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What Is FPS? How To Increase FPS in Games

We have faced the question of what is FPS and how to increase FPS. In our article, where we will get answers about what FPS means, we will also tell you about the process of increasing FPS. Also, if you are interested in games, we will discuss how to increase FPS in games.

The problem of increasing FPS is known as a nuisance for people who are more interested in PC gaming. The sudden drop in FPS was a big problem for these people. So, what is FPS, let’s find out first.

What is FPS?

If you ask what FPS means, we can say that it stands for the word “Frames-per-second”. Several frames per second in English. The main answer to the question of what FPS means is a value indicating how many frames your graphics card can make per second or how many frames your monitor can display in one second. The first depends on the processing power of your graphics card, and the second depends entirely on the refresh rate of the monitor.

But the question of what is FPS is not just a problem for people playing computer games, if you professionally take photos or videos the drop in FPS might be a problem for you. In a shot, FPS means how many frames or pictures are taken per second. With a higher number of FPS, you will get a more natural shot, usually between 30 FPS and 60 FPS. Therefore, players don’t just ask what is FPS or what is FPS.

How to Check FPS

Games in FPS or tofu frame rates help you evaluate the performance of your graphics card in certain games. If your game experiences severe lag, you can use this FPS data to change your game’s graphics settings and increase FPS for better gameplay. But the question here is how to test FPS?

The answer is to use the FPS Checking program. There are only a few tools that can be used to measure frame rate in games. We will show you how to check FPS with the best FPS counter. We will suggest several programs for the FPS test, you can do the FPS test using the following programs:

  • NVIDIA GeForce Experience
  • Steam
  • Fraps
  • PlayClaw
  • Overwolf

We will demonstrate checking FPS and a demonstration of FPS using Fraps from the programs listed above. This program can be used by anyone because it does not require very high system requirements.

1.  https://www.fraps.com/download.php  to download the program to your computer by entering this link.


2. It shows the FPS size and at the same time after completing the download program, set up your computer and do your click install.

This program is one of the most popular in the field of video game recording, screenshot making and FPS viewer. Since this application has a feature to display in-game FPS, you will have the opportunity to view in-game FPS.

Fraps is an application that specializes in capturing images (static or video) of games and other copies. This is a paid application but offers some free features. These features include checking FPS.

What is FPS like?

As we said above, the concept that FPS means is the image displayed per second. The more FPS you have, the better image quality you will have. The answer to the question of how much FPS should be, although it varies, has a common standard.

The minimum, average, and highest FPS values ​​for your computer vary according to the program or game you are using. But in general, check your FPS measurement schedule. If the value in the program drops below 30 FPS, something is wrong.

What Can FPS Stabilize?

You have to watch out for a sudden drop in FPS, and although increasing FPS in-game is actually a more logical option in this regard, you can also perform FPS stabilization.

Hence, FPS stabilization is of course possible but varies according to the features of your computer. FPS stabilization works differently for every game and every graphics card.

For example, let’s take the game League of Legends, you don’t know why the FPS drops during the game and you switch to FPS stabilization. So how do you do this? It’s not that difficult, please enable “vertical sync” in the settings in the game. After doing this, the FPS will be fixed to 60.

Is There FPS Increase Software

After understanding what FPS is, it’s time to increase FPS. Computer FPS enhancement programs exist according to several sources, but some sources claim that increasing FPS is not possible. In our opinion, increasing the FPS in the game is possible, although not yet certain. We will recommend two FPS upgrade programs to answer questions about how to increase FPS.

1- AMD Evolved:

If you use this FPS boosting software we have shown above, as long as you don’t run into any problems, your FPS increase will occur in-game.

How To Increase FPS In a Game

The question of how to increase FPS in games is one we all wonder about. Of course, there’s no easy way to increase your FPS. You have to give money for the PC FPS upgrade program. There are ways to increase your FPS without paying for the program. We’ll tell you how to do an FPS boost in 3 different ways.

1. Update the Card Drivers

This process is very easy for how to increase FPS in games. To update your drivers, you first need to find out what video card you have. In Windows, open Device Manager and check your display adapter. For OS X, click the apple in the top left corner, then you can find the graphics card you have next to “About This Mac> More Info> Graphics”.

Once you have identified your GPU, be it Intel, NVIDIA, or AMD, find the driver you need from the company website, select the appropriate operating system, download the driver and follow the instructions provided.

2. Perform Hardware Overclock

This is not something we recommend everyone to do to increase FPS in games. If you know what you’re doing and it could harm your graphics card, CPU, RAM, or your entire computer, you can.

The first thing to overclock is your video card. Most video card drivers have the ability to overclock your video card, so this is the recommended method, but you may need to look for third-party software if your drivers don’t include an overclocking option.

You can also overclock the CPU and RAM. This is much easier if you can find the overclocking settings in your PC’s BIOS. However, overclocking the graphics card provides the ultimate FPS increase.

3. Change Video Game Settings

Almost everything in the game settings, like shadow quality and drag distance, can affect your FPS. If you’re not getting the performance you want, try lowering some video settings. Some settings will have a bigger impact on performance than others.

Additionally, NVIDIA GeForce Experience and AMD Gaming Evolved automatically optimize your video game settings depending on your hardware.

In addition, adjusting the anti-aliasing can be useful in boosting lower performance.

Anti-aliasing smooths outlines around object boundaries and makes them less pixelated, which can use a lot of hardware power.

How To Display FPS In a Game

You can also use the Fraps software, which we mentioned about how to measure FPS, as an FPS display program. Fraps is software for capturing game screenshots and recording games. However, this software can also add an FPS counter to DirectX or OpenGL games.

Fraps include an FPS tab where you can configure counter settings. You can add the FPS counter at any angle you want. You can also enable and disable the FPS gauge skin with customizable hotkeys.

Why is FPS Down?

One of the computer hardware that affects FPS the most is your video card. Game is a platform with lots of graphics. So it’s a burden on the graphics card capacity. The reasons for the drop in FPS vary according to components such as video card, processor, RAM, and events such as stuttering and slowdown in games below 25-30 FPS are revealed.

If you want to play smooth gameplay with a moderate graphics card, you will need to set the filter to medium and the game setting to the highest. In fact, if some systems are still experiencing tension, all settings must be set to the middle setting.

But the drop in FPS still varies from user to user. However, if you are going to be playing for hours at a time, the low setting will not burden the system and will not overheat your graphics card.

What caused the FPS to drop suddenly?

The reason for the sudden drop in FPS in games is usually due to a lack of hardware, but in some cases also due to software issues. The sudden drop in FPS becomes very annoying when you are in the middle of the game and spoils your playing pleasure.

One of the reasons for a sudden drop in FPS could be because your computer is overheating. The hardware that is causing your computer to overheat is your processor and video card. Apart from that, other apps appearing suddenly in the background are one of the reasons for the sudden drop in FPS.

What is the FPS drop solution?

We learned what FPS is and how to increase FPS in games, but we will see how to increase FPS in decreasing FPS. There are two ways for an FPS drop solution.

First step:

 Open “Startup” on your computer.

Go to Control Panel > Hardware and Sound> Power Options.

On this page, click “Change package settings” as shown below.

 Then against you in the window “D  handiwork change power settings” section and then click on the ”  IR  Processor power management” section “+” click the icon.

– In this section, there will be a section that says “E n low processor state” and “E n high processor state“, expand this section by pressing the + icon. Set the percentage in your enlarged area to 98 per cent and click the apply button. Your problem will be solved.

The second way:

 Type “cmd” in the search field on your computer, you will reach the Command Prompt as a result of this search.

  powercfg -attributes SUB_PROCESSOR 0cc5b647-c1df-4637-891a-dec35c318583 -ATTRIB_HIDE

  powercfg -attributes SUB_PROCESSOR ea062031-0e34-4ff1-9b6d-eb1059334028 -ATTRIB_HIDE

 Enter the codes that we provide above into the respective Command prompt.

 Later, we will perform the operation we did in lane 1, but unlike that, set the field “Minimum core count of processor performance cores parking”  to 98 per cent. Then apply. If these two methods are not the solution to your FPS dropping problem, you can consult a hardware expert.

Hopefully, the article we have presented regarding the meaning of FPS, what is FPS, and how to upgrade FPS can be of use to you. We advise you to be careful when increasing the FPS in games and we hope that you enjoy the game very much with satisfaction.

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