What Is Peel Remote App? How To Use, Control Or Disable Peel Remote- Best In 2021

What Is Peel Remote App & How To Use It?

Do you often end up trying to find your TV remote? uninterested in handling many remotes for all of your devices? Then a foreign app is what you would like.

Smartphones offer us many useful features like taking pictures, video capturing, playing games, chatting with friends, creating and sharing documents, and lots of more things. You’ll find thousands of applications to put in on your smartphone including games, education, movies, TV shows, entertainment. These apps are pretty useful to us.

Among all those many apps within the app store, some apps employ a sort of a remote to your TV, projector, and other such devices. Peel Remote app is one of the simplest such apps. what’s Peel remote? you would possibly ask.

Peel remote app allows you to control your TV, DVD player, set-box, home theater, etc. right from your smartphone. Today, we’ll get to know what’s Peel remote, the way to use it, and also the way to disable Peel remote just in case it doesn’t compute that well for you.

What Is Peel Remote?

Peel Remote is an application that allows you to control your TV, projector, set-up box, DVD player, camera, Blu-ray player, home theater, AV receiver, soundbar, HDMI switch, and so on. If you’ve got lost your TV remote or other devices’ remote or can’t find it at the instant then Peel remote will assist you to call at that situation.

You can easily control your devices with a Peel remote. Peel Remote uses IR(Infrared) blasters within the smartphones to attach with your devices and you’ll even connect it to the devices via WiFi if you’ve got smart TV etc. fixing and using Peel remote is pretty easy.

You can quickly found out Peel smart Remote within a moment. Now that you simply know what’s Peel Remote, let’s get to understand the way to open Peel Remote app together with your devices via IR also as WiFi.

How To Set up Peel Remote on Android

I. Install Peel Remote App

For using the Peel Remote app, you would like to first install it on your smartphone. Peel Remote is out there for Android also for iOS devices. you’ll install it on your Smartphone or tablet.

So, attend Play Store or App Store as per your device and find Peel Remote app there. Once you discover the appliance, simply install it on the phone. Peel remote app is out there for free of charge.

II. Add Devices to Peel Remote

Now, if your phone has IR tech in it then you’ll easily control smart also as non-smart devices. But if your phone doesn’t have IR then you’ll only control smart devices with this app as you’d only be able to hook up with the devices via WiFi.

So, once you open Peel Remote on your phone, if your phone doesn’t support IR, it might show you a pop-up box with a message that you simply got to connect both the devices to an equivalent WiFi so as use this remote. But if your phone supports IR then it might enable Peel Remote with the chosen device.

Connect Peel Remote to the devices with IR

So, here we would first get to know how to connect Peel Remote app to the devices with IR. If you see the Let’s Go button, it means your phone supports IR and you need to tap on that button.

Now, you’ve got to pick a tool to which you would like to attach Peel Remote app. It might ask you to pick a TV brand from the given ones but if you would like to attach to other devices, simply scroll down and tap on the Add Other Device option.

select your TV brand on Peel remote

It would provide other devices to choose from.other devices to choose from on Peel remote

Here I selected the TV option then chose the TV brand. Then it took me to a different page where Peel remote asked me to tap on the facility button to see if the TV is responding to the remote.

point your phone at TV

You need to try to do this to line up Peel remote until your TV responds to the Peel remote app. If it works, tap on the Yes button and if it doesn’t, select No, it might again allow you to check the button.

TV responds to the Peel remote app

After that, you would like to settle on the TV service provider from the given list. Simple choose it and finish the method. In this manner, you’ll connect other devices to Peel remote too.

I also tried to connect my set-up box to Peel remote and it connected successfully.

Connect Peel Remote to the devices using WiFi

If your phone doesn’t have IR then you’ll hook up with the smart devices via WiFi. But if you are doing not have smart TV or other devices then Peel Remote isn’t useful to you.

So, confirm that both the devices (your phone and therefore the other device to which you would like to attach the Peel Remote) are connected with the WiFi. then, the Peel remote will scan the device then you’ll follow the remainder of the method a bit like the above one and connect as many devices as you would like.

III. Control Devices with Peel Remote

Once you’ve got connected the devices you wanted to attach to the Peel Remote, you’ll control them with Peel Remote with ease. It helps you to avoid the remote clutter of all of your devices and control the devices with one app. once you open the app, Peel remote will show all the connected devices at the highest.

You can select the device you would like to regulate then use it. it’s an exquisite app that provides you a quick solution if you are doing not wanna affect multiple remotes of the devices.

How To Disable Peel Remote

If you do not want to use Peel Remote anymore or it is not working great for you or you would like to disable Peel Remote due to any reason then below is a quick guide for the same.

  1. To disable the Peel remote, first go to Settings on your phone.
  2. Now open App manager in it. Scroll down until you find Peel Remote.
  3. Tap on the app and then tap on the app.
  4. It would provide you some options and you have to click on the Disable button.

Peel Remote app

5. The Peel Remote app would be disabled. If you want to enable it anytime then come to the same app and tap the Enable button.

So, in this manner, you’ll use peel Remote to regulate your devices or disable them. I prefer Peel remote but sometimes, a number of the control buttons don’t work which is quite a drawback of this app. Also, if you are doing not have a sensible TV or other smart device and your smartphone doesn’t support IR then just open Peel remote and luxuriate in remote access together with your smartphone.


What is Peel Remote?

Peel remote is an application that helps you control your TV, TV, projector, set-up box, DVD player, camera, Blu-ray player, home theater, AV receiver, soundbar, HDMI switch, etc. you’ll hook up with the devices via WiFi. Peel remote app is extremely easy to line up and control.

What is Peel remote on Samsung?

Samsung devices have an IR port and come preinstalled with a Peel remote. Peel remote helps you control devices with IR blasters. You can control your TV, projector, DVD player, camera, Home theatre, and many more devices with Peel remote.

What is Peel remote and how do I get rid of it?

Peel remote is an application that helps you control your devices with IR Blasters and WiFi. With Peel remote, you’ll control your smart TV, DVD player, camera, projector, AV receiver, and other devices.
To get obviate Peel remote in Android, attend the settings > App manager. Now, search for ‘Peel remote app’. Click on the Uninstall button to urge obviate Peel remote app from your device.

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