Best Video Grabber Tools to Download Online Videos 2021

Best Video Grabber Tools

The internet is undoubtedly a magical place where you can find almost everything. Be it pictures or videos; it is circulating around in many platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and many others. When it comes to video watching, especially if it is an interesting one, it can become difficult to stop watching.

Videos bring with its countless benefits that one cannot ignore. For a business, a video is a great medium to promote their services and products. At the same time, kids and students can watch videos to enhance their educational knowledge.

In order to play a video on any online platform, you need two main things, a device, and an internet connection. Even if you have an unstable internet connection but still have a device, then watching videos is possible. You must be wondering how right? Have you ever heard about the video downloader?

What Is a Video Downloader?

Before we read on, let’s first understand what is meant by a video downloader. You will find billions of videos of popular video streaming websites like YouTube and Daily Motion on the internet. Almost everyone visits these platforms to watch videos related to their interest. Despite this massive usage, these sites have limited functions when it comes to downloading the video.

The reason is that these platforms want their users to keep coming back again and again to watch the videos. As traffics increase, their ad views rise accordingly, raising their income.

Here comes the role of a video downloader. This is an online tool designed to grab these videos from the website and allow you to download on your computer or smartphone. These videos can then be watched later without the need to visit video streaming websites.

Best Video Downloader to Grab Videos

Now that you know the great benefits these amazing tools have to offer let’s talk about the best brands in the market that feature the best video downloader tools.


The video downloader offered by SmallSEOTools is free and fast. It hardly takes minutes depending on the video size to download your videos. When you will visit this online video downloader you will find the text box that accepts URL, copy and paste your link, and press Download Video. This is how easy and simple the process to save videos with this free online tool.

Clip Grab

Clip Grab is another incredible tool that seconds our list. Its video downloader program comes with interesting features and a user-friendly interface. With its fast saving speed, Clip Grab also supports high definition downloads.


JDownloader uses multi-thread download technology that allows fast downloads. Moreover, using this tool, you can save multiple videos at a time. The website has a clean layout and amazing features.

Benefits of A Video Downloader

Professionals, students, or anyone can use a video downloader. The benefits of downloading these videos on the device have many benefits that we will discuss in detail.

No more worrying about internet connectivity: If you have a poor internet connection with slow buffering and inferior quality, then using a video downloader can completely change your life. You may experience poor connection problems, even at your own home. While you are outdoors, facing internet connectivity on the train, on the bus, coffee shop, or a mall can be frustrating.

To combat all these problems, you may start using a video downloader. It is better to watch a good quality downloaded video than watching low-quality videos on the poor connection that pauses after every 5 seconds.

Save tutorials and e-learning resources on your device: If you are a student, then there is no better way to study than through video lectures. A video is a powerful learning tool to educate yourself on various topics like history, science, politics, art, and all this can be viewed on a video.

With visual explanations, understanding, and learning get interesting. Hence for students, a video downloader can be extremely beneficial. Students can download and save videos on their devices, organize in a folder, and study on the go without worrying about an internet connection.

Download videos and share with your friends: Videos that are downloaded using a video downloader can easily be shared with your friends and family. It becomes incredibly simple and easy, preventing you from searching the video every time you want to show or share it with your friends.

Easy to use tools: Video downloader is basically a web-based tool that is extremely easy to use. Without putting much effort, you can easily download multiple videos at a time. However, the features and interface differ from website to website, but all have almost the same process, copy and paste the URL link in the text box, click download, and save the downloaded video.


So, now you know how easy the video downloading process is. However, bear in mind the fact that these websites do not allow downloading of copyrighted videos.

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