10 Reliable Ways To Grow Your Audience On YouTube- Best In 2021

Ways To Grow Your Audience On YouTube

Video marketing is the fastest way to build an audience on any social media network. And YouTube provides the best platform for video marketing making your content more accessible to your target audience. Being the second largest search engine, YouTube offers an opportunity to grow and build your brand credibility. So you may also try to buy YouTube channel to start something new.

However, this requires consistency and effort. Most budding creators and brands use the best sites to buy YouTube subscribers. Although it is a great way to boost your channel, you still need to stay consistent in keeping those subscribers engaged. In this post, you will find the ten most reliable ways to grow your audience on YouTube. 

  1. Personal Branding 

Personal branding is crucial to establish your business or brand online. Through personal branding, you can showcase your personality, values, and uniquely present your brand. Optimize your profile to make it crisp and to the point. Write an interesting bio about your channel and what type of content you create. 

Set a consistent theme and colour scheme for every video or post. It can be the same writing style, editing, or story format. Create an appealing background for your YouTube channel, including props that connect the audience with your niche. 

  1. Follow SEO optimization 

YouTube is the second largest search engine that has the power to drive massive traffic to your channel. For this reason, you must SEO optimize your content on YouTube to rank higher on the search results page. Most brands and creators skip this step and lose potential subscribers and video views. 

Use keywords that are most popular and trending in your industry. You can also get help from YouTube growth services to find industry-specific keywords. Use the keywords in your title, description, and even your script. This will help to increase your channel’s ranking.

  1. Create High-Quality Content 

Of course, the most important aspect of growing your audience on YouTube is to post high-quality video content. Most brands buy YouTube subscribers and spam them with promotional content. This leads to a low engagement rate and loss of subscribers in the long run. 

Create videos that provide value to your audience. You can make tutorials or content that solves a specific problem. You can also ask your viewers to submit questions they have about your brand or products and make a video answering them. 

  1. Create Attractive Thumbnails 

Thumbnails may often seem like a small thing. However, they can have a tremendous impact on your video views. Whenever a viewer watches a video relevant to your niche, chances are that your video can appear in the YouTube suggestions list. Now, when scrolling through the suggestions, the viewer will most likely click on a video that has the most attractive thumbnail. 

Create a thumbnail that generates curiosity about your video content. Videos with a compelling title and attention-grabbing thumbnail rank higher on the YouTube search results page. Experiment with different fonts, images, and animated stickers to make your thumbnail more appealing. 

  1. Post Consistently 

Posting two to three videos every week is the best strategy for budding content creators to get more YouTube subscribers. It helps to build excitement among the audience and keep them entertained. The more you post, the more video views you get and if your content is engaging, it will more likely be shared by your viewers. 

For example, if you decide to post videos every Wednesday and Saturday, let your audience know about it. Your audience will then know what to expect and when. Moreover, they will be consistent in watching all of your videos at that particular time. Thus, increasing engagement rate and video views. 

  1. Use YouTube Cards Wisely 

YouTube algorithm promotes channels that keep their audience engaged on their page for a long time. Long average watch times show that your audience likes your content more than other similar YouTube Channels. 

One of the best ways to keep your audience hooked to your channel is by using YouTube cards on your videos. These cards promote other relevant videos on your channel. You can select any video from your playlist and add it around a suitable time stamp. This way your audience will be looped to watch more videos. Thus increasing your Channel’s ranking. 

  1. Increase Audience Engagement 

Increased audience engagement allows the YouTube algorithm to analyze the activity on your channel and promote it organically across the platform. Engagement on YouTube can be in the form of subscribing, like, share and comment. 

Encourage your viewers to comment on your videos by asking them insightful questions. Respond to their comments to increase interaction. Doing this will let the YouTube algorithm know that you are an active creator. Thus helping in organic video promotions. 

  1. Use Interactive Call-To-Actions 

You can buy YouTube subscribers to gain credibility. But an excellent way to get more YouTube subscribers is to ask them directly to subscribe to your channel and hit the like button. These interactive call-to-actions may sometimes appear monotonous. However, they are very effective especially if the viewers find your content entertaining. 

You can also add call-to-action at the end of your video using YouTube end cards. Another place to ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel is your description box and comments section. Interact with your audience, keep them engaged and ask them to share your content. 

  1. Go Live on YouTube

YouTube live broadcast is an excellent way to interact with your audience in real-time. People love to subscribe to content creators or brands that are more authentic, engaging, and approachable. You can do a live tutorial, answer questions, ask your viewer’s opinions, and build valuable relationships. It also provides an opportunity to understand what your audience likes. This way you can make relevant content on your YouTube channel. 

  1. Promote YouTube Content on Other Social Networks 

One of the smartest marketing strategies to grow your YouTube subscribers is to cross-promote content on different social media networks. You can create a teaser of your upcoming video and post it on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. 

Add your YouTube channel link in the bio of these social profiles and ask your followers to subscribe to your channel for exciting video content. You can also post your videos as a part of your blog to provide the additional information that your readers might be looking for. 

Final Thoughts

Your growth on YouTube solely depends on your audience. If you deliver what they expect to receive, your channel will get more views and subscribers. Even if you buy YouTube subscribers, you need to provide quality content to stay connected with them for the long term. 

The above ten steps will help you build a content strategy, increase engagement on your channel and get more subscribers on YouTube. Pay attention to each step and optimize your videos and channel to build an audience on YouTube. 

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