hosting panel can help move the domain name.

In addition, the hosting panel also functions as a tool or tool for installing and uninstalling various windows features and gadgets. Not only that but the control panel is also used to back up data on the website so that security is more guaranteed.

Another function of this hosting panel is related to account settings. Through the control panel, website owners can add email accounts or configure email clients’ accounts.

Through the control panel, website owners can also find out visitor statistics and web traffic without the need to download plugins from outside. This of course can increase practicality and also maintain hosting security.

By using Cpanel, website owners can also more easily monitor and monitor server performance. Controlling internet network status, making connection changes, and internet connection configuration are some of the things that can be done by the control panel about monitoring server performance.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Control Panel

As is well known, the control panel consists of two types, namely paid and free. Each control panel has its own advantages and disadvantages. What a website owner has to do is be observant in choosing a control panel.

To choose the right Cpanel, website owners must understand the aspects that must be in a quality control panel. That way, the website that is created can run well.

Well, here are things that must be on the control panel so that the website and web hosting can run properly:

1. Easy To Operate

When choosing a Cpanel, try to choose one that is easy to operate. Apart from being easy to operate, it can support all the needs in building a website.

In choosing Cpanel hosting, the simplicity of appearance, control panel features, and quality are things that web owners should consider.

As much as possible, choose a Cpanel hosting that is not confusing. So that web owners do not need to feel difficult.

2. Compatibility With The Operating System

Each Cpanel hosting is made by customizing the existing operating system. Some control panels are made specifically for the Linux operating system. While several other control panels are made for the Windows operating system.

If there is a mismatch between Cpanel hosting and the operating system, the tool will not work. Therefore, web owners must ensure that Cpanel is compatible with the operating system used.

3. Support Services

Operating the hosting panel is not without problems. Therefore, website owners definitely need support from both hosting service providers and similar forums. The existence of support services can help web owners when problems are operating the hosting panel.

The existence of this support service has a significant effect in helping web owners solve problems, especially for novice web owners.

4. Software Support

In addition to the operating system, the selected hosting control panel should also be able to support the software used. This is done so that the operation of the hosting panel can take place without a hitch.

Hosting control panels that are not compatible with the software used can hinder website owners in managing and operating their blogs.

5. Affordable Prices

One thing that must be considered when choosing a control panel is the suitability of the hosting panel price with the budget you have. Each hosting panel usually offers various features that make the price of the hosting panel even more expensive.

The web owner should not be tempted by the offer, but rather stick to the needs. That way, the hosting panel that is obtained is really by what is needed and also the budget that is owned.

6. Security Support

Security is one of those things that shouldn’t be overlooked when choosing a hosting panel. A quality control panel is a hosting panel that provides regular security updates. In addition to security, also make sure that the chosen tool offers stability.

To produce a website that has high traffic, quality content is not enough to attract visitors. Behind the scenes, elements such as hosting and Cpanel hosting also need to be considered to support website performance.

However, before choosing Cpanel hosting and hosting to use, the website owner must already have sufficient knowledge about what Cpanel hosting is. That way, the process of creating and operating the website will be easier.

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