What Makes Vmaker A Great Tool For YouTube Content Creators 2021

Vmaker A Great Tool For YouTube Content Creators

For YouTube content creators, the journey of getting engagement on their videos is very tedious. They have to keep coming up with new ideas, keep recording their videos, editing them, and keep scrutinizing their hard work before hitting on the post button. Despite all the efforts, the results can be disappointing.

There’s no shortcut or one ticket to success on YouTube. You have to persevere and keep working hard to make your channel grow. Having said that, you can always make your videos better by using tools that are smart and make your life a lot easier.

In this blog, let’s talk about one such tool — Vmaker YouTube Screen Recorder 

Vmaker is an advanced screen recording tool that is designed for YouTubers to create content quickly, easily and without killing their budget. Vmaker comes from the house of Animaker Inc. which has more than 12 million users globally. It’s compatible with both Windows and Mac laptops. Mac users can download the Vmaker app, and Windows users can add the Chrome extension.

More about this tool in the next part of this blog.

What makes Vmaker different

There are many screen recording tools that YouTubers can use to make videos. However, Vmaker is better than them when it comes to features, usability, pricing, and value for money. Besides, Vmaker is a free tool that makes it very friendly for content creators to try, experiment and excel in their art.

To be more precise, and build more description on the last point, here’s a quick overview of what makes Vmaker different from other screen recorders.

Record everything

Traditionally, screen recording tools have always been recording your device screen only. That’s useful, but we’re living in the times when companies are spending on making feature-rich products. Hence, screen recording tools have got to change too. Vmaker has seemed to take this seriously because they have done an incredible job in building a product that’s buffed up with advanced features.

Vmaker will not just record your screen it can,

• Record your voice so that you can communicate more effectively
• Use your webcam to record your face so that your users can see you
• If you want to include system sound in the recording, then Vmaker can do that too

To summarize, Vmaker is an asynchronous communication tool that takes care of your recordings, makes it easy to exchange ideas, and can do a great job of replacing a camera.

Unlimited recording

Beginner or seasoned, every YouTuber knows that it takes multiple attempts to get the final cut of the video. It’s challenging yet fun, but when you use tools that hinder your creativity by setting restrictions, things start getting frustrating. Vmaker has steered itself away from that lot of tools.

With Vmaker, you can record unlimited videos for an unlimited duration. So even if you have to make an unusual number of videos before you’re set for the perfect one, go ahead and do that with Vmaker. You will never get “you have run out of your recording limit,” on-the-face notifications.

There is no limit on the duration of the video too. So, if it’s a YouTube story or a webinar, you’re in good hands.

Direct YouTube upload


Vmaker has excelled in making a YouTubers life simple. It drastically cuts down the time between recording and uploading the video on YouTube. Here’s how it does that. After you’re done recording a video on Vmaker, it gets saved in your dashboard.

Since the videos are on the cloud you can access them anytime and anywhere. Moreover, you also get the option to upload your video on your YouTube channel at a click of a button right from your dashboard. So you don’t even have to switch windows.

In-built editor

Vmaker A Great Tool For YouTube Content Creators2

If your video editing is not on point, all your hard work can go in vain. Additionally, if you don’t have an adequate video editor, you’re in for a long ride. Vmaker steps in here, and again makes your task easy. If you had been spending a couple of extra dollars on a video editor, then you can get rid of them. With Vmaker, you can not only record the videos but also edit them.

You can crop, resize, trim, zoom in and out to give that final touch to your video. What makes this deal even better is that you can use the editor even in the free plan. So if you’re just starting, and can’t afford the paid plan, you know where to look.

Video quality

Vmaker A Great Tool For YouTube Content Creators3

To get success on YouTube and give your viewers the best experience, video quality makes a lot of difference. This is the exact reason why Vmaker gives you a lot of options to choose from video recording quality. You can go for the 4K HD version if you don’t want to compromise on the video quality or choose the lower quality versions. No matter what version you go for, you will have access to all the features of Vmaker to make videos the way you want. The power is in your hands; choose the one that best appeals to your creativity.

Well, that’s not all

If you were thinking that it can’t get better than this, then let me tell you that Vmaker has some more advanced features that will surprise you. In this section, let’s cover them in short.

Screen annotation and mouse emphasis

Vmaker A Great Tool For YouTube Content Creators4

This powerful duo helps you add more clarity to your content. With the mouse emphasis feature, your viewers can easily track the movements of your mouse pointer. The screen annotation feature helps you to draw lines and arrows, underline places and helps highlight anything that your viewers should not miss.

No watermarks

Vmaker A Great Tool For YouTube Content Creators5

There are ample examples of free tools adding their watermarks in videos. Vmaker doesn’t fall in that category. Whether you’re using a free or paid plan, all the videos that you record will not have a watermark or any kind of branding.

Multiple recording dimensions

This feature further shows how user-friendly Vmaker is. As a YouTuber, you might have data privacy concerns. So to have more privacy you can choose the area that you want to record with Vmaker. You can record the whole screen, only a part of the window or choose a custom size by only dragging the mouse.

No distraction

Background noise can spoil the sound quality of your YouTube video. Vmaker automatically disables them when you’re recording. This means even if you have a noisy background, you can get your recording done uninterrupted.

Cool frames

You can also customize the webcam view in Vmaker. There are different filters that you can use on the camera to make you look interesting, and you can add your name along with it too. This will surely make your videos more personalized and engaging to watch.

How to start recording video on Vmaker

If you have read till here, you must be having this question in your mind. Well, the process is easy just like the tool itself. To answer your curiosity in a better way, here’s a link to the video that does a great job of explaining how to get started with Vmaker.

Wrap up

Vmaker is an awesome tool for YouTubers who want to make their journey of creating video content easy. It’s a great tool that will support their dreams and help them grow. Vmaker has the right features at a very attractive price point which makes it a steal for anyone.

If you’re a YouTuber looking for tools that will help you to create more content without burning a hole in your pocket, then give Vmaker a try. It will help you produce, edit and share content in a way that you would have not thought about earlier.

Sign up today. There is no credit card information required, and the best part is that there is no trial period. Once you create an account you’re set for life. You can upgrade or choose not to, the choice is yours.

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